Diet and Exercise Made Simple

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Diet & Exercise

It doesn’t have to be hard!

Are you on a diet? Do you exercise?

Which is more important…diet OR exercise?

We all want to know! What is it?! What is more important for getting leaner, stronger, and for me to reach my goals fastest? Do I need to focus more on diet OR exercise?


Neither diet nor exercise trump the other. They are BOTH important if you want to reach your goals! They both work together to help create a healthy body. If you do one or the other well with little regard towards the other, you will not get near the results as if you worked both together. 

“Your diet helps to amplify the effects of exercise…”

Have you ever heard something like, “You can’t out exercise a bad diet”? Well, though exercise is highly valuable, and burns a ton of calories, it’s too easy for us to eat more calories than we can burn off. Also, if you have a bad diet, you likely will not have the energy to exercise enough to maintain a healthy body. Your diet helps to amplify the effects of exercise and works with it by giving you the energy to perform your best. In order to perform your best, YOU NEED A GOOD DIET! That doesn’t mean you should be stuck eating bland foods like, chicken and broccoli everyday, but you should put more thought into it than “oh look, ice cream has 2g of protein in it!”. Your calories and their sources matter. Have a reasonable amount of fats, carbs and protein if you want to perform your best and get the most out of your exercise. Do not make one nutrient the devil and another the only thing you concern yourself with. Find an equal balance that fits your lifestyle and stick to it with little variation.

“If you want to create change, you have to do things that are harder than walking your dog.”

If you don’t exercise you aren’t going to change much of anything. You can’t diet your way to a 6-pack while just sitting around or going through everyday activities. You need some amount of exercise no matter how clean your diet is. Exercise not only burns calories, it creates numerous changes in your body, including hormonal, that changes how your diet effects you. If you want to look like you are fit and workout, then guess what? You’re gonna have to exercise, and exercise enough. WALKING DOES NOT COUNT! If you want to create change, you have to do things that are harder than walking your dog, even if you walk your dog uphill. Do some strength training, go for a run, do calisthenics at home, cycle, or anything you enjoy. Do it multiple times per week and put in some strong effort so you can get some great results. This will amplify your results as your diet and exercise routine work together in order to create the most amount of change within your body. 

“You can do 1 push-up or squat today, 2 tomorrow, 3 the next day and so on.”

Your diet and exercise routine doesn’t have to be complex. Let it be simple. Let go of the excuses, we all can make them, and get started today. Right now is the time to make a change. Tomorrow is too late! Get up and do SOMETHING! Anything! Just move and work towards becoming stronger! Start easy and progress forward by doing just a little more each day. You can do 1 push-up or squat today, 2 tomorrow, 3 the next day and so on. You can run for 1 minute today, 2 tomorrow, 3 the next day and so on. The Daily 30 is also a great choice and it was made specifically for beginners! Whatever you do, continue to improve daily. Doing the same thing over and over will give you little results, plus it’s boring. Do something everyday and work towards your goals!

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“Most of us overeat at night due to under-eating throughout the day.”

Keep it simple! Start with a simple diet change, like taking a multivitamin or drinking an extra glass of water every morning. Then you can move onto adding in a healthy snack during the day, such as some fruit, vegetables or a some nuts. YES, I did say “add in” a meal before I said take anything away. Most of us overeat at night due to under-eating throughout the day. If you add in a healthy snack/meal during the day when you need the energy, you will tend to eat less as night, which will make a big difference in itself! For exercise, start with doing some push-ups, planks, squats, jogging, the Daily 30 or something! You MUST EXERCISE if you want to create change! This tends to be the hardest part for everyone, but it is extremely important! Diet and exercise go together. Take it slow, but make a change! Your world starts to change the moment you start changing it! Let’s get to it!

“Take it slow, but make a change! Your world starts to change the moment you start changing it!”

Keep getting stronger my friends!

Strength to you,

Your STRENGTH Journey Leader

Ryan J. Mathias

Owner and Creator

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