About Us

About Us

At Mathias Method, it is our mission to help you gain the strength to change the world! We want to give you all the tools you need to be successful in life. For us, it all started with our own Strength Journey, but Our Story is constantly growing. We will continue to provide quality information and resources to help you get stronger than ever; in every way possible!

Our Mission:

Our mission is to help change the world by leading and helping others along their own personal Strength Journey’s. We are dedicated to giving you the quality information you need to be successful in and out of the gym.

We want to help others along their journey because we want to make a difference in people’s lives so that they gain the strength to Change The World. Whether that is their world, or ours.

It’s about empowerment! We want to empower you with the information and tools you need to Change your Life and do something that will be remembered. We want you to Change The World!

Your Journey awaits…

We are so much more than just another Health and Fitness Website!

Join in our Mission to Change the World!


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Our Story

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It all started on Christmas Day with a simple idea and grew into a Dream to Change The World! From the initial $2,000 investment from a broke college student, who then lost everything a year later, to battling for survival with FAILURE as not an option, read Our Story. Learn where we came from…

Our Story


The Mathias Method was built with a purpose to share with the world a way to build strength. This strength includes building physical strength along with determination, knowledge, focus, self-discipline, and courage to change your life. We want you to gain strength in all directions. We want you to get stronger!

My Strength Journey

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From a time before I knew it I have been on my very own Strength Journey. It started with the PT’s my dad made my brothers and I do when we were kids, to the years I spent training by myself in the living room, to Weight Training in High School and now competing as a Powerlifter with a great team next to me! My Strength Journey was long and continues on, but from it I learned more than I could have imagined. Now I am trying to help others avoid all the terrible mistakes I made so that you can truly become stronger!

Read My Full Strength Journey HERE!



Ryan J. Mathias is the Author of the Best Selling Fitness BookThe Daily 30”, and creator of the Mathias METHOD STRENGTH SYSTEM.

He is a competitive powerlifter with over 15 years of training experience, backed by a Degree in Exercise Science from California State University-Sacramento (CSUS).

Having spent all 25 years of his life in the small Historic Gold Mining Town, Grass Valley, CA, Ryan always held onto his dream of Changing The World. He grew up honing his skills, always learning about his body, and it’s abilities to grow stronger. He started at a young age doing bodyweight training with his brothers, expanding into his own routines, all in order to strengthen his body for martial arts training.

In high school, he was introduced to weight training, which sparked a greater desire for strength. With little guidance, he always stuck to writing his own programs, which lead to many mistakes. However, he always learned from his mistakes and how to improve for greater success. As his strength grew he expanded his training until he was introduced to Powerlifting while in college. Since, he has done numerous competitions, learned from many elite lifters, and created his own training System; designed to help others avoid the many mistakes he made along his own STRENGTH JOURNEY.

He now uses this System to Change the World…by helping others grow stronger using it!

He has been training in martial arts for over 16 years and is currently a 3rd Degree Black Belt, with 8 martial art Grand Champion/ World Championship Titles between 2007-2016.

The Mathias Method STRENGTH SYSTEM was developed over his many successes and failures throughout his broad training experiences.

Favorite Quote:

“I created the Mathias Method so that others do not have to go through all the difficulties I did. I took the hard road, which gained me a lot of valuable knowledge, to then make an easier path for everyone else. In the end, I just made the program I wish I would have had when I started.”
– Ryan J. Mathias, Your STRENGTH JOURNEY Leader

His personal enjoyments are strength training, increasing his knowledge, practicing and teaching martial arts.

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