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What is your Strength Goal?

What is your goal? What is your strength/fitness goal, and what is your goal in life?

For me, my health and fitness goal has always been to get strongerI have always been fascinated by strength and wanted to get stronger. However, my goal in life has always been

To Change The World!

(Hence the Mathias Method slogan “Strength To Change The World”)

From as far back as I can remember I have always wanted to be someone that changed the world. Even as a child, I would dream of doing something incredible that would make a difference for everyone around me. I want people to have something to remember me by, and though many people are famous, few are remembered for centuries after, unless they changed the world in some way.

To pursue my dream of changing the world, I am starting off by trying to help you change yours!

To help you reach your goal I created these Goal Specific Pages to help guide you along your Strength Journey!

Each goal has a dedicated page guiding you through everything you need, to be successful!

So, now I want to know…

What is your goal?

What is your goal for health and fitnessIs your goal to

Don’t see your goal here?

Leave a comment below about what goal you want to see make the list and check back in a few weeks! We are constantly making NEW updates!

Also, think…

What is your goal in life?

What do you want to get out of your life and how can your Strength Goal help you get there?

Do you want to build a business? Be a teacher? Write a book? Cure cancer? Fight off the impending Zombie Apocalypse? 

Or are you unsure and need some guidance?

If you need some help, I recommend you check out my “Motivated Mindset” book in order to find the guidance and motivation you may need in creating your own purpose in life!

Let’s get to work!

(Click on your Strength Goal below to be redirected to the information you need to reach it)

Don’t see your goal here?

Comment below what you would like to see!

We are constantly making updates!


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