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How To Burn Fat and Lose Weight!

Check out our 6 Steps To Fat Loss!

Unfortunately, there is no magic pill for weight loss, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be as hard as many people make it out to be.

Weight loss can be simple! You just have to work at it, and simple things can make a big difference! So let’s get started!

What most people want to do when losing weight or getting leaner is lose body fat while maintaining, or even increasing, muscle mass. This helps to give an aesthetic look that shows off the muscle you have already built, but often times people try to lose weight too fast and also decreases their muscle mass.

Overall, lowering bodyweight is an easy concept to understand. You just have to eat fewer calories than you expend daily. However, if you also want to maintain your hard earned muscle, then you need to be careful how you go about your weight loss.

The problem is our body does not care how we look. It just wants to survive and, unless properly stimulated, body fat is more valuable to survival than muscle.

This is because muscle is energy costing from both activity and being vascular (has blood vessels). These characteristics of muscle make it difficult to maintain compared to body fat which is stored energy that can be used for survival when needed. This poses a problem for those trying to maintain their muscle while losing weight, but there is a solution…strength training!

Of course you can do long cardio sessions and burn off a ton of calories, but think of this…

Cardio burns calories today, muscle burns calories forever.

What this means is that by doing a cardio workout you will burn calories during and after the session, but the effects will wear off within 24-48 hours, depending on the intensity. Then you have to do another session to get a similar caloric burn.

When building muscle, you are increasing your Basal Metabolic Rate to where you burn calories all day, every day. .

Of course, strength training and cardiovascular training should be used in combination to present the greatest results. Just remember not to be stuck on one thing or the other.

For your diet,  to lose weight and allow for the least muscle loss, you must make only small, incremental changes over an extended period of time.

You should start by being in a 200-500 calorie deficit daily while training regularly, in order to start losing weight. Only drop another 200-500 calories per day after that has stopped working with your current workload.

If you cut out too many calories too fast, then you will lose muscle and plateau your results.

Start slow and make gradual changes to your diet and exercise.

For more information on how to burn fat and lose weight, follow the guide below!

Assess Yourself

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6 Steps To Fat Loss

1.) Take your vitamins and drink more water!

  • Start by simply taking a multivitamin everyday and drinking more water. This may seem simple, but it can greatly improve how you feel. Choose a good multivitamin that has about 50% Daily Value for most vitamins and minerals, and try to work your way up to drinking 0.7 oz x Bodyweight (lbs) in water each day.

2.) Exercise More!

  • Maintain a regular diet during this time and increase your activity level. You should do 90 minutes of moderate intensity exercise 5 days per week OR 30 minutes of vigorous intensity exercise 3 days per week OR a combination of these two. To learn more about this GO HERE

3.) Improve Your Diet!

  • Before we cut out calories, we need to make sure that you can maintain a proper diet to fuel your increased activity levels. By improving your diet you will begin to improve your body composition, even if you maintain the same bodyweight. Maintain this improved diet for at least 4 weeks before moving to the next step. Learn more about how to improve your diet

4.) Build Muscle!

  • In order to maintain your valuable muscle, it is important that you do a good amount of strength training while trying to lose fat. If you don’t, then you will lose that valuable muscle and have to work even harder to get it back. Also, if you do some strength training, you do not need to do nearly as much cardio.

Pick A Program For You!

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5.) Cut Calories

  • If you are exercising regularly while maintaining a regular nutrient dense diet and have stopped losing weight, then you should start to cut out calories. NOT BEFORE! You need the energy to fuel your increased activity, then you can cut back when it stops working. I recommend you only cut out 200-500 calories from your daily intake and stick with that until it stops working. Then repeat. For most of us that is just cutting out one snack or part of a meal.

6.) Be Patient!

  • It is going to take some time. Progress may seem slow, but any progress should be viewed as a success. This is not easy to be proud of yourself every day for taking on the challenge!

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