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Motivational and Inspirational Articles for Success

525 Squat = All I Ever Wanted

525 lb Squat

All I Ever Wanted

Hi, my name is Ryan Mathias and all I ever wanted was to Squat 525 pounds RAW. Now, to many people that may seem mediocre since many people can squat 500+ pounds. But to me, it wasn’t easy, and there’s a reason 525 means so much to me. This is why…

My 525 Story

I officially started weight training as a 16-year-old Junior in high school for one of my P.E. classes. And my favorite exercise was the squat. I loved it so much that it was basically all I did during our short 50-minute classes 4 days per week. 

As you can imagine, I progressed rapidly as a beginner that only squatted. So, after about 2 months I attempted my first max squat, and I got a pretty easy 355 lbs! Pretty great for a 180 lb kid with no guidance or help (the “coach” in there didn’t care what you did. As long as you didn’t run off or get hurt, he didn’t pay any attention to you.)!

Well, a short while later I was repping 315 for 4×10 and able to do 405 lbs. And that is when I had an idea…

The Record Board

Like every high school, we had a football team (coached by the weight training “teacher”). And in the weight room, they had a record board that recorded all the best lifts of the football players for that year. 

At the top of the record board, there were all-time school records for Squat, Bench Press, and Power Clean (should have been deadlift, I know). The records at the time (2009) were 505 Squat, 355 Bench Press, and 330 Power Clean (set by my older brother Tanner, that year!)

Well, the best squat for the current football players was only 315 lbs. Something that I could easily do! So, in the hopes of getting some recognition by my peers, I asked the coach if he would put my name on the board, as he just watched my squat 405 in front of him. 

Of course, he said, “No! That board is for players only!” 

Obviously, I was bothered by this. But it also truly infuriated me, because of the way he said it. His tone was like I didn’t deserve any recognition for my work. I was so upset that I went right to the squat rack and did 405×2. 

He didn’t say anything, of course.

My Goal

Well, I knew he was not going to put me on the board by choice. So I decided that I was going to break the school squat record so that he would be forced into putting my name on the record board! But I didn’t just want to break it by a few pounds. I wanted to annihilate it!

So I decided that 525 lbs was the goal!

I trained harder than before and was pushing for as much progress as I could! But, unfortunately, that lead to injury.

Again, I had no help with proper technique or rest and recovery. All I knew was that I needed to squat low and squat often. So I did, and my hips were not happy about it.

In fact, I did so many things wrong that I still have to fight the bad habits I grew over my first few years of lifting. 

Well, long story short, the most I ever squatted in high school was 435×2 with a belt and spotter assistance. 

Slow Progress

The next few years were waves of progress and regression. I would build a lot of strength, then get injured. Learn from it, and progress again. Over and over again. Always learning and growing.

All I can say is that I wish I found a website like this one back in those days to help me along!

I even broke my back in 2012 (unrelated to weight training) in which I was told to lay in bed for 5 weeks and never lift heavy again. That didn’t happen, but I did learn a lot from it!

My 525 lb Squat Redemption

Well, after all these years of learning through both education and experience, I have healed my body, corrected my mistakes and become ready for my redemption!

And here it is! My first, but not last, ever 525 lb squat!

What I am most proud of is my journey getting here. It was a long hard road, but I accomplished it on my own terms. I don’t take supplements or drugs and only use minimal support (my knee sleeves are there for looks, not so much support. They are too big and torn out on both sides so they slide down my legs as I walk.). I learned from my mistakes and only grew stronger from them. 

Thank you to everyone that has supported me along the way. Thank you to my dad for recording this life-changing event. And to me…

“Yo, Ryan…we did it!”

If you want to learn how to do it too, get my 12-Week Squat Program which I used to accomplish this feat of strength!

Ryan’s 500 lb 12-Week Squat Program >>

What’s Next

Now, of course, I am not stopping all lifting and moving onto other things. I will always be a powerlifter because I love the sport. I will continue to get stronger in all my lifts, but I am proud to have accomplished my main goal after only a mere 10 years!

Other Strength Goals:

Squat = ???

Bench Press = 405×3

Deadlift = 650

Live To Be Remembered

Live To Be Remembered

What is your legacy? What will people remember you for? Will you be remembered for your kindness or your bad attitude? And, what do you want people to remember about you? 

I have written many motivational posts, but these Words Of Wisdom may be my most important…

motivated mindset words of wisdom cover

This is an excerpt from my Book “Motivated Mindset“. 

Don’t let your lack of motivation hold you back from achieving your goals!

Find your motivation and change your life forever!

Get your copy here! 

If you want an easy life then go be Normal.

But, if you are willing to take on the challenges and difficulties of life, then get ready to be remembered.

Leave A Legacy

Every day we have the opportunity to leave a mark on all those in which we come across. And, the opportunity to give people something to remember us for.

We can stand out, or be invisible. We can present them with kindness, or leave them with a bad feeling towards us.

You cannot just make up a lifetime of wrongdoing, and bad impressions, with a few kind acts. What we do every single day matters!

You have one shot at making every day a success.

It doesn’t matter what you choose to do with your life, as long as you choose to make an impression when you do it. If you are a teacher, have an office job, do a service, sell products, create things, or work for yourself; be the best at it.

Whatever you do with your life, be the best you can be at it. Be the one that everyone looks up too, and put your heart into every moment.

You don’t need to be famous to be great. You just have to show yourself, how great you are, and can be. Some of the world’s greatest people were only ever known to a few people. And yet they made a lasting impression.

Everything you do, everything you say, every choice you make, every interaction, every day, every moment, you need to leave a lasting impression that you are someone worth remembering…forever.

My Dream

To be remembered. That is my dream, and that is my motivation. That is the motivation behind everything I do and have done. I want to be remembered by everyone that I interact with. I want to leave an impact on people’s lives so that they always remember who Ryan J. Mathias is.

I am not perfect, and I have no extraordinary powers. But I do try to help people as much as I can. I hope that I have helped you in some way and given you something to remember me by. And, I hope I have helped you find your motivation and given you some valuable wisdom to continue forward with.

I Believe In You

I want you to know that I believe in your ability to be successful.

The same as I beleive in myself, I believe in you and I want you to achieve your dreams. I want you to continue along your journey to success and help to change the world!

So, never stop fighting for your dreams and always live to be remembered!

Always remember, you are not average and never will be!

You are here to make an impression that everyone wants to emulate, but just can’t replicate! You are leading your own journey to success and carving a new path for the world to follow!

And there’s nothing that can stop you!

You are not only going to reach the mountain top but raise the peak higher! You are great, and you are rememberable!

Now go Change The World!

Live each day as if to build your legacy and to be remembered for the greatness in you.

Create Your Motivated Mindset Today!

motivated mindset words of wisdom cover

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Your Future Is Up To You

Your Future Is Up To You

Your future is up to you. No one can make you do anything. You have to choose what to do, then take action. If you want to have a successful future, then you have to make it happen. And if you want to achieve your dreams, then you have to fight for them. Whatever your future becomes, is up to you. So, you have to make the future you want.

motivated mindset words of wisdom cover

This is an excerpt from my Book “Motivated Mindset“. 

Don’t let your lack of motivation hold you back from achieving your goals!

Find your motivation and change your life forever!

Get your copy here! 

Leave A Legacy

The decisions you make should reflect the future you want.

Live your future not only for yourself but also for those that follow in your footsteps. Because your future does not only affect you. It affects those around you.

If you want to create a better future for your family, then it starts with you. You are constantly paving a path for others to walk down. You can create an easier path for others while creating your own success.

It’s not about how far you can go, but how far you can lead others in the same direction. Those that follow you will carry on your legacy.

Be the foundation they need to succeed and present them with a legacy that they can build on!

Work For It

Then, you have to work towards creating your future every day and be motivated by the dreams you have. Visualize what you want and base your decisions off of that image every day.

Plan your path to success and walk along with it. Figure out what you need to do everyday in order to keep working towards your successful future and do it.

Don’t hold back, push forward. Be strong and take on the hard challenges with passionate intensity. Be confident and respect others along the path.

Your future is in your hands, and it is your responsibility to create it. So, go get it!

Create Your Motivated Mindset Today!

motivated mindset words of wisdom cover

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Be Nice, Not Right

It’s More Important To Be Nice, Than It Is To Be Right

These days we get so caught up with trying to be right that we often forget to be nice. However, people don’t like others that are always right. They like others that are always nice.

If you are nice, then people will help you. If you are always correcting people, they see you as someone that already knows how to solve your own problems.

So, be nice to those around you and the “right” answer will come.

motivated mindset words of wisdom cover

This is an excerpt from my Book “Motivated Mindset“. 

Don’t let your lack of motivation hold you back from achieving your goals!

Find your motivation and change your life forever!

Get your copy here! 

Let The Little Things Go

Learn to let the little things go.

Too often I see so many people, from children to teens to even adults, bickering about the simplest things in life that really don’t matter.

Why is it so important to be right, and correct those that may have a different thought or idea then you?

Why can’t we all see life differently and be ok with unanswered questions?

And why can’t we just live and let others believe what they want?

Remember, it is ok to be wrong or think differently. How else would we grow? If we didn’t make mistakes, then so many things would never have been invented.

Learn to let things that don’t matter go. Believe what you want to believe and let others do the same. Be open to being wrong, and don’t worry about correcting others on everything. Let them live and learn so they can grow too.

Live and Learn

If it’s not hurting anything, then let others live and learn.

Who knows…you might just learn something yourself!

It’s never a joy to be around someone that always must be right and corrects everyone around them. It is much more fun to be around someone that may sometimes be wrong but is always nice.

So, be the nice one. Help others learn new things, but be kind while teaching. If their beliefs are different, let them be different. You can’t tell someone what they believe. They must make that decision on their own.

If what they are doing is safe, then let them live and learn. Who knows…they may see something you don’t and find a better way of doing something that you can learn from!

Create Your Motivated Mindset Today!

motivated mindset words of wisdom cover

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The New Golden Rule

The New Golden Rule

The Golden Rule has been held in high reguard for a very long time. Almost every religion and culture has their own variation to the principle. However, many seem to forget one very important thing…we do not all wish to be treated the same. So, in these Words Of Wisdom we will teach you the New Golden Rule and how you can help others thrive through individual interaction.

The Old Golden Rule

“Treat others as you wish to be treated.”

There are many different versions of the “Golden Rule”, but this is the simple version most people know it as today.

motivated mindset words of wisdom cover

This is an excerpt from my Book “Motivated Mindset“. 

Don’t let your lack of motivation hold you back from achieving your goals!

Find your motivation and change your life forever!

Get your copy here! 

What does the Golden Rule Mean?

First, the main principle behind the “Golden Rule” is to be kind to others (which we should all do). However, as we know, everyone is different and everyday our emotions change. Sometimes we need some extra support, kindness, freedom, a pep talk, or just a little love. 

So, by using the word “you” in the Golden Rule, it gives people the wrong impression that everyone wishes to be treated the same. And this is just not true. Though it is always appropriate to start each interaction by being respectful of other’s feelings, not everyone likes to be treated the same as you do.

Think of the people around you. Are they all the same as you? Do they have your personality? Probably not. It’s likely they are all different.

So, if you truly want to do good and help others, sometimes we need to give more than just standard kindness to different people. Sometimes they need to be lifted up or helped to move forward. While at other times they may need to be brought back to reality with some hard truth.

The New Golden Rule

It is aways better to treat others with the New Golden Rule.

“Treat others as they wish to be treated.”

Of course we cannot read minds and don’t immediately know what other’s want. Plus, you should never assume the emotions of others, and we do not owe anyone anything more than to be kind and respectful. However, those that want to help others, need to go above and beyond treating everyone the same all the time.

What You Can Do

First, all we have to do is pay a little attention to how people interact around us, in order to see what we can do to truly help them. After some practice you can learn pretty quickly who needs some space and who needs some help. All you have to do is PAY ATTENTION!

However, the best way to learn what others want from you, is to ask. You can learn a lot from simply just asking. 

These days, many people forget to, or just avoid, asking people what they want. Yet, that is the best way to learn how you can best interact with others.

So many people look to avoid conflict or just let things stay the same because they are afraid of asking about simple things. It’s not that hard, and it can really help change whatever problems there may be. So just ask!

Help Others Thrive

So, from now on, when you interact with others around you, think of their personality and how they may want to be treated. Do they need some support, kindness, freedom, a pep talk, or a little love? Do they need more than just the Golden Rule?

Whatever it may be, give them what they need to thrive, rather than assuming that they are the same as you, or others around them. Let others be individuals and be respectful of their way of life.

Treat others respectfully, and as they wish to be treated.

Plus, when you give people more than they are expecting, then they will want to do the same for you, and others, in return. They will be motivated to present you with more, and help raise you up too. You will then become a team, building each other up as you push forward in life, creating success.

Lift others up, and they will return the favor!

Create Your Motivated Mindset Today!

motivated mindset words of wisdom cover

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