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All New Articles and Blog Posts

The New Golden Rule

The New Golden Rule

The Golden Rule has been held in high reguard for a very long time. Almost every religion and culture has their own variation to the principle. However, many seem to forget one very important thing…we do not all wish to be treated the same. So, in these Words Of Wisdom we will teach you the New Golden Rule and how you can help others thrive through individual interaction.

The Old Golden Rule

“Treat others as you wish to be treated.”

There are many different versions of the “Golden Rule”, but this is the simple version most people know it as today.

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This is an excerpt from my Book “Motivated Mindset“. 

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What does the Golden Rule Mean?

First, the main principle behind the “Golden Rule” is to be kind to others (which we should all do). However, as we know, everyone is different and everyday our emotions change. Sometimes we need some extra support, kindness, freedom, a pep talk, or just a little love. 

So, by using the word “you” in the Golden Rule, it gives people the wrong impression that everyone wishes to be treated the same. And this is just not true. Though it is always appropriate to start each interaction by being respectful of other’s feelings, not everyone likes to be treated the same as you do.

Think of the people around you. Are they all the same as you? Do they have your personality? Probably not. It’s likely they are all different.

So, if you truly want to do good and help others, sometimes we need to give more than just standard kindness to different people. Sometimes they need to be lifted up or helped to move forward. While at other times they may need to be brought back to reality with some hard truth.

The New Golden Rule

It is aways better to treat others with the New Golden Rule.

“Treat others as they wish to be treated.”

Of course we cannot read minds and don’t immediately know what other’s want. Plus, you should never assume the emotions of others, and we do not owe anyone anything more than to be kind and respectful. However, those that want to help others, need to go above and beyond treating everyone the same all the time.

What You Can Do

First, all we have to do is pay a little attention to how people interact around us, in order to see what we can do to truly help them. After some practice you can learn pretty quickly who needs some space and who needs some help. All you have to do is PAY ATTENTION!

However, the best way to learn what others want from you, is to ask. You can learn a lot from simply just asking. 

These days, many people forget to, or just avoid, asking people what they want. Yet, that is the best way to learn how you can best interact with others.

So many people look to avoid conflict or just let things stay the same because they are afraid of asking about simple things. It’s not that hard, and it can really help change whatever problems there may be. So just ask!

Help Others Thrive

So, from now on, when you interact with others around you, think of their personality and how they may want to be treated. Do they need some support, kindness, freedom, a pep talk, or a little love? Do they need more than just the Golden Rule?

Whatever it may be, give them what they need to thrive, rather than assuming that they are the same as you, or others around them. Let others be individuals and be respectful of their way of life.

Treat others respectfully, and as they wish to be treated.

Plus, when you give people more than they are expecting, then they will want to do the same for you, and others, in return. They will be motivated to present you with more, and help raise you up too. You will then become a team, building each other up as you push forward in life, creating success.

Lift others up, and they will return the favor!

Create Your Motivated Mindset Today!

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Take Responsibility for Your Actions and Life

How To Take Responsibility for your Actions and Life

Learning how to take responsibility for your actions can change your life. If you don’t like what you have, then use it as motivation to create a better life for yourself! Unfortunately, too many people avoid taking responsibility for their actions and failures because they feel it shows weakness. However, failure does not show weakness; a lack of responsibility does.

Failure proves that you were willing to step up and take the risk. While avoiding responsibility proves that you are weak enough to blame others. So, take responsibility for your actions. Take responsibility for your decisions. And take responsibility for your life. Don’t blame others for the position you are in. You create your own life, and if you don’t like the life you have, make a new one!

Make a life that you are proud to take responsibility for!

motivated mindset words of wisdom cover

This is an excerpt from my Book “Motivated Mindset“. 

Don’t let your lack of motivation hold you back from achieving your goals!

Find your motivation and change your life forever!

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Be Equally Responsible for your Successes AND Failures

You are going to fail, and you are going to succeed. If you are unwilling to take responsibility for your failures, then you cannot accept responsibility for your successes either.

We see this too often in team sports. Many individual players put the blame on others for losses while they take full responsibility for the team’s successes. However, if one person is so influential for a win, then they are also just as responsible for a loss.

True leaders take responsibility not only for themselves but also for those they lead. If they lead others to failure, then they take responsibility. If they lead others to greater success, then they take some responsibility as well. So, to be a successful leader, team, or individual you must take responsibility for everything that occurs, good or bad. 

Whether directly or indirectly, our influence has an effect on everything we interact with. Will your influence be one of blaming others and putting failures on others, or will you take responsibility and lead a path to success?

Learn To Be Responsible for Everything

Remember, it is ok to fail. Just take responsibility and learn from it. Be responsible for the changes you make to succeed. Be responsible for the things you do every day to create a better life for yourself, and others. And be responsible for a life of success and for creating a path for others to follow. Be responsible for changing the world!

The responsibility you take on for yourself and those around you should motivate you to push forward. You should want to be better for your spouse, for your kids, and for everyone that will come after them. It should motivate you to fight for your success and know that you cannot fail.

So, let the responsibility you hold on to motivate your dreams and give you the strength to fight harder! Be motivated to create a legacy that you are responsible for!

Create Your Motivated Mindset Today!

motivated mindset words of wisdom cover

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Mutual Respect Others

No matter who you are, what you have done, or where you have come from, we all deserve a base level of mutual respect. Greater recognition is earned, and it can always be lost, but at first sight, we are all equals. Never think of yourself so highly that you don’t give recognition to others that they deserve. Be humble enough to value others and help them grow. Then you will earn their respect in return, and show self-respect for yourself.

motivated mindset words of wisdom cover

This is an excerpt from my Book “Motivated Mindset“. 

Don’t let your lack of motivation hold you back from achieving your goals!

Find your motivation and change your life forever!

Get your copy here! 

No matter what you have accomplished, we are all equals.

Respect has been fading in recent times as many people focus on the negative actions of others, rather than the good that has come from them. Yes, we all make mistakes and have our own agendas, but as long as we are living we are all valuable. We all have something to offer others, and we can all help to change the world. 

Self-Respect Yourself

We need to bring back respect towards others and learn to have a greater appreciation for ourselves. And it all starts with YOU!

We are often too hard on ourselves for mistakes we have made, and even blame ourselves for things that are out of our control. Forget the negativity of the past, and work towards creating a brighter future. A future where you respect yourself enough, to respect others. 

So, value how you conduct yourself every day in order to create a life that you want. How you present yourself to others can change how they behave towards you. If you are respectful, people will follow and help you. If you are not, few people will be on your side.

Remember, being respectful is a choice, and a choice we all need to make.

Respect for ourselves, for others, for authority, and for life around you. You do not have to agree with others, but we should respect their decisions and choices.

Start by giving others the same respect you would want if you were in their position. Just remember, things are never as easy or as simple as they may look. Give value to others, and you will receive it back.

How To Earn Respect and Recognition

If you want the respect of others that do not give it, you are going to have to earn it. Earn it through respecting others as you wish to be. Earn it by pushing yourself to be better, and making yourself stand out as a valuable asset.

Fighting fire with fire will only make things burn. You must be the cool water that puts out the fires and quenches the thirst of others, for something new. Be respectable, and become respected.

Create Your Motivated Mindset Today!

motivated mindset words of wisdom cover

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20 Gym Etiquette Rules Everyone Needs To Know

Gym Etiquette Rules Everyone Needs To Know

Gym etiquette. It is a must-have for all gym-goers. Whether you workout anywhere from 24-Hour Fitness to your local CrossFit or an Old-School Powerlifting Gym, these are the things you need to know. Simply follow these basic gym etiquette rules, or risk getting kicked out and losing your gym membership. Or worse, becoming the local gym idiot! 

If you disagree with any of these gym etiquette rules or have some to add, comment below! 

Also, if you have any funny gym fail stories to tell, please leave them here.

What is Gym Etiquette?

Gym etiquette is how you conduct yourself in a gym style environment. Whether others are around or not, it is important you conduct yourself in a respectful manner. For this to occur, gyms have their own set of gym rules. However, there is more to it than just following the rules set in place for you to keep your membership.

In the following, we will go over all the proper gym etiquette you need in order to avoid becoming the local gym idiot.

Note: Every gym has their own set of rules and guidelines to follow. So make sure to check in with them to avoid the Lunk Alarm or any unnecessary fees.

Top 5 Gym Rules

Gym Etiquette Rule #1: Pay your dues!

This is by far Gym Etiquette Rule #1! Both financially and respectfully, you need to pay your dues. Nobody likes a cheapskate or a cocky amateur that think they know it all. Nobody cares how many magazines you’ve read, celebrities you’ve met, or videos you’ve watched. Stay up to date on your fees and learn from those with more experience, even if they are younger than you.

Overall, just don’t be an A$$! Be kind, humble and respectful to everyone at all training levels. Make sure to encourage others and make friends.

Remember, there is ALWAYS someone bigger, stronger, and better looking than you. Failure to comply to this standard Gym Etiquette Rule #1 can easily result in the termination of your gym membership! Or you getting physically thrown out of the gym by 1+ angry gym members!

Gym Etiquette Rule #2: RE-RACK YOUR WEIGHTS!!!

The most disrespectful, discourteous, and infuriating thing you can do in a gym is leave your weights out, or put them away wrong. Whether it be dumbbells, plates, kettlebells, or other gym equipment, put everything back the way it is supposed to be. Even if that is not how you found it!

We are pretty sure your mom doesn’t follow you around at the gym, so you are gonna have to take some responsibility and clean up after yourself. Otherwise, you will lose the respect of everyone around you and become the real gym idiot that everyone hates!

Gym Etiquette Rule #3: ALWAYS ask, don’t just assume.

When you assume things you simply make an “a$$” our of “u” and “me”. If anyone is nearby, or could possibly be using something, always ask before you take it. Even if you need to wait a minute to see if anyone comes back to it.

Taking things is just rude, even if you “didn’t know”. If you ask, you always know.

Remember, everyone shares everything at the gym, the same as it is in kindergarten. If you want something, then check around before taking it. Then there are no unnecessary arguments or angry looks.

Gym Etiquette Rule #4: Don’t hog the equipment.

When it comes to using the equipment, get in and get out. Don’t sit there on a machine or bench scrolling through Instagram for 5 minutes between every set. People are always waiting from a distance.

Be courteous of other people’s time, and follow social media on your own time. And if you have 5+ sets to do, you better not just be standing around at the squat rack talking to your gym bros. Always be working, or getting ready for the next set.

If you are doing a superset, be quick about it and never use more than 2-3 machines or stations at once, unless the gym is empty. Everyone has stuff to do too.

Gym Etiquette Rule #5: Respect personal space!

Look, but don’t touch. Big arms, ripped abs, and huge legs are all admirable. However, just because we like when people notice, doesn’t mean that you have the right to come up and touch what we have built.

If you want to feel, ASK! No acceptions! Whether you are young and hot or old and creepy, stay out of our personal space unless invited in.

Top 10 Gym Etiquette Rules

Gym Etiquette Rule #6: Don’t smell.

Whether you smell good or bad, the gym is not the place to give it away. You should come in not smelling like anything, good or bad. Bad smells only get worse, and good smells are too fragrant for others around you not to be distracted. It is fine if you start to stink after you have been sweating for a while but come in fresh, not freaky.

Also, if you smell like you just came out of a hotbox of smoke in your car, people are going to hate you. Whether you think you don’t smell like smoke or not, you do, and everyone knows it. It is your right to do as you wish, however, everyone at the gym is sharing air. If you ruin their air, you can expect a lot of dirty looks and even a canceled gym membership.

Gym Etiquette Rule #7: NO SINGING!

It is not Karaoke night! And we don’t care if it is your favorite song. Save your croaky voice for passing the time in traffic. When you’re in the gym, focus on your work.

P.S. If you can sing while working out, then you are not really working very hard. Just sayin’.

Gym Etiquette Rule #8: Scream as much as you want, but have a reason!

Being loud when getting psyched up and working hard is fine. However, if you do it for no reason, then you are just being a gym idiot.

To keep it simple, if you are doing something cool, then you are fine. If not, then stay quiet.

Gym Etiquette Rule #9: Wipe down your equipment. No excuses.

This is a mojor health risk if you forget, so don’t! Besides, “I forgot” is not a reasonable excuse for anyone old enough to workout in a gym.

Whether you sweat a lot or not, it is your courteous duty that you wipe down your equipment EVERY SINGLE TIME after you are finished using it. DON’T FORGET!

Gym Etiquette Rule #10: Don’t hit on other members!

The gym is a great place to hook up…before and after your workout though! It is NEVER a good idea to interrupt someone else’s workout. Especially if you are interested in more than a friendship!

Interact, but do not interrupt. If there is a connection, talk after. If not, they’re not interested. It is a HUGE turn off to interrupt someone’s workout. So be patient and take action when it is the appropriate time.

Top 20 Rules

Gym Etiquette Rule #11: Ask before you give help!

First, it is not social hour at your local country club, so keep your pointless talk to yourself. If you can’t say what you are going to say in under a minute, then save it for later. People go to the gym to better themselves and are all on a time crunch. Be respectful of their time and save the chat about the weather for the inevitable awkward silences in your life. 

Secondly, NEVER walk up to someone to give them tips about how they “should” be doing things. That is extremely disrespectful, as it shows you think they have no idea what they are doing. If you have a suggestion, then ask if they would like to hear it. Don’t just start spewing out advice that they may not even want. Usually if they want advice, they’ll ask.

Gym Etiquette Rule #12: Wear appropriate gym attire!

It is not a strip club (male or female). So fully cover up all inappropriate areas. Ladies, side boob and see-through are too much, but a reasonable sports bra and short shorts are fine. Men, a speedo is for the pool, and your package is not made to be scrunched up into spandex.

Also, it’s not the 70s. Be comfortable, but not distracting. Taking your shirt off is fine, but don’t be loud about it. Public Indecency is a crime.

Of course, don’t track in dirt and mud from outside. If your shoes are dirty, take them off before you walk around.

Gym Etiquette Rule #13: No lockerroom nudity!

Cover yourself up in the locker room (and on the floor, obviously). There is always that one old guy in the locker room that is way too confident in his own skin, and there’s nothing we can do about that. Just don’t be that guy or gal! Keep it covered, and keep it appropriate.

Also, remember it is not social hour in there either.

Gym Etiquette Rule #14: No PDA (Public Display of Affection)!

We know that couples that workout together, stay together. However, the gym is not the place to show off your everlasting love and affection for each other. Nobody wants to see, hear, or have to workout around your makeout sessions every 2 minutes. So, stay on task, so you can get home sooner, and do what you need to do there.

Gym Etiquette Rule #15: Don’t stand in the way!

Whether you are in the walkway, at the water fountain or in front of the dumbbell rack, don’t be in the way. Make sure there is always plenty of space for people to move around you and get to what they need.

This also includes standing between benches, in or near squat racks or machines, and walking slow. Keep out of the way and no one will mind.

Gym Etiquette Rule #16: Glance, but don’t stare.

We get it. We’re hot, but that doesn’t mean we want everyone staring. Don’t be the creepy guy or gal that stares down every hotty in the gym. Everyone likes to be noticed for their hard work but don’t overdo it. Admire, and compliment if necessary, then look away.

Gym Etiquette Rule #17: Don’t laugh at anyone that is trying!

It is always okay to laugh with someone, but it is NEVER okay to laugh at someone, when at the gym. Yes, gym fails and gym fail stories are popular and funny. However, most of those people just don’t know what they are doing. So think of how you would want someone to help you if you were them. Then go from there.

Gym Etiquette Rule #18: Don’t be a gym idiot!

Don’t use bands, chains, or other equipment you don’t understand unless you know what you are doing! If you want to know why read these funny gym fail stories. If you need help, just ask.

Also, if you need a spotter, then get one. You shouldn’t make others around you concerned for your safety to where they feel the need to keep an eye on you like a child.

It is okay to ask for help, but not okay to put yourself and others at risk. Be smart, and be safe. 

If you need a help on how to get started, get one of our strength programs or learn more about the Mathias Method Strength System!

Gym Etiquette Rule #19: Don’t keep asking for free advice.

If you need a personal trainer, then get one! And pay them. You shouldn’t go around bothering other people’s workouts for every little thing. You need to figure some things out on your own and if you need a lot of help, then pay someone to help you.

It is okay to ask for tips, but not for every exercise that you do. Even in the gym, nothing is really free. Respect other people’s time and value.

Gym Etiquette Rule #20: No sleeping, eating or lounging!

The gym floor is not a lounge, so don’t use it as one. If your gym doesn’t have a place to sit and hang out, then there is probably a reason. As in, they don’t want you to hang out there forever.

Eat, sleep and wait in your car, not on the unused machines or benches. You are just going to be in the way. 

Important Reminders

It is also important to mention that things like curling in the squat rack or just using equipment for the wrong purpose are obvious no no’s. Just don’t do it.

Things like how you lift and the music you listen too are not on this list, because those things generally do not affect others.

Overall, these are the basic gym etiquette rules everyone needs to follow. However, make sure to check in with your gym’s rules so that you never get the Lunk Alarm set off on you, or have to pay fines for things you didn’t know.

Remember, if you disagree with any of these, or have some to add, comment below!

Think For Yourself and Be A Self-Starter To Your Dreams

Think For Yourself

If you want to be successful, you must learn to think for yourself and be a self-starter.  No one is going to hand you your success. So you have to go out and take it. That means making your own decisions and creating your own path to success.

motivated mindset words of wisdom cover

This is an excerpt from my Book “Motivated Mindset“. 

Don’t let your lack of motivation hold you back from achieving your goals!

Find your motivation and change your life forever!

Get your copy here! 

Make Your Own Decisions

Too often these days I see so many people afraid of making a decision, because they feel once one decision is made, that the other option is lost. This is not true.

By making a decision you begin to learn what it is that you really want. If you made the wrong decision, then you will have learned from it and are better informed to make the decision again, the next time around. And yes there is always another opportunity.

You can’t just expect the answers to come to you, or to be made by others. If you do, then you will learn nothing. Every mistake is just a learning opportunity for you to grow from. So be confident in yourself and make a decision, even if that decision is “wrong” in the eyes of others. It is your decision to make, so make it yourself and stick to it.

Be A Self-Starter

Be a self-starter to your dreams! Part of thinking for yourself is being a self-starter!

You shouldn’t have to be told how to do everything in life. If you want something to happen, then you have to make it happen.

So many of us procrastinate and hold ourselves back because of it. If we would just get things done ahead of time, then we could push on to other things and start creating a life of success.

If something needs to get done, then just DO IT! Don’t wait to be asked or invited. Start it yourself.

Everything from taking out the trash, to making major life decisions is placed on the shoulders of the one who first takes notice. So keep your eyes open, think ahead, and do whatever needs to be done first.

Start before you need to start and keep pushing along your Journey to Greatness!

Create Your Motivated Mindset Today!

motivated mindset words of wisdom cover

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