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The Mathias Method Story


This is

Our Story

The Mathias Method Story

“I was less than a year away from graduating college with a Degree in Exercise Science…but I was unsure of what I wanted to do.”

The idea and goal of creating the Mathias Method began on December 25th, 2015 (Christmas Day). I was sitting at home thinking of what I wanted to do with my life. I had my Personal Training Certification, but after doing some training I found it did not fulfill me. I was less than a year away from graduating college with a Degree in Exercise Science, and a Minor in Business, but I was unsure of what I wanted to do. My Financial Aid that paid for College was racked up to nearly $30,000 at this point. I wanted to find a way to invest $2,000 I had saved up, and turn it into a way to pay my loan. 

“I had been searching for answers as to what I wanted to do in life for a while…”

I had just finished reading the book “Rich Dad Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki, a few months before (which taught me me to save the $2,000 while still going to college) in an effort to learn more about how to be smart with my money. I looked at a few things to invest in, but none felt right. I had been searching for answers as to what I wanted to do in life for a while, and all I could think of was “Change the World”

“…if I’m going to invest in something it should be an investment in myself.”

That’s when I decided that if I’m going to invest in something it should be an investment in myself. I believe in myself more than anything else, so if it went anywhere, it should go towards helping me follow my dreams. At least then I knew I truly was in control of my future and what I could accomplish. I wanted, and still want to, change the world, but at the time I did not have a “how”

“It was like an idea just dropped right in my lap and told me what I needed to do.”

How was I going to change the world that is changing on its own so rapidly? I had already accomplished a lot at this stage of my life, as I was soon to earn my 3rd Degree Black Belt in Martial Arts, after over 13 years of consecutive training. Still I had no plan of how I was going to utilize my knowledge and experience. I began doubting myself, and was not sure that I had the strength to change the world. I wanted to help others by sharing with them my knowledge of how to grow STRONGER, and make a difference in their lives! Then it hit me! It was like an idea just dropped right in my lap and told me what I needed to do. Suddenly, I knew what I wanted to do! What I was meant to do. I wanted to help others change their world in order to change the world. With that in mind the plans for the Mathias Method were born! I quickly grabbed a note pad and started writing…

“I dove in head first as soon as the ideas popped into my head and have never turned back.”

daily 30 on top of the world morning sunrise
Performing the Daily 30 on top of the Haleakala Volcanoe in Maui Hawaii

I began by writing down all the different programs, that you see as Levels 1-8 on which teach people how to grow STRONGER from a beginner level, all the way through competitive strength sports. That same day I also put together the Daily 30, which teaches people to commit to themselves everyday, and always be moving forward towards their goals. I have now done the Daily 30 everyday since! I even did the first drawings of our Mathias Method Logo with all of its colors that same day, alongside the help of my family. I dove in head first as soon as the ideas popped into my head and have never turned back

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My Strength Journey


This is


The Ryan J. Mathias Way

How It All Began

My Strength Journey started as a child, when my dad started to have my two older brothers and I do, what he called, PT’s (Physical Training). My dad is a firefighter and he wanted to make sure his sons grew up healthy and strong, so he told us to do 50 Push-Ups, 50 Sit-Ups, and 100 Jumping Jacks everyday. Looking back, this was not very much to do and would only take maybe 20 minutes if we were slow (which we were). However, my dad was almost always at work to support our large family of 4 boys (the older 3 and my little brother) and my mom. We hated doing this easy task of PT’s, so we would really only do them whenever my dad came home for a day or two from work. This made for a very infrequent training regiment, but it planted the seed of the importance of strength and fitness

“…it planted the seed of the importance of strength and fitness.”

The Next Step

The next step in my strength journey actually came on my own. I had been doing martial arts for a few years and in it we would do different variations of Push-Ups. I was quite good at doing push-ups at this time (likely from my dad’s initial push) and actually started to enjoy them. We would do 8 variations of push-ups in training that included standard, close, on knuckles, on fingertips, and on our wrists facing 4 different directions (this was to build wrist strength for martial arts). These were a fun challenge to me and I had the goal then of becoming STRONGER, so I started to do 70 push-ups (I skipped 1 wrist push-up variation that I didn’t like) everyday when I was about 11. I did this for about 6 months around the same time my dad got a bench press and weight set put in our garage. Again, whenever he was home he would have my older two brothers and I go do some bench press and dumbbell work. Generally it was 4×10 on everything done in a circuit fashion. I had the wrong mindset and thought that weights were too hard and would make me too stiff like bodybuilders. After a while my brothers began weight training at school with their football program, and we stopped training at home.

“I had the goal then of becoming STRONGER, so I started to do 70 push-ups everyday when I was about 11.”

Pushing For More

Even through the little weight training we did I made sure to do my 70 Push-Ups, because I wanted to get STRONGER. I didn’t want to be big, I just wanted more and more strength. So after 70 Push-Ups became too easy for me, I began implementing more push-up techniques until I had a very long and grueling push-up regiment that I would then do only twice a week. I would start with doing 1-15-1 Push-Ups in which I would do 1 Push-Up, rest for maybe 10-20 seconds, then do 2, 3, 4…up to 15 and back down again. That equated to 225 total push-ups in under about 15 minutes. Afterwards I would do my, no longer 7 but, 10 varied sets of push-ups which, over time, went from 10 to 20 to 30 push-ups each round. I would even do 5 standard push-ups as fast as I could immediately after each round of the different variations. THAT WAS 575 PUSH-UPS twice a week (Monday and Saturday)!!! Now, with that amount of volume I would not do complete push-ups for most of them. Too many were only half reps that I would not lockout, but more so try to pump out at the bottom. This was not to focus on the chest, but more just done because I had weak triceps that could not keep up with the volume.

“I didn’t want to be big, I just wanted more and more strength.”

I also added in some leg and ab work which I did even CRAZIER amounts of volume every Wednesday and Friday. For legs I would do some old school martial arts bodyweight techniques in which started with 500-750 knee bends. Knee bends are where you grab your ankles, then bend your knees until your bottom bounces off your ankles and then extend your legs again. It was a simple, but painful exercise that I did to absolute failure of 500-750 reps first thing. Looking back I see how bad that was for me, because my back was completely rounded throughout and my ankles became tight due to the constant bouncing. Next I would crouch down and do little hops in a crouched position for 100-200 reps doing 2 rounds. That would really burn my quads, cause damage to my knees and also make for even tighter ankles. I would finish with some bodyweight squats until I felt like puking. From there I would do different ab exercises for about 20 minutes. I did those 4 workouts per week, not including my 5 mile run every Sunday. Now it is great that I was training hard, but these workouts really just tore my body apart. Oh, did I mention that I would only workout with a full body plastic sweatsuit on that was under my sweatshirt and sweatpants? I also didn’t drink much water and almost never ate any fat! My idea was that if I ate fat, I would get fat. I even cut out the fat I saw on lunch meat!

“I would only workout with a full body plastic sweatsuit on that was under my sweatshirt and sweatpants.”

I Was Doing It All Wrong

Again, my goal was strength yet I had no idea of how to get there. I would do all this training volume, yet I was still not getting stronger or making any gains. In fact I was losing weight though I wanted to gain it! This training lasted from when I was 12 until I was about 16 and a half. I was really great at doing bodyweight exercise, however I was not getting any STRONGER, or bigger. My goal was to weight 202 pounds just like Rocky Balboa (I loved the Rocky movies), though I was stuck at 180-190. I only started doing what I really needed when I was 16…

Read My Full Strength Journey HERE!

Mathias Method Strength Family 3
Mathias Method Army supporting their General at the a USPA Meet

Do You Daily 30?

Daily 30 Everyday and Gain the

strength world logo

The Daily 30

Consistency is key to reaching your Goals

Without consistency our goals can soon be replaced by other desires and easily slip away from us. Too often do we neglect our own health and fitness goals by putting others ahead of ourselves, or just by getting caught up in our busy lives. We forget that we are the most important part in helping others, because without your own health you cannot help anyone. 

That is why I created the Daily 30! It teaches you to be consistent by keeping your goals and health in mind everyday. No matter how busy we get, we all have 2 minutes, and that’s all it takes to do this simple bodyweight exercise routine. It will teach you the Basis of Human Movement Patterns while giving you tremendous benefits if done consistently. Consistency is key, and it will lead you to achieving your goals!

Go Lead by Example! (Read More Below)

daily 30 on top of the world morning sunrise
Performing the Daily 30 on top of the Haleakala Volcanoe in Maui Hawaii

What is the Daily 30?

The Daily 30 is a short and simple bodyweight exercise routine consisting of 3 exercises done for 10 repetitions each. These exercises are to be done at least once each and every day to teach your body to move safely using proper movement patterns. It takes less than 2 minutes to complete when done properly and will have an invaluable amount of benefits when done consistently over time.

Realize that the Daily 30 is NOT a Weight Loss or Strength Training Program when performed only once daily. It is meant to teach consistency and proper movements patterns. Check out our Programs Page for more!


What are the Benefits of the Daily 30?

The main benefit of doing the Daily 30 properly on a regular basis is increased neuromuscular proprioception, also known as the “mind-muscle” connection. This teaches your body to move properly by stimulating the correct muscles while going through normal and compromised ranges of motion. By gaining this increased muscle activation your body will better be able to protect itself from injury caused by both improper repetitive motion and quick reflexive action.

Other valuable benefits of the Daily 30 are:

  • Increased Mobility
  • Spinal Decompression
  • Joint Stabilization
  • Increased Body Control
  • Improved Gastro-intestinal Health
  • Improved Blood Flow Circulation
  • Base Level Muscular Strength
  • Joint Health
  • Improved Posture and
  • Builds Core Stabilization.

We Challenge you to put these claims to the test with the Daily 30 Challenge!

To learn more and how to perform the Daily 30 click below.

The Daily 30

Strength to You,

The STRONGer Coach

Ryan J. Mathias, CPT

Check out our eBook:

daily 30 simple bodyweight exercise routine
The Daily 30:

Basis Of Human Movement Patterns and Improving Body Function

  • Learn how to move properly!
  • Increase your body function!
  • Gain benefits in under 2 minutes a day!
  • Become dedicated to your Health and Fitness!
  • Learn everything you need to know about basic human movement!
  • 12+ Pages of detailed content!

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Focus: Accomplishing Goals

Focus: Accomplishing Goals

“Focus is where your attention is placed.”

Are you focused on the past? Are you focused on the future? Or are you focused on making today, this moment, the best moment it can be? 

A very wise man, and a good friend of mine, Ray Razzanno has always taught me to be in the NOW. To be in the moment. To see what is going on NOW and not worry about anything else. You cannot change yesterday. You cannot solidify tomorrow. You can only change what you are doing NOW. To be focused you must be able to let everything else go, in that moment. It does not matter who you were, or what you did yesterday, or what you will be or will do tomorrow. The only thing that matters is what you do NOW to create your legacy

Where you focus is where you will grow. By focusing on too many things at once you will see little to no change in any one area. Often times, a broad focus is more detrimental than good. The same goes for strength training, or building your body. There are three common goals that people pursue in training; building strength, increasing muscle tone or increasing endurance. Though these goals can all build upon and with each other, by focusing on all 3 you cannot have the greatest effect in any one area. To increase your strength to its highest level, you must let your endurance and muscle tone fade. Increasing muscle tone is harmful to your strength and building muscle is detrimental to your endurance. By building a great amount of endurance, you will lose maximal strength and decrease muscle size. However, focusing your efforts on one specific area, or goal you can see continued progress and reach your goal faster. Set your sights on one goal and stick with it until it is accomplished

It is important to have a plan to reach any goal. Louie Simmons, a world renowned powerlifter, coach and owner of Westside Barbell, once quoted a powerful saying, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” To make a plan for any goal you need to answer three questions; why, how and what. 

  1. Why? – Why do you want to reach this goal? Why do you want change? Why are you pursuing this? Why do you need this? If you do not know why you are setting a goal then you will not stick with it. You must have a purpose for a goal to be meaningful. This question can only be answered by you. No one can tell you “why” except you.
  2. How?How are you going to accomplish your goal? How is this possible? How can you make it work? You must know how to accomplish a goal before starting your pursuit. This may require further education, guidance or advice from others that know more about it than you. Take a personal training client for example. If the client knew how to make their goals happen then they would do it themselves. Most personal training clients do not know how to reach their goals, which is why they seek the guidance of those with greater knowledge than themselves. To learn “how” to accomplish your goal, find guidance from those with experience in accomplishing the same, or a similar, goal.
  3. What? – What do you need to do to accomplish this goal? What does it take to reach and surpass your own expectations? What do you need to do this year, month, week, and day to stay on track? What do you need to do NOW to accomplish your goal? When you know what you have to do, then all that is left is, to do it. You cannot just sit around and expect life to come to you. If you want something then go get it. The time is NOW!

After you have a plan of why you are pursuing your goal, how to reach it and what you have to do; what is left is using your focus to achieve it. Focus on doing whatever it takes to reach your goal. Use your focus daily and be committed to your goal. No excuses, just hard work. By doing little things every day, they will add up to great progress. Your goals may take days, months, or even years but if you stay focused you can accomplish them. The greater the goal, the more focus that is required. While you are acting on what you have to do to accomplish your goal don’t let yourself get distracted. Distractions stall progress. You must learn to maintain your focus and let it grow into a powerful strength

There are many ways to grow your focus, including strength training. You cannot build enough strength to lift 300, 400, 500, 600, 700 or more pounds without increasing focus. It takes hard work to gain strength and a lot of patience. Not everything will come easy. You will be tested many times, but those that prevail will do so with greater focus. Just look around. How many people do you know that are strong enough to lift 500 or more pounds and are not focused? They may not have focus in the same areas as others but they have the ability to focus on any task they are given. Those with increasing strength know dedication, hard work and focus, as that is the “how” in accomplishing their strength goals. 

Another powerful tool to increase your focus is to just relax and let everything else go. It does not matter where you are or what you are doing. Just be in the moment, and let everything else around you fade away. Do not think of your success or failures. Do not think of the noise or other bothers around you. Be relaxed and do not think of anything. Be in that moment. You can do this for 10 seconds, one minute or as long as you need to be able to better focus on the moment. No matter how busy our lives get we always have a minute available to re-focus. When you come back to action, let all the noise of life stay faded away as you focus on accomplishing the task in front of you. Leave the distraction far away while you are in the moment to create change. Focus on the NOW and make this moment the greatest it can be. Have no fear. Do not let emotion take over. Let there be nothing in your mind other than focus.

Focus is the ability to stay on track. The ability to continue towards one goal at a time until you surpass it. Goals are not achieved by mistake. It takes focus to accomplish any goal that is worth writing down. As a final tip, I encourage you to write down your goals and always keep them in mind. Make a list of life goals. Then list long term, or yearly goals. Finally, a list of short term or weekly and daily goals. These can be of any subject; financial, life, educational, strength, or health and fitness. No matter you goals, do not put them off. Make a plan for each goal and start working towards them. Find “why” you want to accomplish these goals. Find “how” you will accomplish them. Find “what” you need to do today to get started and do it. Make your life what you want it to be. Take action and bring about the change you want. It does not matter where you start. What matters is finishing. Set your goals, hone your focus and go get what is yours! When problems arise, welcome them as they make you STRONGer and use your focus to leap over them! No matter what, keep moving forward. Push to the end and never give up!

Strength to You,


Ryan Mathias, CPT

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Be Successful

Succeed Everyday

Creating Your Own Success

Do you set goals? Are you working towards your goals? Have you created your own success?

Do you know how to reach success?

“If you stop after reaching success, then you have failed.”

Success can be small or large, but should never be overlooked. Success is obtained after reaching a goal, or taking steps towards a larger goal. The first step in creating your own success is finding what you want to achieve in life. What are your goals? What does success look like to you? What are your dreams? Whether they are big or small, achieving your own success is your purpose in life. You were put on this earth to be more than average and obtain success in your own way. Now you just have to work towards it.

After creating your goals, the first step in creating your own success is believing you can do it. You MUST believe in yourself in order to have any chance of success. If you want to change the world, then you must believe you can change the world! You have to believe even when it is difficult. No matter how hard it may be to obtain, you have to believe it is attainable. If you do not have a belief in yourself, then you have no chance. Life is not going to just hand itself over to you and give you all you dreamed of. You have to go out and take it. Take what is yours! This is your purpose in life so no one, and nothing can take that away from you. Believe and you can achieve!

Though belief in yourself is the most important piece of success, alone it is not enough to reach your goals. You need a plan. If you do not have a plan, you plan to fail. Your plan does not have to be perfect, extremely detailed or even fully complete. Your plan may be just to reach one small goal at a time on your way to a larger goal, and then re-adjusted from there. Plans should never be set in stone, because things are always changing. Life changes, challenges come up, even goals change.  We must always be able to adjust and keep moving forward. Make a plan, follow it as long as you can, and adjust as needed to keep progressing.

The final step in creating your own success is action. You must take action if you are ever going to achieve your goals. No one ever achieved anything by staying still. You may be pushed backward over and over again, but as long as you push harder forward you will reach your success. From your plan take steps towards your goal everyday. Even small steps will take you to the top of the mountain. Do at least one thing everyday towards your goals and nothing can stop you from achievement. Be determined and stand tall. Even when it gets hard, and you don’t feel like it, do something that moves you towards your goal. Take action today, tomorrow, and everyday until you surpass everything you ever dreamed of! Make progress everyday and be proud of your small accomplishments for they lead to great success.

If you are looking to create your own success in life, ask yourself these 3 questions; Why, How, and What? From your answers you will find your purpose. Belief in yourself is the Why in your goal. Your plan is the How you are going to achieve it. Taking action is your What you are going to do to get there. These are the pieces to your life puzzle. Go now and create your own success, but remember, success lasts for only a moment. After succeeding, it’s time to look for what is next so you always are pushing for more. Now I ask…Why, How, and What are you going to do next?

Keep getting stronger my friends!

Strength to you,

Ryan Mathias, CPT

Owner and Creator

How To Mathias Method


Implementing The Mathias Method and

Optimizing Your Training Program

“The Mathias Method does not change your training program, it improves it!”

The Mathias Method is a System, not a Training Program. It is a Systematic approach to Strength Training that allows you to stay Healthy, Improve your Performance, and get STRONGer, all while moving towards your specific training goals. 

The Mathias Method focuses on Strength, because Strength is the basis for all other training goals. By getting STRONGer it is easier to lose weight, gain weight, look aesthetic, be healthy, decrease injury, move athletically, increase performance, run faster, jump higher and more! By getting STRONGer it is so much faster and easier to obtain these other goals. So, we first focus on improving your strength so that you can better obtain your goals. 

We also emphasize proper movement patterns and lifting technique through the Daily 30 and our Exercise Descriptions.

The Mathias Method Strength System consists of these following parts:

Warm-Up through Active Mobility Techniques

  • Do full Range of Motion movements and stretches to improve your joint function and check how your body feels for that day. If certain areas are in pain or do not function properly then spend some time mobilizing them to improve performance and decrease pain.

Activate the Muscles to be Trained (part of Warm-Up)

  • Use activation techniques to bring blood flow to your soft tissues and ensure that they are firing correctly for optimal performance. This will also help with increasing your neuromuscular proprioception improving muscular function.

Technique Work to Strengthen Weaknesses (part of Warm-Up)

  • Do 3 sets of 5-10 reps with a light weight (<50%) or a bodyweight exercise to improve upon your weaknesses and reinforce proper movement patterns. This is done at the start of every workout so it is not neglected.

Get Stronger through a Main Strength Movement

  • Pick one main exercise that will build the most strength in the areas you are training and do a lot of work with it. Focus on perfecting this movement and increase the intensity slowly over time to continuously improve.

Accessory Work to Build Muscle and Train all Planes of Motion

  • Choose 3-5 other exercises that will improve your main exercise or build up your weaknesses and do a good amount of work with them. Try to make all areas of your body strong by building up the areas your main lifts may neglect or not train hard enough.

Condition Your Body (optional)

  • For athletes or those experienced, utilize conditioning work to strengthen your cardiovascular system so that you can withstand more workloads. Take 10-20 minutes post training, or on non-training days (20-30 minutes), and do exercises that push your cardiovascular system while helping you with your goals. Examples are sprints, jogging, jump rope, sled drags, light training circuits, sport practice, etc. 

Mobilize to Increase Range of Motion

  • Take at lease 10 minutes after every training session and work on improving, or maintaining, your mobility. Choose 2-3 mobility techniques that will help loosen your tight tissues, or recover from your training session, and work them for 2-5 minutes each.

Warm-Ups Described:

First, a proper warm-up to any form of training is vital for optimal performance. The warm-up will better prepare your body to function properly, decreasing the risk of injury, while meeting the demands of the workout. The goal of the warm-up is to better prepare your body to perform safely and optimally. This includes physically raising your body’s skeletal muscle temperature, and improving your oxygen uptake through low-moderate intensity, training specific exercises.

The first part of any warm-up should begin with moving your body through all planes of motion using full Range of Motion. This is a way to help determine how your body is feeling and gives you more insight on what you should do in the following pieces of the warm-up to prepare yourself before adding loads, and helps to increase, or maintain, your joint mobility lessening any potential problems. 

Take your body through all planes of motion that may occur in your training, or all movements that your body can do safely. Control your movements and utilize a full range of motion in order to fully prepare your soft tissues to move efficiently. Some long duration, static stretching movements should be utilized focusing on tight areas of your body in order to relax chronically tight tissues for better performance. For most mobility stretches, hold for 10-30 seconds to help increase your range of motion, and only utilize longer duration stretches for extremely tight tissues. Try not to be static in your stretches, but rather contract and relax or move in and out of tension in order to increase the muscular function with movements. For running and cycling, you may need to only focus on the ankles, knees and hips, while for strength training it will depend upon the exercises in your workout. Some training days may need to only focus on the shoulder and arm joints while some may need to focus on all the joint in the body. If you are unsure, an athlete, or want to improve your entire body’s joint function, then follow our Warm-Up Guide.  

Activation Techniques Described:

The next piece of the warm-up, after going through full range of motion movements and stretches, are the activation techniques. These are techniques utilized to help activate, or turn on, the correct muscles for the workout. This will help teach your body to fire the correct muscles and make sure they are working efficiently. It is best to use light weight, or bodyweight, movements to bring blood to the proper tissues without overly fatiguing them. The goal is to stimulate the muscles and improve their neuromuscular function to improve performance

Activation drills are specific to each training session’s main movement. The activation drills include balance training to improve neuromuscular proprioception, or muscle activation, and joint stability. Both mobility to improve positioning and the activation drills to teach proper muscle activity will better prepare your body to perform optimally and make you STRONGer. To view Activation Technique Examples go to Warm-Ups.

Technique Work Described:

Exercise Technique is a crucial part of any movement based training program. Without proper technique your body will learn improper movement patterns that can hold back your strength and cause injury. Technique is so important that it should be worked on every time you start a training session. This is still part of your warm-up and therefore only light weights (<50%) or bodyweight should be utilized. The focus is on improving your movement pattern by utilizing perfect form, under controlled movements. Knowing your main lift, or exercise, of the training session, pick a related exercise that you need to improve upon, or that works on your weaknesses. This may even be the main lift, just done with much lighter weight to improve your form. Choose an exercise that will help you improve upon your weaknesses and do 3 sets of 5-10 repetitions while focusing on perfecting your movement pattern. If you are not sure the correct way to perform a lift check out our Main Lifts Page.

These are the first exercises listed on each training day. The main goals of these exercises are to prepare your body for the more intense work ahead, build up weaknesses and increase work capacity. The exercise you select should be one that both requires similar mobility as the main exercise of the day, and is a weakness for you. Choose something you are not good at; such as a front squat, low box squat, close grip bench press, incline bench press or military press. It can be anything that utilizes the same muscles as your main movement. This exercise should be done with the relatively light weight (<50%) every time you do it and completed with perfect form. You should do only 3 sets with only 5-10 reps, or as many as you can do without getting fatigued or lose perfect form. Again, the goals are to improve the motion of this exercise and better prepare your body for the work ahead, not to pre-fatigue those muscles.

Get STRONGer Described:

Every training session needs a Main Exercise, lift or movement. It is the focus point of the workout and the reason you are training for that day. All of the training before and after these lifts is set to better improve the main exercise

The main exercise should be a standard motion that improves performance in your chosen sport. This can be any movement that makes you STRONGer. It should be something that builds the most overall strength. It can be a power lift like squat, bench press, deadlift, a close variation or something like sprints for running. It just needs to be helpful for you to build the strength necessary to be better at what you want to be better at. 

You should also do the most amount of work with this particular exercise. If you want to get good at something, then you need to do it a lot. You should spend the most time on this exercise and try to perfect it while still pushing forward. Try to increase the overall workload or weight every few weeks so that you never stop progressing. For detailed information on how to execute this main movement go to our Main Lifts Page

Accessory Work Described:

You are only as strong as your weakest link, and accessory work is used to build up your weaknesses. Accessory work trains your body through all planes of motion so that you can build full body strength and have no weaknesses. It trains the areas that your main lift may not be able to target as effectively. For your accessory work, choose 3-5 exercises that help build up your main lift, or train areas that it does not, and do a good amount of work with each. Use moderate weight and do as many sets and reps as it takes to improve before moving on. For  more on Accessory Work look on our Accessory Work Page

Conditioning Described:

Conditioning is any form of work that improves your cardiovascular health and total work capacity while assisting with the goals of training. Some examples of conditioning are; jogging, sprints, jump rope, battle ropes, light circuit training, a daily WOD, sled dragging, or just manual labor. Conditioning is meant to increase the ability for your body to withstand work and become stronger. If you have low cardiovascular health and little muscular endurance then the amount of work your body can withstand is greatly diminished, along with your ability to become STRONGer.

Conditioning is not necessary until an advanced level of training, but can be used by beginner and intermediate lifters if desired. Conditioning should be performed 2-4 times per week for 10-20 minutes at a time. You may utilize high intensity interval training (HIIT) or moderate intensity steady state training. With high intensity intervals, work to rest should be at a 1:1 or 1:2 ratio. For moderate intensity steady state conditioning, the body should stay in motion throughout the entire time with little to no resistance in order to sustain a raised heart rate during the time used. It is most optimal to do conditioning immediately after completing a training session, just before mobility. This will add to the work already done in the session and allow for the greatest increase in muscular advancement. Conditioning can also be done on non-training days if preferred, but should then be done for 20-30 minutes. Remember, conditioning is meant to condition your body, not break it down beyond what your body can repair before the next training session. Use relatively light loads and just keep moving.

Mobility Described:

Mobility is an often neglected, but extremely important, part of any training program. Mobility allows you to improve your joint and muscle function so that you are less likely to have injury occur. By taking your joints and muscles through their normal, Full Range of Motion you will help to improve and maintain their function. Mobility is your body maintenance to keep you pain free and healthy.

A healthy joint and muscle must be both strong and flexible. If there is too much strength without flexibility then there is a higher potential for ligament, muscle and joint tears. If there is too much flexibility without enough strength then the joint is unstable and has a higher potential for dislocation. Therefore, to maintain a high level of performance there must be strength and flexibility throughout the body.

The mobility before a training session is utilized to improve positioning and better prepare the muscles to perform at their highest level. However, if you have specific muscles that prevent you from getting into the proper position needed for optimal performance, then these muscles should be fully mobilized both before and after training with active stretching and massaging techniques (foam rolling).

The time spent after a training session to mobilize should focus on, but not be limited too, the muscles used during the session just completed. If a joint or muscle has proper alignment and range of motion, then do not focus on it. Focus on mobilizing short and tight muscles to better improve range of motion. Each post-training mobility technique should be utilized for a minimum of 2 minutes on each muscle to create lasting change.

Mobility can also be replaced by yoga or any other activity that improves your body’s ability to move as intended without pain, such as rolling out soft tissues. It is most optimal to mobilize right after a training session, but it can also be done on non-training days. The goal is to get at least 30-40 minutes of mobilization done weekly to enhance your recovery and performance. That is just 10 minutes 3-4 times per week.

…and that’s how you Mathias Method! You simply apply this system to your training program to get the most out of it. The Mathias Method does not change your training program, it improves it so that you are always getting stronger! 

To view FREE Mathias Method Strength Training Programs that apply this system to it’s fullest potential, click the link below. We have Strength Training Programs that range from beginner to elite. They help anyone from a sedentary lifestyle, to elite lifters, or anyone in-between to get stronger. 


Strength to You,


Ryan Mathias, CPT

Owner and Creator of the Mathias Method

Strength to Change the World

Strength to Change the World. What is it? Do you have it? How do you get it? How can you help others get it? Why do you want it? Why change the world? 


Having the strength to change the world is having the strength to do anything. It is the strength to pursue any desire, blow through any challenge and accomplish any goal. It is the strength to push forward no matter the challenges. It is the strength to build up others and lead the world into a better place than you first found it. It is exactly what it says it is…the strength to change the world. The only person that can tell you whether you have that strength or not is YOU. If you have to question whether or not you have it, then you do not have it, yet.

To gain the strength to change the world and give it to others there are 6 things that you need. If any one of these things is missing, then you cannot change anything. There are many ways in which you can gain these 6 characteristics, one of which is through training your body to become stronger. Through training you can find passion and purpose for something. Building your strength will build your self confidence. If you can focus on training your body to become better then you can put that same focus towards accomplishing your life goals. By dedicating yourself to training weekly, you will learn to apply self-discipline to all areas of your life. By bettering yourself you will help to encourage others to better themselves, and as your training matures, so too will your character.

As time goes on, the world is continuously changing in many ways. Some of those ways are good while others are bad. So you can accept the road that life gives you or you can make your own path for others to follow. Rather than life running you over, you can take life for a ride and make the change you want to see. Make the happiness you want. You can be whatever you want to be. You can be a world leader. You can be a difference maker. You can be a world changer. If you accept the challenge, here are the 6 things you will need:

  1. Purposeful Passion- You must have a purpose as to why you want change. It is the reason behind what you want to accomplish. Without a purpose there is no reason for change. You should not have to display your purpose on your chest for others, but rather know it for yourself. Always keep your purpose in mind. This purpose must be your passion. If you are not passionate about something then you are not doing it for yourself. This may sound selfish but you do not help others for them. You help others for yourself. You have a passion for it. You do not just “want” to help others; you “need” to help others. Your passion is the same. It is something that you have to do for yourself. You have an inner calling that will not let you do otherwise. Your passion is your self-motivation for the things you do. Keep your passion close and always remember your purpose.
  2. Self-Confidence- You must first believe in yourself before anyone else will believe in you. You must have confidence in your mind everywhere you go. You must believe you can change the world. If you do not believe you can change the world, then you are right; you cannot change anything. Of course we must remain humble on our journey but believing in yourself will help inspire others to believe in you and them. Believe that you are strong. Believe that you have what it takes. Believe you can fight through the challenges. Believe in your passions. Keep your head up and believe you can change the world. No matter what, believe in yourself.
  3. Focus- It takes a lot of FOCUS to change the world. It takes a lot of focus to change anything. You must be able to focus your entire life on the goals you have and block out anything holding you back. Focus your life around the change you want to make. While doing this, rather than shut out everyone and everything else, bring them all together. Integrate your goals with your family, career and other activities. Let everyone and everything join in your focus to lessen the impact and bring in valuable resources of change. Allow your many resources to help you break through challenges and encourage you on your journey for change. Let your focus stay narrow on your target, but allow everything as a whole to help you.
  4. Consistent Dedication- To change the world you must be consistent and stay dedicated. Great change requires dedication every day. It takes a lot of patience and hard work to make change. Be consistently focused and dedicated to your cause. Do something every day that will bring you one step closer to your goal. Even small steps will add up to a mile. Choose to do at least one thing every day that will make a difference.
  5. HELP- You cannot change the world by yourself. We all need help. With your passionate purpose, self-confidence, focus and consistent dedication find others that believe in what you believe. Help them and they will help you. Come together to make change. Build your strength and lead others to find theirs. Help others to change the world with you. Find strength in numbers and include everyone.
  6. Strength- Do you have to be strong enough to lift enormous amounts of weight to change the world? No. Strength to change the world has nothing to do with your physical abilities. You must have strength of character to change the world. The strength to take life’s punches and get back up every time you are knocked down. The strength to stand up for what you believe in. The strength to keep pushing forward even while others attempt to hold you back. You must be strong enough to accept the challenges you are presented. You must have the strength to take responsibility for your mistakes and look to yourself on how to fix them. Keep the strength to persevere through the long and hard times. You must be able to hold your character through the good and bad. You must be strong enough to hold the weight of the world and raise it. You must be strong enough to change the world no matter what stands in your way.

If you remember your purpose, believe in yourself, are focused on your goal, maintain consistent dedication, help others to help your cause and hold your strength of character then you can change the world. You have the strength to do anything. You can lead this world into a better place. You can take on any challenge. No one is going to do it for you, though. If you accept the challenge, then start today. Right now! No matter your current position in life, you can change it. Better yourself everyday to better others. Find who you are and what you stand for. Find what you believe in and hold to it. Life is not going to just come to you. You have to go take it on. You will likely make many mistakes and be pushed around but always remember your strength. You are strong enough to change the world so nothing can stop you! You may not do it the right way, but at least you did it your way and that should be good enough. So now I challenge you to start your journey, right now. I challenge you to make change. Just remember, you cannot change the world without motivating others to change around you. You cannot motivate others to change unless you change yourself. You cannot change yourself without first believing in yourself. I believe you can do it, but it doesn’t matter what I believe. You have to believe in yourself.

If you need direction or help email your questions and concerns to:

Strength to you,

Ryan Mathias, CPT

2017 State of the Mathias Method

Today is the 1 Year Anniversary of the Mathias Method!

strength world white logo



State of the Mathias Method

The First Year

What have we been up to this year? How is the Mathias Method doing? How are we changing the world?

“Do at least one thing everyday to work towards your goals.”

Mathias_Method_Logo_11 BIG
Mathias Method

The idea and goal of creating the Mathias Method began on December 25th, 2015 (Christmas Day). I had been searching for answers as to what I wanted to do in life for a while, and all I could think of was “Change the World”. I wanted, and still want too, change the world, but at the time I did not have a “how”. How was I going to change the world that is changing on its own so rapidly? I had already accomplished a lot, and was less than a year away from graduating college with a Degree in Exercise Science. Still I had no plan of how I was going to utilize my knowledge and experience. I began doubting myself, and was not sure that I had the strength to change the world. Then it hit me! I knew what I wanted to do! I wanted to help others by sharing with them my knowledge of how to grow STRONGer, and make a difference in their lives! I wanted to help others change their world in order to change the world. With that in mind the plans for the Mathias Method were born!

I began that day by writing down all the different programs, that you see as Levels 1-8 on which teach people how to grow STRONGer from beginner levels all the way through competitive strength sports. That same day I also put together the Daily 30, which teaches people to commit to themselves everyday, and always be moving forward towards their goals. I have now done the Daily 30 everyday since equating to 447 days in a row at the time this article comes out. I even did the first drawings of our Mathias Method Logo with all of its colors that same day, alongside the help of my family. I dove in head first as soon as the ideas popped into my head and have never turned back.

Since that day I have done at least one thing everyday towards obtaining my goals. There have been many late nights, frustrations, and set backs, but I have also obtained a lot of help from others to get to this point. Almost nothing has been easy, but if it was easy then it would not be so special. Creating this Brand has been a full time job that has taken hours out of everyday, but it’s what I love to do. I love creating something and helping others.

All of the hard work has been paying off. We began with opening our online strength, health and fitness website on March 16th, 2016. This website has FREE information and programs that teach you how to grow STRONGer no matter where you start from. Since the initial release date we have added tons of new pages and information that will continue to grow as we do. The Brand has grown slowly over the last year and in early July 2016 we became an official Licensed Business (Mathias Method). This gave us the opportunity to expand our growth and lead to our products growth. We started our own Clothing Brand (STRONGer Store) which will soon be released as a full online store later this month. Also, on January 16th, 2017, 10 months after the initial release of the Mathias Method, we started a strength team known as Team STRONGer. This is a group of individuals who all train within the same environment under the one goal of getting STRONGer. We help each other grow as individuals by growing the team which now has 14 members and counting. The Mathias Method Brand has accomplished a lot over this initial year and we have great plans moving forward.

I am greatly appreciative of all the help that I have been given from my supporters, friends and family. Without the help of others we may not have even made it off the ground. I will continue to help and motivate others to make a difference in their lives in order to change their world. With that in mind I will leave you with this…choose your goals and do at least one thing everyday that keeps you moving towards them. If you do one thing everyday towards your goals, no matter how small, it will lead to great success. I am working towards changing the world. What is your goal? Stay strong and keep getting STRONGer my friends!

Strength to you,

Ryan Mathias, CPT

Owner and Creator

Special thanks to:

My Family, Team Mathias

-For supporting and helping me everyday in order to build this Brand.

Elliott Hulse of StrengthCamp

-You taught me so much and inspired me to seek out the help of others.

Mark Bell of SuperTrainingGym

-You taught me how to get strong and continue to motivate me to get better.

Robert Kiyosaki of Rich Dad Poor Dad

-You taught me to be smart about money and made it so that I could make the Mathias Method a reality.

Why? How? What?

Mathias_Method_Logo_11 BIG
Mathias Method


We are often asked why, how and what in regards to the Mathias Method. This is what we tell them…



Why do you do what you do for the Mathias Method? Why we do it is to Change The World. We want to make a difference in people’s lives so that they have the strength to change the world, whether that be their world, or ours.



How do we achieve this goal of changing the world? We do this by simply motivating and helping others to get STRONGer. This can be physically STRONGer or just a STRONGer mindset. We want people to be motivated to make their world a better place by being healthier, more focused and have an increased sense of purpose in there world. If each individual is STRONGer, then the entire world is then STRONGer as a whole.



What is the Mathias Method and what do we do? The Mathias Method is a systematic approach to strength training where we teach you everything you need to know to grow Stronger in every way. That is also, simply what we do. We teach others to grow Stronger with FREE information, motivation and help so that they have all the tools needed for their Strength journey to Change the World.

Check out our eBook:

mathias method strength system ebook
The Mathias Method STRENGTH SYSTEM:

Optimize Your Training And Become A Complete Strength Athlete

  • Everything you need to get stronger!
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So no matter what your place may be in this world, make yourself grow stronger in every way you need. That can be physically, emotionally or just mentally. Think highly of yourself, but be humble. Be confident and focused enough to achieve your goals and always push for more. Never settle and always help others on your journey to Change the World!


Strength to You,

Ryan J. Mathias, CPT