Bodyweight Squat

The Paleo Bodyweight Squat

How to do the Perfect Bodyweight Squat

full depth bodyweight squat paleo exercise

  1. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and toes straight or turned out slightly.
  2. Clench your feet into the ground as if they were eagle claws (creating a slight arch in your foot) and externally rotate (twist) your knees out during the entire movement while bracing your glutes and core.
  3. Begin the motion by pushing your hips back 3 inches and leaning forward slightly, then open your hips and descending straight down into a full-depth bodyweight squat, bending your knees and hips at the same time. (Note: Only go as deep as you can while keeping your heels down)
  4. Pause at the bottom position for two-seconds before reversing the motion to stand erect.

Make sure that your knee moves in line with your toes during the entire range of motion! Don’t let them cave in, as this is a dangerous knee position.

Also, focus on having your hips go back and down, then forward and up.

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  • Increased gastrointestinal health,
  • spinal decompression,
  • improved muscular function,
  • proper joint movement,
  • and hip, knee and ankle flexibility.

Tip: If you lack the flexibility to go into a full-depth bodyweight squat comfortably then hold onto a solid object for stability and stay in the bottom position for an extended time (5-10 minutes) in order to gain flexibility.


  • Teach proper squatting mechanics,
  • improve blood flow,
  • improve mobility,
  • alleviate muscle and joint pain,
  • and increases overall health and fitness.
Prime Movers – Most Active Muscles
  • Quadriceps (Legs),
  • Glutes (Hips),
  • Hamstrings (Legs)

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