Everyday You Have A Choice To Make

Everyday You Have A Choice To Make

Every day we are presented with choices. Choices that we may not even know about, yet they are still present. We have a choice every day to continue along our path to greatness or wander off the path to do something easier.

We all have goals that we want to achieve, yet we may not always “feel like” working towards them. The fact is, achieving any goal is hard. That is why there is such a sense of accomplishment when you are done, and the feeling is great.

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Still, it is much easier to go do the things you “feel like” doing instead of working towards your goal.

However, the longer you wait to work towards your goal, the harder it is to start. So you just have to START! It is not going to get easier and there is not going to be a better time. 

There is no time like the present, to start changing your world!

Whatever it is that you wish to achieve in your life, start right now!

Right now is the time to make the right choice and start working towards your goals! Even if you have just 5 minutes right now, and everyday, start working towards your goals!

If you just do one thing to work towards your goal each and every day, you can accomplish anything. The time is going to pass anyway, so you might as well use it to your advantage.

By simply doing one thing every day, you will soon reach the mountain top! 

That is how I started my business! In my “FREE time” when I wasn’t working, going to school, and preparing for my powerlifting competitions, I would make sure I forced myself to do at least one thing every day to build my business.

In that time, I created my websites (MathiasMethod.com and StrengthWorld.store), I improved my health with the Daily 30, I wrote this, and all my other books! Yeah, I gave up sleep and things were hard at first.

For the first few months, I did most of my work between 10:00p.m. and 1:00a.m. almost every night. That was my only “FREE time”, but eventually, as I got into the groove of working towards my goal every day, things got easier.

Sometimes I would work for a few minutes while other times I would work for hours, but no matter what, I did something every day and started to make my dreams come true. And so can YOU!

Do what you must to succeed, whether you feel like it or not.

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