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“I may fail the first time, but I will never fail the last time.”

Failure is one of the best ways to learn how to truly succeed. It is what you do after falling down that that truly shows what you stand for.


The Mathias Method Strength System:

  1. Warm-Up through active mobility techniques
  2. Activate the muscles to be trained (part of Warm-Up)
  3. Technique Work to bring up weaknesses (part of Warm-Up)
  4. Get STRONGer through a main power movement
  5. Accessory Work to build muscle and train all planes of motion
  6. Condition your body
  7. Mobilize to increase range of motion

The Mathias Method is a Strength Training System that teaches you how to train optimally in order to get the most out of every training session. It combines multiple training philosophies into one optimal strength training system, adaptable to any sport or goal. We encourage proper movement patterns to help you become STRONGer, healthier and to move better. The Mathias Method will help you gain the strength, confidence, and focus necessary to make your life and this world a better place, while motivating others to do the same.

Training Principles          How to Warm-Up          Exercise Descriptions          Mobility         

What makes the Mathias Method Different?

  • Focuses on Strength, making other Goals more Attainable
  • Designed to Improve Overall Health and Performance
  • Uses Basic and the Most Effective Exercises
  • Teaches Proper Movement Patterns
  • Can be applied to Any Sport or Training Goal
  • Adaptable to All other Programs
  • For all training Levels, Beginner to Elite


There are 9 Levels (0-8) structured to teach anyone from sedentary individuals to elite level strength athletes, how they can become STRONGer. Each Level presents new challenges in an attempt to build strength of knowledge, strength of the body and strength of character.

 The Mathias Method Will Help You…

  • Commit to Yourself with the Daily 30
  • Dominate Your Goals
  • Reach Your Dreams
  • Set the Bar Higher
  • Help Others Grow STRONGer
  • Change Your Life!Mathias_Method_Logo_11 BIG


  • Success
  • Total Body Control
  • Weight Management
  • Injury Prevention
  • Proper Movement Patterns
  • and Never Plateau!

Increase Your:

  • Self-Confidence
  • Health
  • Knowledge
  • Metabolism
  • General Physical Preparedness (GPP)
  • Structural Integrity
  • and Overall Athleticism!


  • Strength of a Powerlifter
  • Muscle of a Bodybuilder
  • Conditioning of an Athlete
  • Explosiveness of an Olympic Lifter
  • Mobility to Move Freely and
  • Focus of a Champion!

Develop Complete Strength and Become the STRONGest Person You Know, In Every Way!!!

The Mathias Method is a system that can adapt to any training schedule, sport or goal. You will have strength in all areas, enabling you to pursue anything your heart desires. By following the Mathias Method, you will gain the strength needed to change the world!

  Start your Training NOW: What Level Am I?

Mathias Method Optimal Weekly Training Schedule:

Day 1- Heavy Squat/Deadlift Training

Day 2- Rest/ Recover

Day 3- Heavy Olympic Lift/ Bench Press Training

Day 4- Rest/ Recover

Day 5- Light (Dynamic) Squat/ Deadlift Training

Day 6- Light (Dynamic) Bench Press Training

Day 7- Rest/ Recover

**The Daily 30 is meant to be performed at least once everyday for ALL levels**

The Daily 30

DOWNLOAD-The Daily 30

Level 0-Ground Zero (First Experience)

Level 0-First Steps

Level 1-The Basics (Beginner)

4X Week (Gold):          Level 1-Beginner                         Level 1-Beginner DETAILED

3X Week (Silver):        Level 1B-Beginner                      Level 1B-Beginner DETAILED

2X Week (Bronze):     Level 1C-Beginner                       Level 1C-Beginner DETAILED

Level 2-Expanding the Base (Beginner 2.0)

Level 2-Beginner 2.0                    Level 2- Beginner 2.0 DETAILED

Level 3-Doubling the Work (Intermediate)

Level 3-Intermediate                     Level 3-Intermediate DETAILED

Level 4-Becoming Explosive (Intermediate)

Level 4-Intermediate                     Level 4-Intermediate DETAILED

Level 5-Variation (Advanced)

Level 5-Advanced                    Level 5-Advanced DETAILED                    Level 5-Advanced QUICKVIEW

Level 6-New Stimulus (Advanced)

Level 6-Advanced                    Level 6-Advanced DETAILED                    Level 6-Advanced QUICKVIEW

Level 7-Elite (Elite)

Level 7-Elite                   Level 7-Elite DETAILED                    Level 7-Elite QUICKVIEW


Sport Specific Programs



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