Powerlifting Programs

Powerlifting Programs

All Strength Training and Powerlifting Programs are based on the Legendary Mathias Method Strength System and follow our Strength Principles!

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New Programs

how to squat 500 lbs bookUltimate SQUAT Powerlifting Program – NEW!

Everything you need to know about the King of All Exercises!

Includes a 12 Week Squat Program, Workouts, common Squat mistakes and how to fix them, and so much more in this nearly 100-page master guide!

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how to bench press more weight book Ultimate BENCH PRESS Powerlifting Program – NEW!

Everything you need to know about building a BIG Bench!

Includes a 12 Week Bench Press Program, Workouts, common Bench Press mistakes and how to fix them, and so much more in this nearly 100-page master guide!

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how to deadlift 600 lbs book Ultimate DEADLIFT Powerlifting Program – NEW!

Everything you need to know about the Deadlift! – includes Sumo Deadlift!

Includes a 12 Week Deadlift Program, Workouts, common Deadlift mistakes and how to fix them, and so much more in this nearly 100-page master guide!

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how to lift more weight series All 3 Powerlifting Programs

Everything you need to know about building the BIG 3!

Includes three 12 Week Powerlifting Programs, Workouts, common lifting mistakes and how to fix them, and so much more in these nearly 100-page master guides!

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Popular Programs

base of strength training programBase Of Strength: Muscle and Strength Program

For anyone, from absolute beginner to advanced Strength Warrior, that wants to build some solid muscle and serious strength!

No tricks or supplements. Just straight up smart programming and hard work.

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RAW Powerlifting Mass Program

strength warrior deadlift uspa

A complete 12-Week Competition Prep Training Program.

This program utilizes volume work on light training days to increase the lifter’s overall size and muscular development. This is the best choice for beginner-intermediate level competitors that are working their way into the sport of powerlifting.

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RAW Powerlifting Power Program

raw powerlifting squat

A complete 12-Week Competition Prep Training Program with Dynamic Speed Work instead of Repetition Work.

This program utilizes Dynamic Effort Training (speed work) on light training days to build up a lifter’s overall strength and power without increasing body weight. This is best used with elite level lifters that are near or at a highly competitive level.

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natural bodybuilding man posing

Natural Bodybuilding Training Program

This is an offseason bodybuilding program that helps to build strength and size simultaneously. You will also learn some NEW bodybuilding techniques that will add to your development.

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More Strength Training Programs


Basic Linear Periodization Program

stronger coach ryan mathias squat 545This is a basic linear periodization program for weight training beginners.

Linear Periodization is a programming style that gradually increases intensity while decreasing volume over time.

This style of training has proven effective in all stages of training. This program is especially great for beginners, because of its simplicity and effectiveness.

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Simple Home Bodyweight Workout

the daily 30 fitness challengeTrain anywhere, anytime with this simple Bodyweight Workout Program!

Learn how to move properly to build strength, decrease pain, and prevent injury, at home or in the gym!

Great for men, women, and children of all strength levels!

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Mathias Method Strength Training Programs

Strength training is a life-long journey in which you are constantly progressing and learning new ways to build the body you’ve always wanted!

The following programs take you step-by-step through your entire Strength Journey, teaching you everything you need to know about how to become the strongest you can be!

These are the same programs that I, Ryan J. Mathias, used to go from totally out of shape to the level I am today!

Beginner Programs

Beginner Programs for those starting their Strength Journey!

  • Level 0 – Ground Zero
    • These are your first steps into the world of becoming healthier and stronger.
    • If you have little to no current physical exercise this is the place to start.
  • Level 1 – The Basics
    • This is a beginner level program for anyone who has never been to the gym before.
    • Presented is a 13+ week program for anyone who has little to no resistance training experience.
  • Level 2 – Expanding the Base
    • This is a beginning weights program for anyone with a strong physical activity background.

Intermediate Programs

Intermediate programs for those who have some training experience, and are ready for more!

  • Level 3 – Doubling the Work
    • This program is for those who have been weight training for at least 6-12 months and are ready to push forward.
  • Level 4 – Becoming Explosive
    • This is a program for those who already have built a significant amount of strength and are ready to put that strength to use through explosive training. 

Advanced Programs

Advanced Programs for those who are ready to take things to the next level of strength!

  • Level 5 – Adding Variation
    • This program level is only for advanced athletes who are very strong and have significant explosive power.
  • Level 6 – New Stimulus
    • This program is designed for highly advanced lifters who have years of strength training experience and are looking for something new to keep progress moving forward. 

Elite Powerlifting Programs

Elite Powerlifting Programs made for those that are competitive in strength sports!

Create Your Own Strength Planmathias method strength guide

Create your own workouts and workout plan using our proven strength system!

You can design your workouts any way you want to fit your needs!

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