The Daily 30 Bodyweight Workout Routine

The Daily 30 Bodyweight Workout Routine

The Daily 30 is a revolutionary daily Bodyweight Workout Routine that teaches you how to move properly to Build Strength, Prevent Injury, and Decrease Pain!

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“This simple program is a life changer! I can’t thank you enough!”

— George, Pain-Free Customer

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What is the Daily 30?

The Daily 30 is a basic daily Bodyweight Workout Routine designed to teach anyone how to use proper movement patterns for strength; the way our bodies were designed to move.

This is crucial to relieve pain and prevent injury in everything that you do! Just by doing this simple bodyweight workout routine, it will improve your strength and how you feel every day for the rest of your life, guaranteed!

Take the Daily 30 Challenge!

Whether you choose to use this as a bodyweight warm-up before your workout, or as a workout in itself, you will absolutely benefit from this as your strength will go up and your body will thank you! 

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The best part is anyone can do it!

If my 85-year-old friend (with a pacemaker and knee replacement) and my 2-year-old nephew can do it, so can you!

Whether you are a Powerlifter (like me), a child in PE class, a stay at home parent, a desk-bound employee, or are just too busy to maintain a regular workout schedule, this is for YOU!

Everyone needs to move more, and learn how to move correctly!

Do this daily bodyweight workout routine at home with the whole family, in the office, or even while traveling! It is always the perfect time and place, to get fit and learn how to move properly for strength!

“The Daily 30 has honestly Changed My World, and continues to do so, each and every day!”

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Start your Strength Journey today! Join the thousands of people The Daily 30 Bodyweight Workout Routine has already helped today, and take the first step on the road to a stronger, healthier, happier you!

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What are the benefits of the Daily 30?

The Daily 30 Bodyweight Workout Routine was made to help anyone stick to their strength, health and fitness goals by developing the self-discipline they need to succeed.

Along with developing self-discipline, there are many physical benefits of the Daily 30…

The main physical benefit of doing the Daily 30 properly on a regular basis is increased neuromuscular proprioception, also known as the “mind-muscle” connection.

This teaches your body proper movement patterns by stimulating the correct muscles while going through normal and compromised ranges of motion.

By gaining this increased muscle activation your body will better be able to protect itself from injury caused by both improper repetitive motion and quick reflexive action.

Other valuable benefits of the Daily 30 are:Daily 30 Bodyweight Exercise Routine 3

  • Increased Mobility
  • Spinal Decompression
  • Joint Stabilization
  • Increased Body Control
  • Improved Gastrointestinal Health
  • Improved Blood Flow Circulation
  • Base Level Muscular Strength
  • Joint Health
  • Improved Posture and
  • Builds Core Stabilization.

We challenge you to put these claims to the test and complete the Daily 30 Bodyweight Workout Routine challenge here: The Daily 30 Challenge


Prove Yourself

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Prove Yourself, to Yourself, for Yourself because self-respect is the most valuable thing you can earn and use.


Who is the Daily 30 Bodyweight Workout Routine for?

  • Everyone! The Daily 30 is made for anyone and everyone! Everyone can benefit from improving their functional movement patterns, increased neuromuscular proprioception, general strength and all the other benefits this daily bodyweight workout routine provides.
  • Children can utilize it as a way to develop their body’s strength and movement patterns from a young age.
  • Teens can use it to help maintain their strength and mobility as their bodies grow.
  • Adults can use it to stay active throughout the day while on break at work to increase body function or as an hourly active stretching routine to rejuvenate between long sitting sessions.
  • Seniors can use it as their daily activity to feel better, decrease pain and get in some beneficial exercise.
  • Anyone can use it as a way to train at home (when done for multiple rounds), or while on the road traveling.
  • Strength athletes and all others can, and should, use it as part of their warm-up before a workout session, which will reinforce proper lifting technique while preparing their body’s for the intense training they are about to do.

You can even use it as a form of rehabilitation from injured or dysfunctioning muscle groups.

The Daily 30 Bodyweight Workout Routine is simple and can be used by anyone to help improve their health and get stronger.

So go get started today, and remember to have your friends and family join in!

Teaching the Daily 30 Bodyweight Workout Routine

What is the Purpose of the Daily 30?

The main purpose of the Daily 30 Bodyweight Workout Routine is to keep you dedicated to your health and fitness goals through the self-discipline it takes to do it each and every day.

There will be many days that you don’t “feel like” doing the Daily 30, the same as you don’t always “feel like” doing everything else that is needed for you to be successful in life.

However, by doing the Daily 30 each and every day, no matter how you feel, you will remind yourself to always stay focused on your goals and take steps towards them every day.

Just by doing one simple act every day, you can start to change your world, because every small act done towards a specific goal will lead you to success.

So take action and start changing your world every day, no matter how you feel. Stay focused, maintain self-discipline, and Change Your World!

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