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Stronger In Minutes | Home Bodyweight Workout Routine

Stronger In Minutes

We all want to get strong, lean, and fit. But we don’t all have the time we need to go to the gym or run around doing cardio classes. Well, now you don’t have too! Stronger In Minutes is the perfect every day home bodyweight workout routine for beginners to get fitter, leaner, and stronger in just minutes a day!

A Workout anywhere, anytime! Just set a timer and go to work at your own pace!

All you need to get started is:

A Home Bodyweight Workout Routine for Beginners

You need something fast, that fits your schedule and does not take away from other parts of your day.

One of the greatest difficulties with exercise for most people is time and equipment. Many of us have long, hard days, full of work, caring for your family, and our beloved T.V. shows that leave little time for any extra activity.

The last thing we are thinking of on these days is our health and doing exercise. Some of you may be progressive and take the occasional walk or staircase climb, but we should know by now that that does not actually create any needed changes to your health.

You need something fast, that fits your schedule and does not take away from other parts of your day. Well, as our Motto says, “If you can Change Your World, you can Change The World”, and we are here to start changing yours.

So, that is why we made this home bodyweight workout routine for beginners. To help fit fitness into your life, making fitness a lifestyle for you and your family!

All you need is some floor space, a timer, and the Daily 30 Bodyweight Strength Training Guide to guide you!

Try it today and you will feel great, guaranteed! 

The Daily 30 Bodyweight Exercise Routine

The Daily 30 Bodyweight Exercise Routine has already helped thousands of men, women, children, and teens just like you:

  • Get Stronger
  • Lose Body Fat
  • Improve Mobility
  • Recover Faster
  • Increase Muscular Fitness
  • Decrease Muscle and Joint Pain—Naturally
  • and so much more!

Take our 30 Day Challenge to find out for yourself!

The Daily 30 Bodyweight Exercise Routine is a simple, fast and effective Bodyweight Exercise Routine that combines only the most effective Bodyweight Strength Training Exercises into an easy-to-follow Full Body Workout!

The best part is, anyone can do it; children, teens, men, women, and even seniors! You can do it with your family, while you’re watching kids, during your favorite T.V. shows, or throughout the day as a short break from stressful work.

This makes it the perfect home bodyweight workout routine for beginners that want to get strong, lean and fit—fast! Do it anywhere, anytime! And it only takes a few minutes every day!

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The Daily 30 Bodyweight Exercises

One round of the Daily 30 Bodyweight Exercise Routine consists of the following 3 exercises performed for 10 repetitions each.

Standard Version:

  1. Paleo Squat
  2. Push-Up
  3. Prone Cobra

*You can always add more Bodyweight Exercises. However, never skip over or vary from these 3 base movements.

Modified Version:

  1. Assisted Paleo Squat
  2. Decline Push-Ups
  3. Standing Prone Cobra

This modified version is for those that are injured or unable to perform the standard version due to other limitations. 

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The Stronger In Minutes Workout

Finally!!! You can start getting stronger anywhere, anytime in just a few short minutes!

This is a home bodyweight workout routine that you can do anywhere, anytime, and at your own intensity. It can easily fit into your life and will help you get stronger, leaner, and fitter!

Simply evaluate how much time you have and use every minute of it to improve your health! If you have 5, 10, 15, 20, or even 30 minutes, then set a timer and do as many rounds of the Daily 30 Bodyweight Exercise Routine as you can.

Try to do a minimum of 1 round per minute, resting only as needed. If you need more rest, then catch your breath and keep going. If you can handle the intensity, then push your self to go faster and do even more with less rest.

The key is you have to push yourself. The more you put in the more you will get out. So, work hard and always strive for progress!

This home bodyweight workout routine should be done 3-6 days per week. Try to do a minimum of 50 minutes of total work every week.

Bodyweight Workout Details

What makes this bodyweight workout routine so effective is its simplicity. You are only doing the most effective and basic bodyweight exercises that are bodies are designed to do every single day. Nothing fancy or too hard for beginners. Just what works!

Also, as you switch between upper and lower body exercises your heart will have to work extra hard to circulate the blood to these peripheral areas, adding to your metabolic demands. This will help to improve your heart function, blood flow, and cardiovascular conditioning with minimal work.

Scale the intensity of the exercises as needed to complete each with proper form. If your strength is holding you back from continuing the workout you may also hold a low squat position or the top push-up position for a count of 10 to continue the workout.

Get Started Today!

This is a very simple and easy home bodyweight workout that will help you get strong, fit, and lean all at once! Plus, you will gain physical and mental strength while relieving any built-up stress.

Again, all you need to get started is:

Then you’re all set! So go get the guide and set that timer today! 

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The 3 Best Bodyweight Exercises Anyone Can Do

The 3 Best Bodyweight Exercises Anyone Can Do At Home

These are the 3 Best Bodyweight Exercises anyone can do at home or in the gym; to get stronger, burn fat, build muscle, prevent injury, lose weight, and decrease pain! They are basic, simple, quick and easy for a fast workout, anywhere!

3 Best Bodyweight Exercises anyone can do at home with the Daily 30

The 3 Best Bodyweight Exercises that you need to be practicing every day are:

  1. Paleo Squats
  2. Push-Ups
  3. Prone Cobras

These basic foundation exercises are designed to build your full body strength, health, and fitness.

The Paleo Squat

the daily 30 fitness challenge

By going into the full depth Paleo Squat daily you will help to actively stretch out your muscles which in turn takes the pressure off of your joints.

The full depth position is especially great for spinal decompression, which is caused by bad posture, sitting and age. By simply performing this incredible exercise daily you can help to alleviate almost all of your muscle and joint pain!

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push up proper form

Push-ups are a great way to improve our upper body strength!

It not only works your arms, shoulders, and chest but your entire body from head to toe as you have to maintain a strong body position during the entire exercise. This promotes core strength during movement as you build up your body’s stabilizers.

Just remember, keep everything straight from head to toe! No mountain or valley hips (hips raised high or hips dropped low). 

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Prone Cobra Exercise

prone cobra yoga exercise for posture

Now, most people cannot do a Pull-Up, so we made a modification to accommodate everyone by replacing the Pull-Up exercise with a Prone Cobra Exercise.

The Prone Cobra is a Yoga Based Movement that works your entire posterior chain musculature helping to set our shoulders back in a better anatomical position while building core strength. This exercise works your entire back while stretching out our commonly tight chest and shoulder musculature, greatly improving our posture.

If you have bad posture, this is a great way to correct it!

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The Daily 30 Bodyweight Exercise Routine

All 3 of these exercises make up the Daily 30 Bodyweight Exercise Routine!

Every exercise in the Daily 30 can be tailored specifically to your current physical abilities.

We even have modified versions for those with injuries, disabilities or physical limitations; and they will still make you feel GREAT!!!

Learn more about The Daily 30 Bodyweight Workout! >>

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Movement-Based​ Exercise

Movement-Based Exercise

the daily 30 fitness challenge

The Daily 30 is a movement based exercise routine that teaches you how to perfect your everyday movements in a simple and effective way.

Learn more about the Daily 30 Bodyweight Workout here!

All of the exercises in the Daily 30 are Basic Human Movements that our bodies already know how to do!

For example, the Paleo Squat is a great exercise to help decrease pain in your lower back, hips, knees, and ankles. This movement builds strength and muscle while improving your flexibility!

We call it the Paleo Squat because it is a movement that has been ingrained into our anatomy since the Paleolithic Era.

There were no chairs back then, and rocks are not always around to sit on, so humans would do a full depth squat, sitting on their ankles for rest.

If you don’t believe me, just watch an infant. When they go down to pick something up, what do they do?

They squat down with their feet flat and sit on their ankles in a perfect squatting position! They look pretty comfortable too!

When they are laying down or crawling, what do they do? A push-up, and eventually push themselves up into a squatting position to stand!

Then watch how they climb things. They don’t jump onto things. They grab a hold of something with their little death gripping claws and pull themselves up, as we were designed to do!

You might notice that some African and Asian cultures maintain most of these movements because they have movement built into their culture. They still squat instead of using chairs, they do physical labor daily and are always being active with their bodies.

It is those that are sedentary (without exercise) that have the worst movement patterns, overall health, and physical pains.

Those that are constantly active tend to have much greater movement abilities, strength, health and the least amount of pain.

Again, we are born with these movement patterns of how to squat, push-up, and pull properly, but lose them over time through lack of practice as we grow.

If we want to maintain or re-ingrain these movements into our body, we have to practice them every single day!

The more often we do them, the faster we will get them back and the better you will feel, guaranteed!

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A Strong Foundation of Movement

A Strong Foundation of Movement

the daily 30 fitness challenge

Movement. It’s the base behind any form of exercise.

Movement alone will help cure and prevent most basic bodily pains and injuries. If we just move more, we will all be much healthier and have less pain.

Not only that but if we move correctly we will increase our function to do anything and everything in life. We will be better at sports, get stronger, increase our mobility and so much more!

Movement Experts say that it takes 300-500 repetitions to learn a new movement pattern, and takes 3,000-5,000 repetitions to correct an improper movement pattern.

That is why it’s so important to move properly every day in order to constantly be improving the correct movement patterns and avoiding the wrong ones.

The Daily 30 is all about doing Basic Human Movements we all can do or should be able to do.

These movements should be practiced daily for the most benefits and overall health improvement.

As humans, our bodies were designed to Squat, Push, and Pull. We were meant to do these exercises on a daily basis to keep our bodies strong and healthy.

Over time, through the development of chairs, technology advancements, and overall living conditions, we lost a lot of the movement practice we were meant to do daily.

Today we see people with constant back problems, hip or knee pain, shoulder injuries and a lack of overall fitness. This can all be fixed by simply taking the time to let our body move the way it is supposed to move every single day.

Not only that, but we can use these movements to make a simple, yet highly effective bodyweight exercise routine that can literally be done by anyone of any age; anytime, anywhere!

This workout will help anyone build a strong foundation of movement that will help you create a strong, fit, and healthy body you’ve always wanted!

This is the bodyweight workout we were all meant to do throughout our entire life to maintain a  strong, healthy body, and it is so simple!

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The Fitness Lifestyle

Fitness Is A Lifestyle

bodyweight push up

Make fitness a part of your every day life!

One of the hardest things about fitness is sticking to it.

It is so easy to neglect our bodies when we don’t “feel like” doing what is necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle. That is why the Daily 30 is daily.

By doing this simple exercise routine daily you are so much more likely to stick to your fitness goals, and achieve them! You will always have this daily reminder that your health is important, and should not be neglected.

By choosing to improve your fitness you are choosing to live a healthier life for you, and those around you. You are choosing to make your health a priority so that you can be around for those that you care about most, and that care about you most.

For them, fitness needs to be a part of your everyday life. You need to remember to keep yourself hydrated, make healthy food choices, and exercise regularly.

The more you neglect your body’s health, the harder it will be to get back into your fit lifestyle.

So choose to take just a few minutes every day, and improve your fitness. Make YOU a priority and you won’t regret it!

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