Health and Fitness Training

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Health and Fitness Training

Fitness Training focuses on improving your overall health and wellness through cardiovascular endurance, pain management, and fat loss.

To be “fit” means to be healthy and capable. Improving your fitness can also greatly improve your overall strength potential due to it’s benefits to your health, recovery, and cardiovascular endurance.

If you are fit, then you can do more total work within a given period, making you stronger. This will also improve your ability to recover faster from your intense training. So it is important even for STRENGTH WARRIORS to be strong AND fit!

How to be Fit!

To be fit you should focus your training style towards a combination of both strength training and cardiovascular endurance. 

For strength training, you can do either a gym workout routine that includes fitness training in it, such as the Mathias Method STRENGTH SYSTEM, or you can utilize a bodyweight exercise routine that you can do anywhere, such as the DAILY 30 Bodyweight Exercise Routine.

For cardiovascular endurance make sure that you are meeting these Exercise Minimum Guidelines set by the American College of Sports Medicine.

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Daily 30 Bodyweight Exercise Routine

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The Mathias Method STRENGTH SYSTEM

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