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Bodyweight exercises are meant to build strength, to move your own body through space more efficiently, and teach your joints how to move properly.

By becoming more efficient at moving your own body utilizing proper technique you will be safer while adding a load to similar movements.

Bodyweight exercises allow for a constant load in which progression is tracked through repetition and explosiveness rather than loads. To further progress you simply are able to do more repetitions or move more efficiently.

By gaining control over your body, you will not only become stronger but also move better throughout your everyday life.

Always focus on proper form while performing bodyweight exercises, as quality is more important for these than quantity. As your technique improves, so too will your ability to do more.

Do not go to failure on bodyweight exercises except for the last 1-2 sets, if at all. This will help to maintain proper form and teach proper movement patterns.

When first trying to build the strength to do a new bodyweight exercise, such as pull-ups or dips, start with doing 1-5 good repetitions rather than 10 partial reps.

Do as many sets as it takes to get to the prescribed number (10-25) resting as needed, and using a full range of motion. Even if it takes 10 sets to get to 20 reps, that is ok. Use assistance if needed but avoid using it for more than two weeks at a time.

Move with quality form and always push to do more.

Bodyweight Exercise How To’s

These are the most effective bodyweight exercises you can do to build muscle, burn fat and get stronger.

Arm and Chest Exercises

Back Exercises

Leg and Booty Exercises

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