Think For Yourself and Be A Self-Starter To Your Dreams

Think For Yourself

If you want to be successful, you must learn to think for yourself and be a self-starter.  No one is going to hand you your success. So you have to go out and take it. That means making your own decisions and creating your own path to success.

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Make Your Own Decisions

Too often these days I see so many people afraid of making a decision, because they feel once one decision is made, that the other option is lost. This is not true.

By making a decision you begin to learn what it is that you really want. If you made the wrong decision, then you will have learned from it and are better informed to make the decision again, the next time around. And yes there is always another opportunity.

You can’t just expect the answers to come to you, or to be made by others. If you do, then you will learn nothing. Every mistake is just a learning opportunity for you to grow from. So be confident in yourself and make a decision, even if that decision is “wrong” in the eyes of others. It is your decision to make, so make it yourself and stick to it.

Be A Self-Starter

Be a self-starter to your dreams! Part of thinking for yourself is being a self-starter!

You shouldn’t have to be told how to do everything in life. If you want something to happen, then you have to make it happen.

So many of us procrastinate and hold ourselves back because of it. If we would just get things done ahead of time, then we could push on to other things and start creating a life of success.

If something needs to get done, then just DO IT! Don’t wait to be asked or invited. Start it yourself.

Everything from taking out the trash, to making major life decisions is placed on the shoulders of the one who first takes notice. So keep your eyes open, think ahead, and do whatever needs to be done first.

Start before you need to start and keep pushing along your Journey to Greatness!

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