How To Cure Joint Pain

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How To Cure Your Joint Pain!

Muscle and Joint pain is the worst! I know from experience! I too always had muscles and joints bothering me to where I was constantly going to the doctor, getting acupuncture, and taking numerous joint pain supplements just to find some relief! As you may have experienced, none of it really worked, and that is because I was not fixing the problem.

Fix the problem, cure the pain!

The problem was, that I was not moving properly, stretching enough, or taking proper care of my body. Once I learned more and made a change, all my tendonitis and joint pain finally stopped!

All I did was add in some basic movement work for a few minutes each day to teach my body how to move properly, I started to do a proper warm-up before each training session, and I stretched for a few minutes after my workouts. That was it!

Within weeks I was cured! After over a decade of pain and discomfort, I was finally pain-free! Now I want to share with you all the information I have on how to help take away your pain!

FIRST Learn To Move Properly

I recommend you start by teaching your body how to move properly with some basic, daily movement pattern work. I did this by doing The Daily 30 every day, and I still do it today!

Learn To Move Properly


NEXT, Learn How To Warm-Up Properly

A proper Warm-Up is vital for STRENGTH and strength is vital for success!

If you don’t warm-up properly, you will not be able to reach your full strength potential, and be at greater risk of injury! Your warm-up is what prepares your body to perform at its best, and without it, you are only reaching a piece of your full potential.

Your warm-up is what helps keep your body healthy and functioning properly, in order to avoid injury, and above all…PAIN!

How to Warm-Up Properly for Strength Training


THEN Improve Your Flexibility

Learn about how to improve your flexibility with:

Mobility Work

Foam Rolling Massage


Then Incorporate some daily

Stretching & Mobility Exercises


Pain Management Articles


MOVEMENT-Why You Should Be Moving Everyday!

Fixing Joint Pain (Correcting Muscular Imbalances and Dysfunction)

RECOVERY – The Most Important Aspect of Training

How To Prevent Injury


FINALLY, Use A Strength Program That Includes All Of This!

If you want to get stronger, while staying pain-FREE, then we recommend you check out

The Mathias Method STRENGTH SYSTEM

Or follow our

FREE Strength Programs


DON’T FORGET To Improve Your Workout Exercises


Squat – Bench Press – Deadlift

Plyometric Jumping Exercises

Bodyweight Exercises

Upper Body Accessory Exercises

Lower Body Accessory Exercises

Abs and Core Abdominal Training Exercises

View All Exercise How To’s…

If you have any questions you can always

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