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What is the Mathias Method?

The Mathias Method is a strength training system. It combines multiple training styles into one optimal strength training program, which is adaptable to any sport or goal. We encourage proper movement patterns to help you become stronger and healthier. The Mathias Method will help you gain the strength, confidence and focus necessary to make your life and this world a better place, while motivating others to do the same.

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What is the purpose of the Mathias Method?

The Mathias Method was made with the sole purpose of Changing the World, by strengthening everyone in it. We know that we cannot do this on our own, so we have a mission to motivate and help others to follow in our journey and make a difference. We are not just a Strength System but rather a brand made to help others gain the strength, knowledge and confidence to make a difference in their lives as well as others. Change starts with you and grows outward. We present the Mathias Method with the purpose of Changing the World by gaining Strength in all directions; physically, mentally and characteristically as a complete system.

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What is the Mathias Method System?

The Mathias Method system incorporates: proper warm-up, muscle activation, technique practice, main strength movements, accessory work, conditioning and mobility all aimed at building a strong, healthy body. This system will teach you to move properly, prevent injury, build up weaknesses, build muscle, manage body fat, improve athleticism, increase explosiveness, and improve joint stabilization and mobility all while getting STRONGer. This system can be applied to any sport or goal by simply incorporating the system into your specific training needs.

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What is the Daily 30?

The Daily 30 is a short and simple bodyweight exercise routine consisting of 3 exercises done for 10 repetitions each. These exercises are to be done at least once each and every day to teach your body to move safely using proper movement patterns. It takes less than 2 minutes to complete when done properly and will have an invaluable amount of benefits when done consistently over time.

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What are the benefits of the Daily 30?

The main benefit of doing the Daily 30 properly on a regular basis is increased neuromuscular proprioception, also known as the “mind-muscle” connection. This teaches your body to move properly by stimulating the correct muscles while going through normal and compromised ranges of motion. By gaining this increased muscle activation your body will better be able to protect itself from injury caused by both improper repetitive motion and quick reflexive action. Other valuable benefits of the Daily 30 are increased mobility, spinal decompression, joint stabilization, increased body control, improved gastro-intestinal health, improved blood flow circulation, base level muscular strength, joint health, improved posture and builds core stabilization. We challenge you to put these claims to the test and complete the Daily 30 challenge here: Daily 30-Challenge

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What benefits can I expect from the Mathias Method?

The main benefits of the Mathias Method include strength gain and increased confidence while building a healthier body. You will increase your training knowledge, learn proper movement patterns, develop total body control and become stronger in every way. Expect to become more mobile, increase your metabolism, increase your overall health, gain more confidence, increase your work ethic, increase your work capacity, decrease your potential for disease, develop explosiveness, build muscle, lose body fat, become more athletic, increase coordination, increase balance and become less susceptible to injury, all while gaining physical and structural strength.

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What style of training is the Mathias Method?

The Mathias Method is not a particular style of training but rather incorporates multiple training styles into one System of training. The Mathias Method is focused on strength development while reaching any specific goals you may have. We believe that strength is the basis for all training and can make you better at anything you pursue. The Strength System developed for the Mathias Method can be used for any training style, goal or specific sport. Learn more about the Mathias Method Strength System.

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Who can do the Mathias Method?

The Mathias Method was developed for anyone and everyone. There is a level of training for any fitness and experience level. One of the best things about strength training is that we can all get stronger. Whether you are sedentary, young, old, disabled, lack confidence or are extremely strong, highly experienced, or a competitive or top level athlete the Mathias Method was made for you.

Note: If you have an injury or disability, check with your doctor as to what you are able to participate in physically but know that we can all support each other whether we are physically able to participate or not. If you believe in changing the world then you are part of the Mathias Method Army.

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Why are there different Levels to the Mathias Method?

The Mathias Method has a different level to accommodate all training levels. The Mathias Method is simply a system that can be applied to any training style or level, beginner to elite. We have used our system to create multiple levels to which anyone can start anytime and progress as they get STRONGer! Each level of the Mathias Method builds upon the previous until it is most optimal to perform the complete Mathias Method Strength System, which is a highly advanced level of training. The complete Mathias Method Strength System is in level 7 Elite and higher.

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Which Level is best for me?

The Mathias Method has a level of training for all experience levels. To find out which level you are currently, go through this flow chart: What Level Am I? If the level presented does not fit your current abilities, try the next level up or down. If you have any further questions or concerns, email ryan@mathiasmethod.com and we will be happy to help!

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How do I know when to progress from each Level?

Each level presents new challenges and teaches more strength techniques. To progress from each level you must first have a desire to do more and become better. Each level is meant to last at least 6-12 months but strength progression is very individualistic. You should stay on each level until you plateau, your progress slows greatly or it is too easy for you. You can also check our What Level Am I? page to see if you meet the minimum requirements to progress to the next level. Before progressing to the next level, always make sure that you are doing the current level properly and giving it a maximal effort.

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How do I become great with the Mathias Method?

To become great with anything it takes time, consistent dedication and hard work. You can be good at anything by just showing up and performing the minimum. However, if you want to be great you have to consistently be better than yesterday for a long time. It takes hard work, every day, over and over again for years to be great. You must put your heart into everything you do surrounding your goal. Talent is not enough. You must work hard whether there is a foreseeable future or not. If you are not already talented, then make yourself talented. Be better than yesterday and find a way to progress. With the Mathias Method, you can do this by putting your heart into the training and always finding a way to better yourself. You should go above and beyond what is written and see that there is always more to it. When you are not training your body, than​ be busy finding other ways to better yourself; whether that be performing in school, learning on your own or doing extra mobility work on off days. Always push for more and keep moving forward.

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What if I do not feel like training or sticking to my program?

We believe, successful people do what they must whether they feel like it or not. There will be many times in which you do not “feel like” training or doing what is in your program, but to be successful it is vital that you stay on track. Do whatever you need to do to force yourself into doing what is necessary, or motivate you, to keep going. You can watch the Mathias Method training videos for motivation or even just make a new playlist to listen to while training. It takes just one step each day to reach the mountain top, but one slip to roll all the way back down.

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Is the Mathias Method for both men and women?

YES! Absolutely! The Mathias Method was developed with all sexes considered. Anyone can get stronger​, but there are some differences in training at higher levels (3+). It is more difficult for women to progress as quickly as men in strength due to a lacking of testosterone. This can also be an advantage because women can handle more frequent/ consistent training and higher training volumes needed for optimal strength gains. Men can progress faster in strength training but must recover more with less frequency and a lower volume of training. The Mathias Method works for all genders but those with low testosterone, such as females, should use more moderate weights in training with increased training volume while those with high testosterone, such as males, should push for heavier weights with a decreased training volume. It has been found that strength training, also known as powerlifting, is extremely beneficial for women, both physically and mentally. Women who focus on strength gain and performance rather than body image have been found to be overall happier and have more confidence. Also, one of the major benefits of strength training in females is the rapid decrease in body fat with a slow increase in muscle mass. This gives women a leaner look without the commonly feared “bulky” look.

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Should women do the Mathias Method differently?

Yes, but women should still stay within the given set and rep ranges. Women do not progress as quickly as men, due to hormonal differences, but can handle more frequent training with increased volume. This is advantageous for caloric expenditure (fat burned). When training, women should opt for the higher sets and rep ranges within any parameters given while using moderate to light weights (50-80%). To compliment this, women are better at super-setting exercises (doing one exercise and then immediately switching to another without rest) and using circuit training (doing multiple exercises before starting the next set of the original). Women should stick to the same training principles and guidelines for the Mathias Method but increase the total training volume and attempt super-setting warm-up exercises as well as accessory work.

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How old should I be before strength training with weights?

Weight training is safe for everyone, as long as it is done properly and scaled to individual abilities. However, it is found to be most optimal for weight training to start after puberty has begun. After puberty has begun hormones that promote growth and recovery are at peak performance. After this period your body will better be able to withstand the stresses of training with extra loads and gain the most benefit. It is suggested that anyone seeking to start weight training begin after the start of puberty. Before puberty, it is most beneficial for children to strength train with their own bodyweight to get used to moving their body through space and gain more body control.

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Is the Mathias Method good for high school athletes?

The Mathias Method is absolutely good and most optimal for high school athletes looking to get stronger. The Mathias Method has a base goal of building strength. Strength is the most valuable benefit for most beginners and athletes, as strength is the basis for all training. By being stronger, we become better at all athletics and are less susceptible to injury. The beginner levels of the Mathias Method were developed with high school athletes in mind to both teach them how to lift properly and build strength most optimally. After building a strength base they will then use their strength to become more explosive and athletic within their training and sport practice. The Mathias Method is a great way to teach young athletes how to move properly, build strength and greatly improve athleticism.

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Is lifting heavy weight dangerous?

If you are asking this question then the physical training above Level 1 of the Mathias Method is not for you. The answer is YES. Dangerous things can be good for you especially if they move you past your fears. It is always dangerous to do physical activity because with any physical movement or activity you are at risk of getting injured. If you follow the directions presented, use common sense and take care of your body the dangers of strength training will be minimized. If you have any further concerns, please email ryan@mathiasmethod.com 

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Should I train with a partner?

It is not necessary to have a partner with you for the Mathias Method training sessions, but it is highly recommended. By having a training partner you will have an extra pair of eyes helping you with technique and it will allow you to be safer while training maximally. Partners can also help to motivate and push you to new heights. Even if your training partner(s) are not on your same level, they will still be able to help you as you all work toward getting stronger. Training alone can be dangerous but you can minimize the dangers by using a spotter for necessary exercises. We recommend you invite your friends to train with you and make friends with those in your lifting community to help push yourself to be better.

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How important is mobility to the Mathias Method?

Very important! Every piece of the Mathias Method is important for success. By neglecting mobility, both before and after training, you are limiting your strength potential and recovery. Mobility helps to relieve tension built up in soft tissues allowing for increased range of motion, decreased joint pain and decreased potential for injury. By warming-up properly for each training session through active mobilization, you will increase your muscular function and be able to get into STRONGer positions that will create the most optimal opportunity for growth. Mobilization after training is designed to increase recovery and will focus on increasing joint range of motion so that you can move better without damaging restrictions. Mobility work only takes 10 minutes of effort with one or two techniques to improve. Find what you need the most work done on and focus on bettering it until it is no longer the biggest restriction to your success.

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What is the most important part of the Mathias Method?

Mindset. The Mathias Method not only trains your body but also your mind. If you do not have a mindset ready to change your life then you will never change the world. You must hold yourself with confidence and maintain a strong character no matter your personal challenges. You will be tested and others may attempt to hold you back, but you must stay strong to not only build yourself up but help others along the way. You must have the humble pride of a champion ready to take on any challenge, believing in yourself no matter what. You must be stronger than yesterday, ready for tomorrow and focused today. We at Mathias Method believe in you, and you should too.

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How do I get physically stronger?

To get physically stronger you have to do more work than before, on a regular basis. This can be simply doing an extra set or more repetitions with the same weight as before or it can be an increase in intensity by using more weight. As you become more experienced and adapted to training you will have to get more creative by adding exercises or possibly more frequent training sessions. Highly experienced individuals will need to use exercise variations to increase strength in different areas by changing the stimuli often. All of this is done for you over the course of the Mathias Method levels.

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Can I get physically stronger while losing weight?

Yes, but it is more difficult for experienced lifters. Beginners and possibly intermediate lifters can gain strength and muscle through training while losing weight as their bodies are still adapting to the stresses of training and body fat decreases. It is possible to gain or maintain strength for experienced lifters if the weight decrease is small (10-20lbs) and done over a longer period of time. To gain or maintain strength while losing weight slowly you must do extra strength training work so that your body has a reason to hold onto the calorie expensive muscle tissues and decrease weight slowly, over an extended period of time.

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What should I do if my progress stalls?

The Mathias Method was developed in a way that, when performed properly, you will never stall. In training, there will always be points in which your progress will grow rapidly and other times will slow greatly, but you should always be progressing. Commonly, a good progression period in training is soon followed by a short plateau period. This is due to your body adapting and catching up to the new stresses placed upon it. Your muscles may be able to handle the new loads, but your other body systems may not be ready for that much total work; so they must “catch-up” to the new demands. If you hit a plateau for longer than 1 month, it is time to re-evaluate your training and possibly progress to the next level. First, make sure that you are performing the training properly and recovering enough while on an optimal performance diet. If everything is in check, then it is time to move to the next level of the Mathias Method. The new stimuli will spark new growth and keep your progress moving forward.

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How long do the training sessions last?

Each training session has a different amount of total work which varies the length of each workout. For beginners, the training sessions will not be as long due to only a few exercises while the most elite programs will take multiple hours. Beginner and intermediate lifters can expect each training session to last no longer than 60-90 minutes while advanced and elite lifters should expect most training sessions to last at least 90 minutes if not over two hours. This time includes the warm-up (~15 min.), the training (Beg.-Inter. ~30-45 min., Adv. ~60+ min.) and the mobility work at the end (~10-20 min.). The main focus should be upon completing all the work properly. If you are pressed for time then start to take away from the back end of the training sessions, such as conditioning, mobility and accessory work. It is most important to warm-up properly and do the main lifts for the day in order to get the most optimal benefits from the Mathias Method. As the length of the training sessions increase, so too will your dedication.

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What if I do not have the required equipment for the Mathias Method (Levels 2+)?

The most basic strength equipment is all that is needed to perform the Mathias Method. This includes a standard barbell, weight plates, a squat or power rack and a safe place to do bench press or floor press. If you do not have this equipment then you need to find a gym that does. By going to a location were others are also trying to better themselves you will likely find it helpful to stay committed, motivated and progress. With limited equipment, you may not be able to perform some of the accessory work but this can be taken on as a challenge to find more ways to build up the main lifts. You can just add work to the main lifts, or develop your own accessory exercises. Be creative and find a way to make it work. You may be surprised as to what you can do by just trying.

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What if my gym does not have the right or enough equipment for me to do the Mathias Method (Levels 2+)?

The most basic strength equipment is all that is needed to perform the Mathias Method. This includes a standard barbell, weight plates, a squat or power rack and a safe place to do bench press or floor press. If your gym does not have all of this equipment set up in a safe manner then it is not a gym that promotes strength training. You should look around your area to see where the best strength gym for you is. If you cannot find a gym close enough then we suggest you make your own. You can either purchase some equipment or find it used. Then find a safe location to either rent out or even a garage to meet up with other people. You can ask for donations or charge for people to train with you until you can start renting or owning your own location. If you need help starting up or purchasing equipment, contact us at ryan@mathiasmethod.com  and we will be glad to help!

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What should I do if I get injured?

Injury is a risk of any physical activity, strength training included. First, find out whether you are hurt or injured. Hurt means you are in pain but can keep going without any major repercussions, where injured requires medical attention. When you are hurt, avoid causing more damage by allowing for extra recovery and possibly avoiding use for a short period until it feels better. If you are truly injured you need to see a qualified doctor and follow their exact recommendations. You will likely need to take time off from training. If you have only an acute injury in which your doctor allows you to stay active, find exercises that you can do. If you cannot use an upper body part, then train your lower body in a way that does not negatively affect the injury and vice versa. In any case, avoid anything that causes greater damage and do all that you can to heal the tissues. A common recovery method is known as R.I.C.E. (Rest-Ice-Compress-Elevate). Rest the injury. Ice on and off for 20:40 minute time frames. Compress, if it does not cause greater pain, on and off the same as icing. Elevate the injury above your heart when possible. This may not apply to some injuries or pains.

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What should I do if some of the lifts hurt?

It is common for strength training to be painful at first due to the new stresses placed upon your body. This may be simple pains of holding the weights in your hands or on your shoulders but can also be the pain associated with going through certain ranges of motion under load. The pain of holding the weights will subside over time but pain during movement needs to be addressed quickly. You should first ensure that you are performing the proper technique with an appropriate load for your individual abilities. If everything is as it should be and there is still pain, you likely have an injury that needs to be addressed. This may be an acute injury in which you have tight tissues that can be relieved with mobility work or a major injury that you need to see a qualified doctor to relieve. If you are not sure what is wrong or how to relieve the pain send an email to ryan@mathiasmethod.com  with your specific symptoms and we can help point you towards a solution.

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What if I cannot perform the main lifts due to a medical condition or injury?

If you have a medical condition or injury that prevents you from performing any of the lifts in the Mathias Method you need to find other lifts that you can do. This can be modified lifts or variations that are aimed at similar benefits to the original exercise. If there are no exercise variations that you can perform safely then you should focus on getting better at the lifts you can do rather than the ones you are unable to perform. Get better at what you can do and leave out the things you cannot control.

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Will deadlifts and squats make my bad back feel worse?

If you have an injury of any kind, such as a back injury, it is commonly due to improper movement patterns or soft tissue tightness. By taking care to properly warm-up, mobilize and move properly you can alleviate most bodily pains. By learning proper movement while under load you can also strengthen and protect any previous injuries from occurring any longer. Those with “bad backs” can usually fix their issues by learning to deadlift properly as it will teach their body to brace and build strength while enforcing proper movement. Many muscular illnesses and pains can be exploited by the main lifts of the Mathias Method. By learning how to perform these lifts most optimally, with the proper movement patterns, you can build a better body with less pain.

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How can I help build the Mathias Method Army?

Helping to build the Mathias Method Army is simple and easy. To help us help the world, simply spread the word of the Mathias Method any time you can. If you see others that; need help getting motivated for anything, do not know what to do with their lives, need to get stronger or healthier, want to make a difference or anyone who wants a challenge you can tell them about the Mathias Method so that we can help further their progress. We have a mission to change the world by helping others​ and need your help in doing so. If you see an opportunity to help others achieve greatness, let us know and we will do what we can to help. Additional help can come as you SHARE, LIKE and POST anything about the Mathias Method on social media and by representing our brand with the apparel and products we offer. By helping to expand the Mathias Method brand you will be helping to make a difference in other’s lives and change the world for the better. We thank you for your support and wish you strength in your journey to make this world a better place!

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