Strength Warriors


A Strength Warrior is someone that fights for strength and never gives up on their goals, no matter how strong the opposing forces are! Strength Training and Powerlifting are not easy, but your goals are worth fighting for! So, be a Strength Warrior! Never give up! And always keep fighting!

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strength warrior training

A true STRENGTH WARRIOR fights for their STRENGTH!

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As STRENGTH WARRIORS, we go into the Battle for Strength together. Fighting alongside our fellow comrades and seeking the ultimate glory of reaching our journey’s end while looking down upon our previous adversaries in victory.

We will all encounter these many adversaries along our Strength Journey, but we fight through them together, until we all stand victorious on the Throne Of Strength


What does it mean to be a STRENGTH WARRIOR?

To be a STRENGTH WARRIOR means to continually seek to become better. It means you are willing to strive for more out of life, whether it be through strength training, goal seeking, character-building or any other avenue you choose to take. You are courageous and do not limit yourself to your fears. You look to strengthen yourself as an individual and in turn, will make the world around you stronger!

Not only do we believe in making ourselves stronger, but we must also help those around us. Individually our growth is limited, but together we can go so much farther along our STRENGTH JOURNEY! 


Individually, we are strong. Together, we are stronger!

Strength Warriors Powerlifting Team

The Strength Warriors are a local Grass Valley Powerlifting Team of strength athletes, lead by Powerlifter, Strength Coach, and creator of the Mathias Method Strength System, Ryan J. Mathias.

Join The Team

If you want to be a part of the Mathias Method Strength Warriors, Contact Us to learn more! Or Sign-Up at our local Powerlifting Gym, Ironworks Gym!

We will be happy to hear from you!


Realize that we are NOT Personal Trainers. We are lifters looking to get stronger just like you. So DO NOT come in expecting us to hold your hand and walk you through everything. We are happy to have anyone, beginner or not, join in, but come in with a plan and be ready for anything.

When you come in, please come up and say hi. We will be happy you are there, but then get to work. See what we are doing that day and you can join in with our lifts or do your own if there is room. We don’t mind dropping weight to have others hop in so don’t be shy.

If you need help seeing what to do for a warm-up, check out our How To Warm-Up Guide.

You can do any program you want when you train with us. We are all at different levels and have different things to work on. If you need a program you can check out our strength programs. For beginners, we recommend you do our Base Of Strength Program.

The main point of this strength team is to help each other get better at any level. So be ready to help your fellow Strength Warriors just as much as you will be helped.


The only thing it costs to be a Strength Warrior is the cost of being a good teammate.

Strength Warrior Training Videos


Powerlifting Training Times:

Monday                      Heavy                    Squat / Deadlift Training                10:00 am or 5:30 pm

Wednesday               Heavy                    Bench Press Training                      5:30 pm

Friday                          Light                     Squat / Deadlift Training                 9:00 am or 5:30 pm

Saturday                     Light                     Bench Press Training                       2:00 pm

Times are subject to change on any given day.

Email before you come to make sure we are there and have room for you to join in.

Mathias Method Strength Family 3
Mathias Method Army supporting their General at a USPA Meet

What is the Mathias Method Strength Team?

STRENGTH WARRIORS are a group of individuals who all have a similar goal in mind of getting stronger. This includes physically stronger through training as well as mentally stronger by encouraging, motivating and helping others around themselves become more focused, self-disciplined and dedicated to bettering themselves every day.

We are a group of individuals who can help each other progress towards any goal, as we are open to all forms of training; including powerlifting, bodybuilding, Olympic Lifting, Crossfit, sports training, strongman, general fitness or any other training style, that has strength at its core. We believe in strength as a way to progress, because strength can help you reach any goal faster.

Each Strength Athlete has unique goals and training styles that add to the team’s value. We may have different reasons for training, but we all share the same purpose of building our STRENGTH together; while we travel along our Strength Journeys! 

Who can join the STRENGTH WARRIORS Strength Team?

  • Men & Women (Ages 18+)
  • All experience levels (beginner-advanced)
  • Elite Lifters and Strength Athletes
  • Competitive Lifters
  • Bodybuilders
  • Sport Athletes
  • General Fitness Lifters

All are welcome!
If you are capable and want to get stronger, you can train with us!

All Gym Rules still apply!