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Death of the Diet

Death of the Diet

Diets are dying. Not because they do not work. In fact, many of them work very well.

The problem has always been what comes after the diet ends.

Just by stating that you are “on a diet” implies that there will be some end to your current eating habits.

This does not mean that you will break the guidelines of your diet for a short period of time but rather that at some point you will either adopt a new set of dietary guidelines or have none at all.

This confuses your body as it has to get used to a whole new set of parameters everytime you change your diet, or you will just lose all your progress by having no guidelines at all.

Not only that, but many diets can be dangerous and even harmful. Though they may have great short-term results, they can ruin your long-term health.

Diets are only temporary and dieting needs to end!

A better, more long-lasting way of staying healthy through dietary means is to stick to a set of principles that become a way of life.

These principles need to look out for your body’s long-term health while improving performance. For that reason, we created our own set of Principles with your health in mind.

Learn more about our Diet and Nutrition Principles Here!

Our Diet and Nutrition Principles will look out for your body’s health no matter what diet plan you follow!

Use them to improve your physical performance while maintaining a healthy body for years to come!

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How Alcohol Decreases Performance and Muscle Gain

How Alcohol Decreases Performance and Muscle Gain

Alcohol is an acidic substance that can travel freely through the cells in the body.

As it runs through our blood and into our brain, organ and muscle cells, it breaks down the tissues, causing damage and decreasing function.

In small doses, it does little damage, but over time the negative effects can add up to significant performance loss, especially with excessive amounts.

Alcohol also greatly decreases water reabsorption, causing dehydration, testosterone and your body’s ability to recover from exercise. This puts even more stress on your body and adds to the negative effects of alcohol.

The goal of your diet should be to improve your performance and health, and anything that goes against that goal should not be a part of your diet. That includes alcohol, drugs, and even some foods.

So if you truly want to perform at your best, build muscle and be healthy, you should avoid consuming alcohol and any other harmful substances on a regular basis.

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Why Whole Food Is Better Than Any Supplement!

Why Whole Foods Are Better Than Any Supplement!

Whole foods are always better than processed foods and supplements.

Whole foods include things like meat, dairy, nuts, beans, fruits, and vegetables that have little to no processing, and are still in their whole natural form.

If you want to perform your best and live healthily, then whole foods are the way to go. Supplements are ok if you need something quick and easy, but whole foods need to be your solid base of nutrition.

Processed Food vs. Whole Food

Processed foods are modified forms of whole foods that commonly remove valuable nutrients and add in less valuable nutrients.

Whole foods are better than processed foods because whole foods are in perfect consumable form, full of valuable nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals.

Whole foods are natural and in a form that our bodies can easily digest. It is only after modifying our food that our bodies become confused and have negative reactions to the food we eat.

Modifying our food modifies the way that our body has to break it down and how it reacts to the substances in it.

This is often harmful and leads to unhealthy conditions in the body, such as hormonal changes, digestion problems, and inflammation.

That is why you should try to focus on creating your own food from whole foods rather than relying on processed foods.

Some common processed foods to avoid are:

  • most bread or wheat products,
  • canned foods,
  • processed meats,
  • fried foods,
  • desserts and candies.

Supplements vs. Whole Foods

Supplements can be valuable if you lack specific nutrients, but are a weaker form of food.

If you do not have a nutrient deficient illness, you do not need any supplements to be healthy or perform well.

Originally, supplements were designed to aid people with illnesses that lacked specific nutrients. Doctors would prescribe those with nutrient deficiencies, usually caused by lack of whole foods in their diet, supplements to help replace what they have not been getting from their diet.

This was never a solution, but rather like giving the body medicine to fix the immediate symptoms. The ultimate fix would just be to teach their patients to eat whole foods that supplied the nutrients they needed.

Now, regardless of what many bodybuilders and fitness athletes may think, you DO NOT NEED ANY SUPPLEMENT to get bigger, stronger or faster.

All you need is more whole foods that supply everything you need!

If you want to get bigger, stronger and faster, then just eat more whole foods to get all the nutrients you need!

If you ever do choose to take a supplement, you should consult with someone who knows about the effects of each of its ingredients, such as a medical practitioner and does research from a knowledgeable source.

Just remember to keep whole foods as your base of nutrition to keep your body strong and healthy!

Tip: Organic does not mean healthy. Organic products have the potential to carry more nutrients but may be just as bad for you if you make bad choices and indulge too much on sweet things. Think and read the labels before making a logical decision about if any food is healthy in your opinion and works towards your goals.

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How To Fit Well-Being Into A Busy Lifestyle

How to Fit Well-Being into a Busy Lifestyle

By Brad Krause of SelfCaring.info/

Health is on your mind, no doubt. How could it not be with all the demands from the internet, magazines, and newspapers that you eat right, exercise and be blissfully happy?

But it seems like the purveyors of those news clips and articles live in a bubble. They haven’t seen what it’s like in the real world, with all the barriers it throws up against physical and mental well-being. The stores are so packed with junk food you can barely find the healthy options. Getting to the gym is a pipe dream with all that work piled on your desk. And then there’s the stress of all that … so much stress.

You can’t change the world, but you can learn to navigate it and make some lifestyle changes that incorporate health into your daily and weekly routine. Wondering how? Here are a few little tricks that make a huge difference for the better.

Purifying Your Home

If you’re feeling under the weather, the very air around you could be to blame if it’s filled with dust, contaminants, and toxins, which is common in many homes. That’s especially troublesome for those who suffer from asthma or allergies. There’s an easy fix, though: an air-purifier. Do some research and check out reviews before you buy, and look for one with a high MERV rating, as it will do a better job of protecting your home and family from noxious particles than a low-rated model.

Shopping the Perimeter of the Grocery Store

This is where you’ll find the good stuff, meaning fresh fruits and veggies as well as lean meats and low-fat dairy. You may have to make a few strategic forays into the aisles to pick up some herbs, spices, and oils, but stick to your shopping list, and resist temptation from all the sweet and salty snacks.

Cooking in Batches

It saves time when transforming those whole foods into wholesome meals. Pick a recipe, make enough for a week’s worth of lunches, and store it in the refrigerator. That way, all you have to do in the morning is scoop out a portion into a container and head to work.

Breaking a Quick Sweat

Don’t cancel your gym membership, but learn a few routines you can do at home in under half an hour on those days when you can’t make it to your free-weight session or Spin class. Fitness magazine has literally dozens for you to try.

If you’re looking or a simple, fast and effective workout you can do anywhere, anytime, check out the Daily 30: A Quick Everyday Bodyweight Workout!

Hitting the Pedals

If your fitness routine doesn’t burn enough calories, this would finish the job. However, the number 1 reason to bike to work or the grocery store is the sheer fun of it, according to Momentum Mag, adding that it serves as a form of therapy, as opposed to sitting in traffic, which only invokes frustration.

Getting Mindful

Meditation and yoga are two ways to do this, as these ancient practices encourage you to simply exist in the present and feel the sensations that run through your body as thoughts pass unimpeded through your mind. There are other ways to achieve mindfulness, but they all share one thing in common: They’re excellent for relieving stress and relaxing.

Writing It All Down

Keeping a journal is another way to find tranquility in your daily life. It’s a noted activity for relieving stress, much like meditation and yoga, while also helping you to organize your thoughts and “declutter your brain.” It could even serve as a useful tool in your self-improvement efforts.

Reading in Bed

You’ll fall asleep faster, and you need your 40 winks if you want to wake up the next morning with energy to make it through the day. What’s more, it’s an excellent workout for your brain, expanding your vocabulary and encouraging your ability to concentrate.

Check out Motivated Mindset for a great daily read!

Taking a Hike

Unless you live out in the woods, you may have to save this for the weekend. It’s worth it, though, as the health benefits far outweigh those of shopping or watching a sports game. Besides an excellent form of exercise, hiking is great for stress relief.

Now comes the hard part: making those changes. Pick one item off the list, put it to work, and then choose another, and then another. You’ll feel better soon and wonder why you didn’t start a long time ago.

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Water To Get Stronger, Build Muscle and Lose Fat!

How Much Water Do You Need To Get Stronger, Build Muscle and Lose Fat?

Water is the most valuable nutrient for our body to be healthy and perform optimally.

Even a slight amount of dehydration (2-3%) can greatly affect your health and performance.

That is why it is so important to stay hydrated every day. Especially if you are looking to get stronger, build muscle or lose weight.

To keep your body performing at its best and avoid the negative effects of dehydration, drink at least 0.7oz of water per pound of body weight daily.

Realize that this is only the minimum requirement and, the more active you are, the more you should drink to stay properly hydrated.


Tips for Improving Hydration

  • Don’t drink your daily fluids all at once. Spread your intake throughout the day.
  • To help improve metabolisms and energize your body, consume one liter, or 33.2oz, of water within the first hour after waking up in the morning.
  • Another large percentage should be consumed just before, during and after exercise, however, this should be done with salty food to improve absorption and maintain electrolyte balance.
  • If you are not used to consuming an adequate amount of water, start by increasing your intake by 0.5 liters or about 16oz per 1 week until you reach your daily needs.

To learn more about Hydration, read our article Hydration Basics for Athletes and Lifters and watch the video below!

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