A Strong Foundation of Movement

A Strong Foundation of Movement

the daily 30 fitness challenge

Movement. It’s the base behind any form of exercise.

Movement alone will help cure and prevent most basic bodily pains and injuries. If we just move more, we will all be much healthier and have less pain.

Not only that but if we move correctly we will increase our function to do anything and everything in life. We will be better at sports, get stronger, increase our mobility and so much more!

Movement Experts say that it takes 300-500 repetitions to learn a new movement pattern, and takes 3,000-5,000 repetitions to correct an improper movement pattern.

That is why it’s so important to move properly every day in order to constantly be improving the correct movement patterns and avoiding the wrong ones.

The Daily 30 is all about doing Basic Human Movements we all can do or should be able to do.

These movements should be practiced daily for the most benefits and overall health improvement.

As humans, our bodies were designed to Squat, Push, and Pull. We were meant to do these exercises on a daily basis to keep our bodies strong and healthy.

Over time, through the development of chairs, technology advancements, and overall living conditions, we lost a lot of the movement practice we were meant to do daily.

Today we see people with constant back problems, hip or knee pain, shoulder injuries and a lack of overall fitness. This can all be fixed by simply taking the time to let our body move the way it is supposed to move every single day.

Not only that, but we can use these movements to make a simple, yet highly effective bodyweight exercise routine that can literally be done by anyone of any age; anytime, anywhere!

This workout will help anyone build a strong foundation of movement that will help you create a strong, fit, and healthy body you’ve always wanted!

This is the bodyweight workout we were all meant to do throughout our entire life to maintain a  strong, healthy body, and it is so simple!

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