Invest In Yourself

Invest In Yourself

We all want that big break, where we suddenly start to succeed and get rich quick. We want to make that quick investment to finally achieve everything we ever wanted. However, many people seem to forget, the greatest investment you can ever make is in yourself. So, take the hard road, do it your way, and invest in yourself!

The greatest investment you can ever make is in yourself.

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This is an excerpt from my Book “Motivated Mindset“. 

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You Are An Asset

You are the most valuable thing you can invest in because only you can create your own success. Without the proper mindset or skills, you may never reach your full potential. It is easy to invest your money, time and assets towards others; expect them to do all the work for you. However, by taking that easy route you are not improving yourself.

Again, you are your greatest asset and the most valuable thing you can invest in! Yes, you can find some success through others, but if you truly want to be successful, then you need to create your own success. You have to put in the time, energy, effort, money and resources to get your full value back. 

An investment in others will always die off, but an investment in yourself stays with you forever.

Maybe you just need:

  • to improve your health, so you go to the gym.
  • to heal your relationships, so you go to counseling.
  • more education or another skill, so you take some classes.
  • some free time to rejuvenate, so you take a vacation, go for a weekly drive somewhere, or take some time (15-60 minutes) every day to just relax.

Whatever you need to do in order to help build yourself up, start investing in yourself today. You will see an immediate return on your investment, and you will be well on your path to creating your own success!

Just keep investing, and someday you might just change the world!

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Hydration for Athletes and Lifters

Hydration for Athletes and Lifters

What is Hydration?

First, hydration is a balance of fluids in the body or having adequate fluids within the body tissues. There are many factors which affect the balance of fluids within the body as our systems are constantly functioning and changing. Your fluid balance will change depending upon activity, temperature, electrolyte balance, fluids consumed and many other factors. So make sure to follow good hydration practices for optimal performance and health.

Good Hydration Practices:

  • Always carry fluids with you.
  • Consume water regularly throughout the day.
  • Drink 1 Liter of water within one hour of first waking up.
  • Drink at least 0.7oz X Bodyweight of water during active days.
  • Consume 1/2 Liter of a 6% saturated (60g per 1 Liter) solution of carbohydrates in sodium water (400-500mg per Liter) for each hour of your training.
  • Consume an extra 1 Liter of water, or more, when exposed to hot conditions.

Effects of Dehydration

Hydration is important because even a slightly dehydrated fluid balance can have negative effects on your body’s systems, health, and overall performance.

The effects of dehydration affect all tissues within the body. The blood is the smallest fluid compartment in the body and regulates the fluid within the surrounding cells. So fluid loss affects the cardiac system the most. This is due to a decrease in blood plasma volume, which holds a large amount of oxygen and allows for normal cardiac output.

This loss also decreases the blood flow to the skin. This mechanism is used to cool the blood and decreases sweat rate, therefore, decreasing core temperature. An increase in core temperature increases the likelihood of heat exhaustion and other dangerous heat-related illness.

Effects on Performance

The effects of dehydration can also have a great effect on athletic performance.

1A fluid loss of even 2-3% (% of body weight) can decrease your VO2 Max (aerobic performance/ the amount of oxygen the body can use) by 5% and fluid loss of 5% can decrease work capacity by 30% (fluid loss % based upon body weight). Those are major effects occurring after only slight dehydration.

The effects of dehydration are a major concern for endurance athletes that compete continuously for over 1 hour, but there is also a concern for athletes performing high-intensity exercise. 1It has been found that a fluid loss of only 2.5%, prior to exercise, can decrease the capacity for high-intensity exercises, such as sprinting or powerlifting, by 45%. That is nearly half of the athlete’s work capacity decreased just by not staying hydrated before performing.

Even for non-active individuals, hydration is important for proper body function. A constant state of dehydration leads to:

  • frequent headaches or migraines
  • rough skin
  • decreased muscular function
  • decreased joint function
  • joint pain
  • decreased kidney function
  • and multiple health problems

Many health and performance concerns can be alleviated by simply staying hydrated daily.

How to Stay Hydrated

Luckily, our bodies are smart and they do not give up fluid easily. So normal hydration is not difficult to maintain.

The kidneys filter your blood, removing waste, and maintain proper fluid balance within the body. There is a constant battle between the pull of fluids inside the body versus the pull of fluids out of the body. The side which has the most pull will take most of the fluids. If the pull is too great in one direction or the other, there is an imbalance that will have negative effects.

To be in fluid balance, the pull of fluids out of the body should be equal, or slightly greater, than the pull of fluids inside the body. If the pull of fluids is shifted towards a pull inside the body, then you are in a state of dehydration. This pull allows the body to maintain a constant blood plasma volume. Which then brings fluids to all other cells within the body.

The pull of fluids out of the body is based on the number of waste products that need to be removed through the urine. If there is a greater pull of fluids out of the body through urine then you are either hydrated or there is a major amount of waste product that needs to be removed. This waste can be excess sodium, or other electrolytes, proteins and nitrogen from broken down cells, or toxins within the body. 

Your body wants to get rid of these particles but needs water as a transport. So the more you workout and break down tissue, the more fluid you need to get rid of the waste.

Salt, Water, and Sugar

In the kidneys, Sodium, Water and Glucose are filtered together and move together. One of the major functions of sodium, an electrolyte [Na+], is to help maintain fluid balance within the body’s cells.

In the body, water follows sodium in order to maintain a constant concentration gradient (or fluid balance). This is from comparing particles in and out of the cells.

Also, for every gram of carbohydrates in the body, in the form of glycogen, there are 2.7g of water attached to it. This gives sugary sports drinks an advantage for hydration. If there are sodium and carbohydrates within a water-based drink, such as sports drinks, then there is a large pull towards fluids inside the body during absorption and filtration. This is why it is important to utilize appropriately concentrated sports drinks during long-duration exercise to stay hydrated.

However, that does not mean you always need a sports drink to stay hydrated. You have to earn it! If you are not doing intense exercise for at least one hour, then all you need is water for hydration. Only excessive and exhausting exercise requires more.

The most optimal concentration of carbohydrates in water for hydration is 6% concentration. That is 6g per 100mL or 60g of carbohydrates per Liter of water. The amount of sodium needed within the solution varies depending upon the individual, but it is also an important part of replenishment. The standard sodium content should be enough to taste like Ocean water or about 400-500mg per Liter of water.

It was also found that cold fluids moved through the stomach faster allowing for faster absorption in the intestines. So keep fluids cool during exercise, when possible.

The Perfect Hydrating Drink

To stay hydrated during exercise sessions exceeding one hour, continuous or not, drink ½ Liter of cool water with about 30g of fast digesting carbohydrates, in the form of sugar, for every hour of activity.

Throughout the day manage fluid intake by consuming water. You should consume the same amount of water that you lose throughout the day so that fluid in equal fluids out. This will help to maintain a state of hydration while allowing for urine production to remove waste products.

For individuals with a high activity level, drink a minimum of 0.7oz per pound of bodyweight to stay hydrated while removing the waste product from excessive muscle contractions.

During hot days, consume at least one extra Liter of water to account for the excess fluid loss from skin dissipation or sweat.

Final Thoughts

Overall, staying hydrated is not difficult but if neglected it can have major negative effects on your body’s ability to perform and function properly.

The first step to hydration is being prepared. If you are going to be away from a water source for a long period then carry enough fluids with you. Think ahead and know what you need to consume for the activity you are doing.

Also, learn to enjoy water. You should not constantly be craving water, as that is a sign of dehydration. However, you should not dread every drink you take. Water should make up a majority of the fluid you drink so have no complaints about the taste.

It takes some dedication to consume a large amount of fluid daily for active individuals. However, it takes the same dedication to be fit and healthy. By neglecting to stay hydrated you are neglecting to maintain a healthy functioning body. Just be consistent and you will find it is not as hard as you may think.

Stay strong, stay healthy, and stay hydrated.


1 = Gleeson, M. Ph.D., Jeukendrup, A. Ph.D. (2010) Sports Nutrition, Second Edition. Excerpt.

For more on hydration, watch this video!

Attack Life To Be Successful

Attack Life To Be Successful

In life, if you want to be successful, you need to attack your ideas, your problems, and your dreams. Attack life to be successful and attack success with an undying will! Always be on the offense, not the defense. Go head on and blow through your competition so they start backing up and getting out of the way!

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This is an excerpt from my Book “Motivated Mindset“. 

Don’t let your lack of motivation hold you back from achieving your goals!

Find your motivation and change your life forever!

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If you want to be successful you have to be on the attack at all times! That doesn’t mean you should be rude to others and handle situations with aggression. It means that you can’t be defensive all the time, waiting for things to pop up or come to you. So, get out there and get it!

Focus all of your emotion on your ideas, your problems, and your dreams! Don’t wait for problems to arise, or your dreams to come to you. Look ahead and dominate them!

Be prepared, have a plan of action, and fight through the challenges. Your problems are not going to take it easy on you, so you can’t take it easy on them. Face them and fight them off quick! 

Your problems are not going to take it easy on you, so you can’t take it easy on them.

The Attack Life Strategy

If you want to be successful, you have to attack life head on!

  • Control your emotions and think clearly.
  • Strategize your attacks and push through the front lines. Be prepared for hostile conditions, take the hits and hit back harder!
  • Be clever with your actions, and direct with your words. Say what you are going to do, and DO IT!
  • Be reasonable, fair and just, but also direct.
  • If you show weakness, you might just lose. So put on that Game Face, focus your mind, and stay on the attack! It’s go time!

Create Your Motivated Mindset Today!

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6 Steps To Fat Loss Forever

6 Steps To Fat Loss Forever

Losing fat is hard when you don’t know what you are doing. Luckily, these simple 6 Steps To Fat Loss Forever, make it easy to lose weight and keep it off for good! Get ready to start burning fat and losing weight, like never before!

Step #1: Take a multivitamin and drink more water!

First, start by simply taking a multivitamin every day and drinking more water. This may seem simple, but it can greatly improve how you feel. Plus, vitamins, minerals, and water all help with fat loss by regulating your metabolism and helping you feel full. 

Choose a good multivitamin that has about 50% Daily Value for most vitamins and minerals, and try to work your way up to drinking 0.7 oz x Bodyweight (lbs) in water each day.

Do this for 1-2 weeks before continuing to step 2.

Learn more about vitamins and minerals or staying hydrated.

Step #2: Exercise More!

Next, you absolutely need to exercise if you want to lose fat. Your diet is important, but exercise is much more valuable, as it affects how your body reacts to food.

However, it is vital that you maintain a regular diet as you increase your activity level. If you start out by increasing your daily activity and cutting calories at the same time, then your body will not have the energy to exercise. Eat clean, but eat enough to be full and energized for your workouts.

You should do 90 minutes of moderate intensity exercise 5 days per week OR 30 minutes of vigorous intensity exercise 3 days per week OR a combination of these two.

Do this for 0-4 weeks before continuing on to step 3.

Learn more about these Exercise Guidelines.

Step #3: Improve Your Diet!

Before we cut out calories, we need to make sure that you can maintain a proper diet to fuel your increased activity levels. By improving your diet you will begin to improve your body composition, even if you maintain the same bodyweight.

Maintain this improved diet for at least 4 weeks before moving to the next step.

Learn more about how to improve your diet.

Step #4: Build Muscle!

In order to maintain your valuable muscle, it is important that you do a good amount of strength training while trying to lose fat. If you don’t, then you will lose that valuable muscle and have to work even harder to get it back.

Also, if you do some strength training, you do not need to do nearly as much cardio exercise.

Do this until you have built a solid base of muscle and strength before moving onto step 5.

Recommended Strength Programs:

Step #5: Cut Calories

If you are exercising regularly while maintaining a regular nutrient dense diet and have stopped losing weight, then you should start to cut out calories. NOT BEFORE!

Again, you need the energy to fuel your increased activity, then you can cut back when it stops working. 

I recommend you only cut out 200-500 calories from your daily intake and stick with that until it stops working. Then repeat. For most of us that is just cutting out one snack or part of a meal.

Learn more about modifying your caloric intake with these articles:

Step #6: Be Patient!

Unfortunatley, fat loss just takes time. If you have built up many bad habits over the years, it is likely going to take a year or more to correct them.

Progress may seem slow, but any progress should be viewed as a success. This is not easy! So, be proud of yourself every day for taking on the challenge!

Other Fat Loss Articles:

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Persuasion: Principles Of Motivation

Persuasion: Principles Of Motivation

We all know the classic image of a rider dangling a carrot from a stick in front of a horse to get it to run faster. That same principle of motivation and persuasion can help keep us motivated until we succeed. Of course, we may not all be motivated by vegetables, but we all have something that we want or enjoy as a reward after completing a task.

This idea of persuasion is used all the time in order to help people stick to a weight loss diet. It is called a “cheat meal” that you get after reaching a certain amount of success from your diet. Maybe you lose 10lbs so you then get to have some ice cream as a reward. Or maybe you stuck to the diet for a month so you get one day to eat anything you want. It is all the same. You get rewarded for your success.

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This is an excerpt from my Book “Motivated Mindset“. 

Don’t let your lack of motivation hold you back from achieving your goals!

Find your motivation and change your life forever!

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The Reward

We all like rewards and if you do not succeed, you do not get the reward. We can use the same reward principle of motivation to get us to do things we do not want to do or don’t feel like doing.

You can choose to use this persuasion system by giving yourself small rewards after reaching small goals along your journey to your ultimate goal, or you can save the reward until after your goal is reached. Just make sure that the reward is motivating enough to drive you through the hard times. If your reward is not persuading enough, then the system does not work. You have to give yourself a reasonable reward compared to the task at hand.

Hold something in front of you that you do not allow yourself to have until after you have succeeded.

Tell Others

Another part of this is to tell others about your goal and the reward you will earn after completion. This is vital because they will help keep you accountable. Things will get hard and if you feel like giving up, then you may want to indulge with your reward early, but may be motivated to stay on task in order to avoid disappointing others. They may even be persuaded to join you along your journey!

You can guide them to do the same thing or just encourage them to use your principle of motivation tool in order to stay accountable. It is then your job to help each other stay on task, even if you both don’t feel like it. Make it a friendly competition, or just stick to encouraging each other in order to keep on track. 

Undesirable Punishment

On the other hand, if you do not complete your goal, then there also needs to be an undesirable “punishment”. Yes, a punishment. If you are willing to reward yourself for doing something, you must also be willing to receive punishment if you do not complete it. That will give you an extra persuading kick in the rear to keep fighting.

Big or small, the reward and punishment need to be equal. Keep it fun, not humiliating, and stay on track.

Fight for your success and don’t give up! We are all counting on you!

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