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Why You Should Be Moving Everyday!

Do you exercise regularly? Do you go for walks? Do you live an active lifestyle?

Do you “move” everyday?

mathias method family in maui hawaii
The Mathias Method Army Doing the Daily 30 while on vacation in Maui, Hawaii

We are told that it is important to be active and “move” everyday, but why? Why should we be active and constantly moving? I’m already on my feet all day for work and sometimes take the stairs. Doesn’t that count? Why do I need to do extra activity? I’m already tired from working all day! Won’t more activity just make me even more exhausted?

“Why should we be active and “move” everyday?”

To Have More Energy

There are many reasons as to “why” we need to be more active on a daily basis, and the first is, because it gives you more energy! I know, it doesn’t seem to make sense, right? Well it’s true. By being more active on a daily basis you will actually become  more energized! 

Why is this? There are many reasons…

With increased activity you will build up more of an appetite, as your body craves more nutrients to recover, and in turn you will eat more for extra fuel. Often times, with a decreased activity level we have less of an appetite and don’t eat enough for proper energy, or we start to eat out of boredom as we lose confidence in our body image. So activity helps maintain a regular diet and maintain self-confidence in your body image.

“Activity helps maintain a regular diet and maintain

self-confidence in your body image.”

You will better regulate your blood pressure by being active to where you can help prevent sudden drops in blood pressure, that will make you feel tired. If you stay sedentary, or inactive for too long your blood pressure starts to drop, signaling your body to be in a more restful/recovery state, making you feel tired. This is why we feel tired and eventually fall asleep at night; through a blood pressure drop. Those with high blood pressures can fall asleep faster as their blood pressure constantly wants to fall to a more normal state. These people tend to be tired often, as that is one of the most common indicators of high blood pressure.

“…you will feel completely re-energized, and ready to take on the world!”

Being more active will increase your work capacity, or the amount of total work your body is adapted to withstand on a regular basis before becoming fatigued. By having a higher work capacity, you will be less effected by your normal daily activities, such as work (including manual labor), and only become tired when you are near to reaching your daily work capacity, AFTER exercising or doing some daily activity. You may feel tired at first, when increasing your daily activity, but after a few days you will feel completely re-energized, and ready to take on the world!

Improve Physiological Functions

Another important reason to be active daily is improve your physiological function, or internal organ system functions. When you are more active your body has more “work” to do in order to make sure everything is functioning properly. Daily activity and exercise stress all your body’s systems to work harder and function better to maintain homeostasis, or normality within the body (not too hot, or too cold; not dehydrated or over hydrated; high vs low blood pressure; etc.). Regular activity helps regulate your blood pressure, body temperature, and sleep cycle. Along with that, activity helps improve your blood circulation, oxygen uptake, hormonal balance, and digestion. By being more active your body’s organ systems all improve to make a healthier YOU! 

“Daily activity and exercise stress all your body’s systems to work harder and function better to maintain homeostasis, or normality within the body.”

Now on the other hand, when we are inactive the opposite effect takes place. All of our body’s systems start to down regulate, eventually losing function. As we get older, we tend to be less active and place less stress on our body to function properly. When that occurs everything slows down, to be used only when necessary, versus functioning normally all the time. You will start to see those that are inactive have hormonal, cardiovascular, and digestion problems; and they will likely blame something else, though the real problem is inactivity. If you stay active, your body maintains function. So being active daily is important throughout the entire course of your life.

For a Strong, Functional Body

One of the most important reasons to stay active daily is to maintain a strong, functional body.  A body that is able to do just as much, if not more than it was able to when you were a teenager. Remember the saying, “If you don’t use it, you lose it.”? That statement is brutally true. When we don’t constantly use our muscles, or place stress on our bodies, we start to lose everything we have already built. If we don’t constantly stress our bodies to improve, then they have no choice, but to reverse. We must be using our muscles and putting our joints through full ranges of motion daily to avoid going backwards. How many people over the age of 20 can touch their toes, or do the splits versus those that could when they were children or teens? How many people can’t do a push-up over the age of 30, yet could crank them out easy as a teen? The excuse of you are bigger now, or that you had this or that injury occur, are not good ones. As we grow we should always be improving, and the way to recover from injury is MOVEMENT. If we are always moving our body will take care of itself! The issue was that many of us stopped moving so we lost what we had built up. Well, now it is time to get it all back, and it doesn’t have to be that hard. You just have to be consistent. We need to move daily and stress our body to improve. 

“If we don’t constantly stress our bodies to improve,

then they have no choice, but to reverse.”

So what should you do? You should simply move and be active daily. Do something everyday that will help you increase your body’s function. This can be a few 10-20 minute walks throughout the day, some stretching, an exercise class, or possibly the best option is doing the Daily 30 a few times each day. The Daily 30 is simple, easy to do, and it’s very effective. It stresses your body to maintain strength, improve mobility, teaches proper movement patterns, and increases the function of your joints in order to decrease pain. It takes less than 2 minutes to complete and you can do it anywhere!

Click here to learn more about the Daily 30! 

You should do the Daily 30 a minimum of once daily, but it is best to do it multiple times throughout the day so that you are not sedentary for too long. I recommend you do it once in the morning to “wake-up” your body, a few times during the day after sitting for long periods (such as once for every hour or two you sit), before a workout as a warm-up, and at night at lease 1 hour before you go to bed. By doing it multiple times each day, you will greatly increase your activity level and improve all of your body functions! Just think, if you do it 5 times in one day, that’s 50 push-ups! When is the last time you did that many push-ups in one day? It is easy to see how great that will be for your body!

No matter what you choose to do, choose to be more active. Choose to start taking control of your health, and always keep improving! Don’t give up on your ability to get stronger and become healthier. We all can improve and need to be more active, so start today! Don’t plan to do it later, it’s not that hard. You don’t need to do anything crazy and overly time consuming, just make daily choices to be more active, regularly. If you don’t, then you will be choosing to lose all that you have built up. No matter where you start, you can improve. Now go, be active, and start changing your world!

Keep getting stronger my friends!

Strength to you,

Your STRENGTH Journey Leader

Ryan J. Mathias, CPT

Owner and Creator

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