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How To Use Hate To Your Advantage

How To Use Hate To Your Advantage

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This is an excerpt from my Book “Motivated Mindset“. 

Don’t let your lack of motivation hold you back from achieving success!

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HATE is a powerful motivational tool we can use to our advantage.

Yes, HATE is also hurtful and unacceptable when presented by others, but we can use that HATE as motivation for our own success.

Just think…what is your first thought when someone says, “You can’t do that!”? Do you take that as a personal hit to where you believe you are not good enough or do you use that HATEful doubt as fuel to succeed?

That HATE is a powerful tool in creating your success!

Now, of course, going out on a HATEful rampage is not going to solve anything, and that is not what this is about. It is about using your HATE to your advantage.

Athletes and coaches use this all the time to fuel success, and you can too!

Use the HATE of where you live, HATE of what you do, HATE of your environment, HATE of your situation and all the HATEful things around you, as the fuel for your greatness!

Use that internal HATE to start making positive changes in your life!

HATE should motivate you to want to do better, and be better, no matter how many things hold you down.

We cannot choose the position we start our life in, but we can choose what we do to change it.

We can stay down when life pushes, or get up and hit back harder.

In life, there is no disadvantage that can hold you down forever, unless you let it. You can choose to take life for what it is and get pushed around harder day by day, or accept what you have and turn it into an advantage.

Make your troubles and disadvantages into advantages to take on the world. 

Take everything that annoys you, hurts you, all your past troubles, your failures, and ball it all up into one big ball of motivational rage ready to take on the world and show everyone WHO YOU ARE!

Take all the HATE you feel every day and eat it for breakfast! Control and funnel all your rage into one thing! That one thing that will get you out of your current life and moving on to a new one!

Whether it be a new project you need to start, working harder at your job, giving more love to your family, starting a new career, getting through school, accomplishing a goal, whatever it is, feed it with your internal rage!

Eat HATE and spit out success! Use your demons to show the world who you are and who you were always meant to be! Show the world how great you are and fight back against the HATE!

Are you going to stay down when life pushes, or are you going to push back? 

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What is a Motivated Mindset?

What is a Motivated Mindset?

motivated mindset words of wisdom cover

This is an excerpt from my Book “Motivated Mindset“. 

Don’t let your lack of motivation hold you back from achieving success!

Find your motivation and change your life forever!

Get your copy here!


A Motivated Mindset is one of strength, discipline, courage, positive thinking, confidence, and never-ending hunger for success; all backed by the motivation from within you.

Motivation is the life-force and reasoning behind everything we do. Our actions, our choices, our jobs, our free time, our beliefs, our thoughts, and our dreams are all fueled by the things that motivate us.

Without motivation, we have no reason to do anything.

Even the most basic motivation can drive you to do the impossible. For instance: survival.

Survival can motivate you to get up to drink some water or lead you to fight for your life against an attacking Grizzly Bear. Either way, you are doing it to survive. 

To create a Motivated Mindset, that will drive you to success no matter what challenges lay ahead, you must find the one thing that motivates you to push forward each and every day, no matter how hard things get.

You must search deep within yourself with an honest eye, and discover your purpose. Find the reason you were put on this earth and what you are meant to do.

No one is placed here to be average. Average is a choice you make when you hold yourself back from what you were meant to become. So stop holding yourself back and find what you were born to do!

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How To Create a Motivated Mindset


To succeed you will need to be strong.

  • Strong enough to fight off the self-doubt, and strong enough to do what is difficult. You are stronger than anything standing in your way, and the only thing that can hold you back is YOU.


To succeed you will have to be disciplined.

  • Your self-discipline will guide you to do what you must in order to succeed, even when you don’t feel like it. The Journey will take time, so your motivation must be strong enough to keep you on the path.


To succeed you will need courage.

  • Be courageous enough to move beyond your fears, and get out of your comfort zone. You will have to rise above your fear of failure and know that success is just on the other side. You will have to face your fears and use your success over them as further motivation to succeed. Don’t allow fear to hold you down!


To succeed you will have to stay positive.

  • Even when times are tough, stay positive and find a way to succeed. Emotions do not solve problems, only your efforts can. If you say you can’t do something, then you are right, but if you stay on task, you will always have a chance. And in life, that is all we need…one chance.


To succeed you will need confidence.

  • You will have to be confident in yourself and believe that you can succeed. Failure may occur, but that is never the end. Be so confident in yourself that there’s no room for self-doubt. Doubt will only hold you back, confidence will only push you forward.

Your motivation will guide your mind through all of these pieces to create a powerful Motivated Mindset that can’t be broken. A mindset that fights for success and never strays from the path along your Journey to Greatness!

So now, it’s time to find what motivates you…

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Strength to Change the World

Strength to Change the World

Having the strength to change the world is having the strength to do anything. It is the strength to pursue any desire, blow through any challenge and accomplish any goal. It is the strength to push forward no matter the challenges. It is the strength to build up others and lead the world into a better place than you first found it. It is exactly what it says it is…the strength to change the world.

The only person that can tell you whether you have that strength or not is YOU. If you have to question whether or not you have it, then you do not have it, yet.

How To Change The World

To gain the strength to change the world and give it to others there are 6 things that you need.

If anyone of these things is missing, then you cannot change anything. There are many ways in which you can gain these 6 characteristics, one of which is through training your body to become stronger. Through training, you can find passion and purpose for something. Building your strength will build your self-confidence. If you can focus on training your body to become better then you can put that same focus on accomplishing your life goals.

By dedicating yourself to training weekly, you will learn to apply self-discipline to all areas of your life. By bettering yourself you will help to encourage others to better themselves, and as your training matures, so too will your character.

As time goes on, the world is continuously changing in many ways. Some of those ways are good while others are bad. So you can accept the road that life gives you or you can make your own path for others to follow.

Rather than life running you over, you can take life for a ride and make the change you want to see. Make the happiness you want. You can be whatever you want to be. You can be a world leader. You can be a difference maker. You can be a world changer.

If you accept the challenge, here are the 6 things you will need:

Purposeful Passion

You must have a purpose as to why you want to change. It is the reason behind what you want to accomplish. Without a purpose, there is no reason for a change. You should not have to display your purpose on your chest for others, but rather know it for yourself. Always keep your purpose in mind. This purpose must be your passion. If you are not passionate about something then you are not doing it for yourself. This may sound selfish but you do not help others for them. You help others for yourself. You have a passion for it. You do not just “want” to help others; you “need” to help others. Your passion is the same. It is something that you have to do for yourself. You have an inner calling that will not let you do otherwise. Your passion is your self-motivation for the things you do. Keep your passion close and always remember your purpose.


You must first believe in yourself before anyone else will believe in you. You must have confidence in your mind everywhere you go. You must believe you can change the world. If you do not believe you can change the world, then you are right; you cannot change anything. Of course, we must remain humble on our journey but believing in yourself will help inspire others to believe in you and them. Believe that you are strong. Believe that you have what it takes. Believe you can fight through the challenges. Believe in your passions. Keep your head up and believe you can change the world. No matter what, believe in yourself.


It takes a lot of FOCUS to change the world. It takes a lot of focus to change anything. You must be able to focus your entire life on the goals you have and block out anything holding you back. Focus your life on the change you want to make. While doing this, rather than shut out everyone and everything else, bring them all together. Integrate your goals with your family, career and other activities. Let everyone and everything join in your focus to lessen the impact and bring invaluable resources for change. Allow your many resources to help you break through challenges and encourage you on your journey for change. Let your focus stay narrow on your target, but allow everything as a whole to help you.

Consistent Dedication

To change the world you must be consistent and stay dedicated. Great change requires dedication every day. It takes a lot of patience and hard work to make a change. Be consistently focused and dedicated to your cause. Do something every day that will bring you one step closer to your goal. Even small steps will add up to a mile. Choose to do at least one thing every day that will make a difference.


You cannot change the world by yourself. We all need help. With your passionate purpose, self-confidence, focus, and consistent dedication find others that believe in what you believe. Help them and they will help you. Come together to make a change. Build your strength and lead others to find theirs. Help others to change the world with you. Find strength in numbers and include everyone.


Do you have to be strong enough to lift enormous amounts of weight to change the world? No. Strength to change the world has nothing to do with your physical abilities. You must have the strength of character to change the world. The strength to take life’s punches and get back up every time you are knocked down. The strength to stand up for what you believe in. The strength to keep pushing forward even while others attempt to hold you back. You must be strong enough to accept the challenges you are presented. You must have the strength to take responsibility for your mistakes and look to yourself on how to fix them. Keep the strength to persevere through the long and hard times. You must be able to hold your character through the good and bad. You must be strong enough to hold the weight of the world and raise it. You must be strong enough to change the world no matter what stands in your way.

If you remember your purpose, belief in yourself, are focused on your goal, maintain consistent dedication, help others to help your cause and hold your strength of character then you can change the world.

You have the strength to do anything.

You can lead this world into a better place. You can take on any challenge. No one is going to do it for you, though.

If you accept the challenge, then start today. Right now!

No matter your current position in life, you can change it. Better yourself every day to better others. Find who you are and what you stand for. Find what you believe in and hold to it.

Life is not going to just come to you. You have to go take it on!

Still, you will likely make many mistakes and be pushed around but always remember your strength. You are strong enough to change the world so nothing can stop you!

You may not do it the right way, but at least you did it your way and that should be good enough.

So now I challenge you to start your journey, right now. I challenge you to make a change!

Just remember, you cannot change the world without motivating others to change around you. You cannot motivate others to change unless you change yourself. You cannot change yourself without first believing in yourself.

I believe you can do it, but it doesn’t matter what I believe. You have to believe in yourself.

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