Grass Valley Powerlifting

Grass Valley Powerlifting

500 squat

The Strength Warriors are a local Grass Valley Powerlifting Team created by Powerlifter and Strength Coach, Ryan Mathias. He holds FREE Powerlifting Training 4-days per week at Ironworks Gym in historic downtown Grass Valley, CA.

All training is based on the Mathias Method Strength System, which teaches you how to workout properly for strength in order to get the greatest results!

To workout with the team email today!

*You MUST sign-up or check in with Ironworks Gym before coming to a training session. All gym rules still apply!

Powerlifting Training Times

**Times may vary slightly each week, so make sure to contact us first!

Monday                      Heavy                    Squat/ Deadlift Training                5:30pm

Wednesday               Heavy                    Bench Press Training                     5:30pm

Friday                          Light                     Squat/ Deadlift Training                 5:30pm

Saturday                     Light                     Bench Press Training                     2:00pm

Times are subject to change on any given day.

Check upcoming local Powerlifting Meets and events!