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Powerlifting is the sport of strength! It is a competitive strength sport that takes years of hard work and consistent dedication to become proficient at. If you want to perform well, then you need to be strong!

What makes powerlifting so great is that it is the perfect place for everyone to start! This is because powerlifting focused primarily on building strength, using proper technique. Many people want to go straight into training for specific goals but have nothing to build off of. Then they train in circles and never reach their goals.

Strength is the base for all other training goals.

Powerlifting provides a solid base of strength that everyone needs before moving on to more specific training goals. By getting stronger it is easier to:

  • lose weight,
  • build muscle,
  • look aesthetic,
  • be healthy,
  • prevent injury,
  • move athletically,
  • increase performance,
  • run faster,
  • jump higher
  • and more!

By getting stronger it is so much easier and faster to obtain these other goals without being held back by weakness!

Powerlifting Done Right!

The Mathias Method Strength System was made for powerlifting, and focuses on how to get stronger the right way! It is based on strength first, with an emphasis on how to lift properly, and uses smart programming with a simple design created for success!

The Mathias Method Strength System is perfect for powerlifters because it was made for powerlifting!

Whether you are an absolute beginner looking to learn how to get stronger or an advanced Strength Warrior looking to perform better in competitions, this is for you!

We teach you everything you need to know from how to lift properly, to program design, to choosing your competition attempts.

If you truly want to do well in powerlifting and build the most strength, then you need to go above and beyond what other programs may have you do. You have to add in more work and do the hard stuff. The things that are not always fun, but always work.

To start, you have to use only the most effective weight training exercises that build the most strength and muscle mass. Machines are great if you need to build up one small muscle group, but not nearly as effective as free weights when it comes to strength. Every lift in powerlifting is a full body exercise, so make sure your whole body is working. Don’t think to target one area. Target as many muscle groups as you can at once and whatever is weakest will become stronger.

If you are not getting stronger, then you are getting weaker.

What Is Powerlifting?

Powerlifting is the sport of strength! It is a competitive strength sport that takes years of hard work and consistent dedication to become proficient at.

The goal of powerlifting is to build as much strength as possible. Powerlifters then test their strength with 3 power lifts; the squat, bench press and deadlift. The more weight they can lift with these 3 exercises, the stronger they have become.

Powerlifters use the most effective power lifts to get bigger, stronger and faster. The squat, bench press and deadlift are the absolute best exercises to build strength, which makes them the focus of this strength sport.

If you want to build the most amount of strength possible for your body size, then you need to be squatting, bench pressing and deadlifting, often. These 3 lifts allow you to lift the most weight in the gym and create the greatest stimulus for growth.

Overall, powerlifting is all about using weight training to get stronger. The focus is on improving your entire body’s strength using the most effective power lifts and accessory exercises rather than muscle specific machines.

What Is A Powerlifting Meet?

A powerlifting meet is when powerlifters test their strength by attempting maximal lifts on the squat, bench press and deadlift. Each lifter gets 3 attempts at each lift to lift the most amount of weight. If the maximum amount of weight they can lift increases in one or all three of these lifts, then they know that they have become stronger!

There are numerous weight classes for lifters to attempt record-breaking lifts in, ranging from 50kg-140kg+ (110lbs-308+lbs). Lifters are further divided into groups of different lifting styles ranging from no equipment (100% RAW) to geared lifting (single or multi-ply lifting suits).

Every powerlifting federation has different rules and regulations for how to lifts must be performed, but for the most part, the rules are simple.

Powerlifting vs. Bodybuilding vs. Weightlifting

Powerlifting is different than Olympic style weightlifting, (which is done in the Olympics) because weightlifting focuses on the snatch and clean & jerk lifts to test their speed, strength, and technique of a lift, where powerlifting focuses on brute strength. 

It is also different than bodybuilding because powerlifters focus on staying within a certain weight class where bodybuilders simply focus on aesthetics or looking lean and muscular. Powerlifters do not need to look good, they just have to perform well. It is said that comparatively, bodybuilders look really strong, where powerlifters ARE very strong.



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