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Love is the Most Valuable Thing

Love is the Most Valuable Thing

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The most valuable thing on earth is LOVE.

…The second being apple pie!

  • LOVE of yourself.
  • LOVE for and from others.
  • LOVE of where you live.
  • LOVE of what you do.
  • LOVE of everything around you. 

LOVE is the motivation that keeps us going in search of more…

The power of  LOVE is undeniable. Without LOVE, we have nothing. You don’t have to LOVE everything in your life to live happily, but you should LOVE most things.

If you do not LOVE who you are around, where you live, or what you do, then there is little chance of you living a happy life.

You must find a way to create your happiness, by getting in touch with things that you LOVE. After all…

Happiness is made, not found.

Happiness is not something you can just stumble upon and find, though many people try. You have to make yourself happy, by creating a life that you LOVE and accepting the greatness of things already around you.

Yes, it takes effort, but it is worth it.

The feeling of LOVE can lead you to greatness. By loving yourself and the things all around you each day, you will become addicted to the feeling and want to find more. As you find more things to LOVE you will then begin to help others do the same.

Spread the LOVE!

Don’t search to be with the one you love the most.

Be with the one that loves you the most.

When those two meet, that is true love.

LOVE is our motivation behind everything we do. We do things for those we LOVE and the things we LOVE.

We work by doing things that we LOVE, or to be able to do the things we LOVE. We take care of our families, because of LOVE. We do things in our free time, because of LOVE.

LOVE is a great feeling and we are always in search of it, through the things we do. Through LOVE, we have everything we need.

So find what you LOVE and keep that as your everlasting motivation to Change Your World!

Love Where You Live

Your home is where you spend most of your time. If you do not LOVE your home, how can you be happy or motivated to do anything?

You must create a place that you LOVE to come home too. If you do, then every day you will have something that you LOVE all around you, making for a much happier life.

With just a little time and effort, you can make a big difference. Even if you just clean one thing per day, or fix one thing per week, or just change some things around, you can start to see a difference.

Create a home that you LOVE and start to live happier because of it.

Love What You Do

What you do with most of your time, whether that be work or a hobby, needs to be something that you LOVE to do. If you don’t LOVE what you do with most of your time, then how can you expect to be happy?

We are not all robots that can just go through the motions of our job over and over again without feeling some resentment.

If you do something a lot, then you will either LOVE it or hate it.

You might as well do something that you LOVE and find, or create, a way to earn a living doing it. If you can do that, if you can LOVE what you do, then you will never feel as if it is “work”. You will simply, be doing what you LOVE to do.

That’s called living, my friends.

Love Who You Are With

Some people spend their whole life’s trying to find the one that they think is “perfect”, or fits their criteria, in hopes of finding true LOVE. Yet, they are looking in the wrong direction.

True LOVE is found when you find the person that LOVEs you the most, and that you LOVE the most in return. It’s not about the person that you are willing to put up with, it’s about the person that is willing to put up with you.

If you spend your life with someone that does not show you, LOVE, then how can you be happy?

As conscious people, we need to feel LOVE, and if someone does not present that to us, then you might as well be alone.

LOVE is always better when presented from another, but you too can also show LOVE to yourself. If you don’t have a significant other, you can look to family for LOVE, friends, or just treat yourself.

The truth is, you are never alone, and someone else is always there to show you some LOVE. Find them, and hold on tight, because LOVE is a journey.

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