Level 0 Beginner Strength Training Program

daily 30 on top of the world morning sunrise
Performing the Daily 30 on top of the Haleakala Volcanoe in Maui Hawaii

Mathias Method

Level 0- Ground Zero

These are your first steps into the world of becoming healthier and stronger.

These are your first steps into the world of becoming healthier and stronger. If you have little to no current physical exercise this is the place to start. No matter what your level of fitness and health, the Mathias Method has a place for you. This starting program is simple, easy to follow and can be done anywhere. It is to be done every day and does not take much of your valuable time. From this you will become stronger and more fit, preparing you to move onto the next level in the Mathias Method. It is time to start taking your first steps in gaining strength to change the world.

To start, do the Daily 30 once every day for at least one week. After you can properly do one round of the three exercises consistently each day, do two rounds each day. To continue progressing, add a round of the Daily 30 every 1-2 weeks until you can do 5 rounds in a row without extreme difficulty. Then you will be prepared to go to level 1 of the Mathias Method. If preferred, you can stay on level 0 as long as you would like but always push for progression by adding a round every 1-2 weeks until you no longer can do anymore. To avoid overuse injuries, only do more than two rounds every other day. This means you will do three rounds or more of the Daily 30 only 3-4 days per week. On the days in between, only do one or two rounds to stay consistent.

“…simple and effective program…improve your strength, flexibility, posture, blood flow, cardiovascular health and relieve built up tension.”

This is a simple and effective program that will keep you growing stronger and promote a healthy lifestyle. These movements improve your strength, flexibility, posture, blood flow, cardiovascular health and relieve built up tension. It would be valuable to your health to also work on your mobility after doing your Daily 30 rounds. If you would like to add to your Daily 30 routine it would be beneficial to your recovery and weight loss to walk every day. The best time to do this for weight loss would be in the morning before you eat anything. Just wake up, grab a bottle of water and start walking in one direction for 30 minutes, then go back the same way you came trying to beat your time. You can walk or jog back but be faster. For standard recovery and health do this at anytime of the day. No matter what, commit to yourself. If you say you are going to do something every day, do it every day. No excuses. If you want change, then make it. Don’t let anything stand in your way on your journey to greatness. The time is now!

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