Decline Sit-Ups

Decline Sit-Ups

How to do decline sit-ups properly, with perfect form and technique! The best ab exercise to build a strong core and abdominal muscles, fast!


  • Increase Abdominal Strength
  • Increase Abdominal Hypertrophy

Prime Movers:

  1. Rectus Abdominis (Abs)
  2. Rectus Femoris (Leg Hip Flexor)

How To Do Decline Sit-Ups

  • Lay on a decline sit-up bench with your legs hooked so that you are stable.
  • Begin by curling your chest towards your hips and raising your torso off the bench until you are sitting vertically.
  • Then control the descent, reversing the motion, until just before your shoulder blades touch the bench.
  • Repeat for repetitions while maintaining tension on your abdominals.

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