The TRUTH About Strength Training

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About Strength Training

What do you know about Strength Training? Do you know the good and the bad? 

Do you know the truth about Strength Training?

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“Strength Training is boring!”

Anyone that has been strength training for many years knows this one basic truth…Strength Training is boring! It’s boring to go into the gym multiple times per week, years on end, and do basically the same lifts over and over and over and over again. Of course there is some variation to it, with varying set and rep schemes, along with the occasional exercise variation, but to get truly stronger during strength training you must do basically the very same exercises every time you come into the gym. The greater you vary away from the basic exercises that get you stronger, the squat, bench press, deadlift and related exercises, the less strength you will gain towards them. You have to be very specific to each exercise, practicing it almost weekly, with slowly increasing intensity or work volume over a long period of time to get stronger. For example, if you are trying to get stronger on the squat, you would come in and maybe start with something like 5 sets of 5 reps. You would start with a weight you can do maybe 8-10 reps with and use that for all 5 of your sets the first time in. The next time you come in to squat you would do 5×5 again, with just a slightly higher weight, such as 10 lbs more than last time. You would continue that slow progression every time you come in until you could not do all 5 sets with a given weight before going back down in weight to start the process over or just lower the reps to sets of 3-4. Still, you would be doing the same exercise with little variation to it, but you would be getting stronger. That is how true strength training goes.

“You have to be very specific to each exercise, practicing it almost weekly, with slowly increasing intensity or work volume over a long period of time to get stronger.”

Though it is boring, strength training does have many benefits. The obvious is you get stronger, and the more you do it the stronger you get. You will also experience more muscular growth, tone, and overall function. In fact, strength training to get stronger is one of the best ways to build more muscle and get more JACKED or RIPPED looking, versus using high repetition bodybuilding techniques, early on without the basis of strength first. Also, by getting stronger you are greatly increasing your overall muscular function, so that you become more athletic and protected from injury. Strength training is also great for decreasing body fat and re-sculpting your body to look more fit. You can also expect major increases in self-confidence, focus, determination, brain function and overall creating a stronger mind! As you get stronger you will start to see so many improvements in yourself that are sure to make you proud and enable you to have the courage to take on any challenge life throws at you! Plus, these benefits are not just for men. Women also see tremendous benefits from strength training that also make them look stronger, fit and toned along with the mental benefits of self-confidence. Not to mention, “Strong is Sexy”! By simply getting stronger, all other training and life goals become easier to obtain! Strength training will not only make you physically stronger, but you will also become more athletic and obtain a stronger mindset to take on the world!

“Strong is Sexy!”

The worst thing about strength training is that it is boring, but the best thing is that it makes you better at everything else! By getting stronger you can reach any other fitness goal you have much faster and easier. You can lose or gain weight better, build more muscle faster, run faster, jump higher and increase your overall athletic performance. Just think, by being stronger you can use more weight and have a higher intensity on everything. You will be able to move better and be protected from many unnecessary injuries. Too often I see people in the gym who want to do something like Bodybuilding, yet they have little to no strength to back up their goals. They are trying to build more muscle by focusing on the “contraction” or “feel” of a muscle when they can’t bench press 225 lbs or squat 315 lbs. As an absolute minimum anyone looking to do bodybuilding needs to be able to bench press 315 lbs, and squat at least 405 lbs. Again, that is a minimum, but by having that as a base of strength you will be able to handle a lot more work that will allow you to burn more fat and build more muscle faster. You will also get a similar effect for other training goals, you just have to get through the boring part of reaching that strength level first, but after you get there your world of fitness opens up and becomes so much more obtainable.

“… the best thing is that it makes you better at everything else!”

So there you have it…the truth about strength training. Strength training is boring, but has incredible benefits that help you reach all of your other fitness goals. After you obtain a base of strength, everything else become much more obtainable. Strength is where it all begins, but you choose where it ends. May strength help you to change your world and lead the way through all of your life goals! 

Keep getting stronger my friends!

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Strength to you, 


Ryan Mathias, CPT

Owner and Creator

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