Weightlifting Hip Flexor Warm-Up Exercise

Hip Flexor Warm-Up Exercise

How to do the exaggerated lunge hip flexor warm-up exercise to decrease knee and hip pain before Olympic Weightlifting!


  • Improve Hip Extension
  • Strengthen Hip Extended Positioning


  1. Hip Extension (Hip Flexors)


How To Do The Exaggerated Lunge Stretch

  • While keeping your hips square, place one foot on a raised surface (12-20 inches high) in front of you and the other behind you.
  • Keep your front foot pointed forward and slightly internally rotate your back foot as you extend your leg behind you.
  • Keep your torso vertical, core braced and tension on your rear glute as you bend your front knee to initiate the stretch.
  • When you feel the tension in your hip flexor, hold that position.
  • To increase the stretch you can flex your glute to further press your hips forward or flex and extend your posterior knee slightly to find other tense positions to hold.

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