Tricep Stretch

Triceps Stretch

How to do the best triceps stretch to decrease elbow, shoulder, and wrist pain, fast! A simple at-home mobility stretching exercise to improve flexibility!


  • Improve Shoulder and Elbow Flexion


  1. Elbow Flexion (Triceps Brachii)

The triceps muscle’s main purpose is to extend the elbow joint. It is a relatively large muscle that makes up about two-thirds of your upper arm’s muscle mass.

If you want big arms and a strong Bench Press, then you need to have a big, strong and healthy triceps.

Use this stretch before and after your upper body workouts to improve your elbow mobility and decrease joint pain forever!

Also, make sure that you are building up your biceps strength at the same time. If one muscle overpowers the other in any joint, then it leads to joint pain and, eventually, injury.

*Only do this stretch after the muscle has had time to heal from injury or tendonitis.

Elbow Stretch Mobility

  • Loop an elastic band to a solid object near the ground or position a stable object near shoulder height in which you can move under.
  • With the band, put your hand through and circle one time to bring the band together before grasping.
  • Grasp the band, or object, with your palm up and rotate 180 degrees so that you face away from it and bring you hand just over your same side shoulder.
  • Allow your elbow to raise high with your hand just over your shoulder.
  • To start the triceps stretch, keep your elbow in line with the band or tension, and take one small step away while leaning forward to bring the tension to your elbow joint.
  • Allow the pull to be focused on your elbow more than your shoulder.
  • To increase the tension, lean forward more and allow your elbow to flex fully.

Note: do not use a lot of tension unless you have a larger triceps that can handle the pull and if you feel a pinch in your shoulder, reset.

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