Hip Adductor Stretches

Hip Adductor Stretches

How to do the best hip adductor stretches to decrease knee and hip pain, fast! Simple at-home mobility stretching exercises to improve flexibility! Open your tight hips to prevent knee caving during wide stance Squats and Sumo Deadlifts!

Wall Splits


  • Improve Hip Abduction
  • Improve Hip External Rotation


  1. Hip Abduction (Adductors/ Inner Thigh Muscles)


  • Lay on one side with your hips flexed 90 degrees and legs extended, close to a wall.
  • Scoot yourself up towards the wall so that you are sitting against it sideways.
  • Raising your legs, rotate so that you are sitting against the wall with your legs directly over your hips and back pressed into the floor.
  • While keeping your back pressed into the ground and legs fully extended, allow them to slide down the wall in opposing directions until you feel a stretch in your inner thighs.
  • Relax into this position, allowing your legs to fall as far as they can.
  • To increase the stretch, flex your glutes to abduct your legs further or use contract and relax techniques.

Wall Squat Hip Stretch


  • Improve Squat Mobility
  • Improve Hip Flexion
  • Improve Leg Abduction


  1. Hip Flexion (Upper Hamstrings)


  • Lay on your back about 6 inches from a solid wall (avoid drywall).
  • Place your feet flat against the wall in your squat stance while still staying relaxed with no stretch.
  • Before you begin, brace your core and press your spine into the ground so that you lay completely flat with your hips down throughout the stretch.
  • To begin, start walking your feet down the wall slowly until you no longer can without assistance from your hands.
  • In this position, you can press into the wall to increase the stretch or use your arms to press your knees out farther.
  • Next, use your hands to assist in pulling your feet down lower on the wall or reset closer to the wall.
  • Your feet should always be flat against the wall.

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