Triceps Press Downs

Tricep Press Downs

How to do triceps press downs properly, with perfect form and technique! The best cable triceps extension exercise for bigger and stronger arms!


  • Increase Triceps Hypertrophy
  • Build Elbow Extension Strength

Prime Movers:

  1. Triceps (Arms)

How To Do Cable Triceps Press Downs Properly

  • Grab a cable attachment, such as a straight bar or rope, and take one step away from the rack so that the cable is pulling up and slightly away.
  • While maintaining a neutral spine and braced core, lean slightly forward and let your elbows come in front of your torso so that they are pointing straight down.
  • Without moving your torso, pull your elbows back in line with your sides while simultaneously extending your elbows to a lockout.
  • Allow your elbows to point outward as you press down and keep your wrists straight throughout.
  • Reverse the motion under control by rotating your elbows so that they face behind you and control the weight back to the start position, allowing your elbows to again roll out in front of your torso so that your elbows point downward.
  • The complete movement of your elbows is; pulled back, extended while rotating out, rotated in while flexed, and rolled back out again. This works the largest part of the triceps, the long head, best which is also known as the strong head. This will build a BIG Bench Press!

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