Standing Prone Cobra Core Exercise

How To Do The Standing Prone Cobra Core Exercise

Learn how to do the modified standing prone cobra core exercise to build strength teach proper abdominal bracing techniques. This is for those that cannot do the standard Prone Cobra Exercise.

  1. Stand erect with your hands touching together in front of you. During the entire motion keep your fingers spread wide, glutes activated and feet clenched into the ground with an external rotation torque.
  2. Brace your core by tightening your stomach along with all the muscles surrounding your abdomen. 
  3. With a neutral head position, begin by externally rotating your palms outward as you open your chest and lean back. Think of pulling your shoulder blades back and down towards your glutes and thumbs together behind you. 
  4. Only lean back as far as you can maintain balance.
  5. Hold that position for two seconds and then slowly return to the start.

Tip: Keep tension on your legs and glutes for stability. Brace your core by pressing your navel out against the floor.

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  • The standing prone cobra builds the strength and mobility to hold the proper posture.


  • Teach thoracic extension and shoulder external rotation while building postural strength.

Prime Movers – Most Active Muscles
  • Erector Spinae muscles (Back),
  • Rear Deltoids (Shoulders),
  • Trapezius (Back),
  • Rotary Cuff Complex (Shoulders)

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