Lateral Raises

Lateral Raises

How to do side shoulder lateral raises properly, with perfect form and technique! The best shoulder exercise for bigger, stronger and wider side delts!


  • Increase Deltoid Hypertrophy

Prime Mover:

  1. Deltoid (Shoulders)

How To Do Side Lateral Raises Properly

  • While holding a weight in each hand, such as a dumbbell, kettlebell or a cable attachment, lean slightly forward with your arms slightly bent so that your hands are just in front of your hips.
  • Maintain this torso and arm position throughout the exercise.
  • While bracing your core and flexing your glutes, side raise the weight laterally until your hands are higher than your shoulders. Then, control the descent back to the start position.
  • Focus on just using your shoulders to lift the weight and control the entire movement.

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