When Is The Best Time To Do The Daily 30?

The Best Time To Do The Daily 30

the daily 30 fitness challenge


The Daily 30 is a simple, fast and effective daily bodyweight workout designed to teach you how to decrease pain, improve your fitness and get stronger in minutes, every day.

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The 3 Best Times To Do The Daily 30:

1.) As Part of Your Warm-Up

The best time to do the Daily 30 is as part of your Warm-Up routine before any workout.

No matter what you do for a workout, you should incorporate a Warm-Up routine of some kind to gain the most benefit from your training session.

The Daily 30 should be incorporated because it helps take your body through full ranges of motion, strengthening proper movement patterns, while improving mobility and muscular function, and increasing your muscular temperature.

This will allow you to train more optimally and safely during your workout.

We recommend you do the Daily 30 1-5 times before every training session as part of your warm-up.

Also, be ensure to include other training specific warm-up exercises as needed.


2.) In The Morning

Though immediately upon waking, while your body is still preparing for action, is not the most optimal time for exercise, about an hour after waking up is a great time for you to do the Daily 30!

At this time your body has had enough time to prepare for your daily activity and you are ready for action.

By starting your day off with the Daily 30, you re-enforce strong movement patterns that will help you move properly throughout the rest of the day.

Every time you go to sit down, or move your arms, or are just standing up, your body will remember to be in a better position so that you have less pain throughout the day.

By doing the Daily 30 every morning you will simply teach it to move properly throughout the day with little thought put into it.

We recommend you do the Daily 30 1-3 times every morning, an hour after waking.


3.) All Day Every Day

Anywhere, anytime!

The main purpose of the Daily 30, along with all the physical benefits, is that it teaches consistency. It teaches you to always be focused on improving yourself and working towards your own goals, whether that be to get stronger, be healthy, or anything you have.

Use the Daily 30 as a reminder to always push for progress in life every day. So no matter how late is, how tired you are, how much you do not want too, always DO YOUR DAILY 30!

No one is going to change your world for you. YOU have to be the change and it starts with doing things that will benefit you, wether you feel like doing them or not.

Now go change your world!

Learn more about The Daily 30 Bodyweight Workout!

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