The New Golden Rule

The New Golden Rule

The Golden Rule has been held in high reguard for a very long time. Almost every religion and culture has their own variation to the principle. However, many seem to forget one very important thing…we do not all wish to be treated the same. So, in these Words Of Wisdom we will teach you the New Golden Rule and how you can help others thrive through individual interaction.

The Old Golden Rule

“Treat others as you wish to be treated.”

There are many different versions of the “Golden Rule”, but this is the simple version most people know it as today.

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What does the Golden Rule Mean?

First, the main principle behind the “Golden Rule” is to be kind to others (which we should all do). However, as we know, everyone is different and everyday our emotions change. Sometimes we need some extra support, kindness, freedom, a pep talk, or just a little love. 

So, by using the word “you” in the Golden Rule, it gives people the wrong impression that everyone wishes to be treated the same. And this is just not true. Though it is always appropriate to start each interaction by being respectful of other’s feelings, not everyone likes to be treated the same as you do.

Think of the people around you. Are they all the same as you? Do they have your personality? Probably not. It’s likely they are all different.

So, if you truly want to do good and help others, sometimes we need to give more than just standard kindness to different people. Sometimes they need to be lifted up or helped to move forward. While at other times they may need to be brought back to reality with some hard truth.

The New Golden Rule

It is aways better to treat others with the New Golden Rule.

“Treat others as they wish to be treated.”

Of course we cannot read minds and don’t immediately know what other’s want. Plus, you should never assume the emotions of others, and we do not owe anyone anything more than to be kind and respectful. However, those that want to help others, need to go above and beyond treating everyone the same all the time.

What You Can Do

First, all we have to do is pay a little attention to how people interact around us, in order to see what we can do to truly help them. After some practice you can learn pretty quickly who needs some space and who needs some help. All you have to do is PAY ATTENTION!

However, the best way to learn what others want from you, is to ask. You can learn a lot from simply just asking. 

These days, many people forget to, or just avoid, asking people what they want. Yet, that is the best way to learn how you can best interact with others.

So many people look to avoid conflict or just let things stay the same because they are afraid of asking about simple things. It’s not that hard, and it can really help change whatever problems there may be. So just ask!

Help Others Thrive

So, from now on, when you interact with others around you, think of their personality and how they may want to be treated. Do they need some support, kindness, freedom, a pep talk, or a little love? Do they need more than just the Golden Rule?

Whatever it may be, give them what they need to thrive, rather than assuming that they are the same as you, or others around them. Let others be individuals and be respectful of their way of life.

Treat others respectfully, and as they wish to be treated.

Plus, when you give people more than they are expecting, then they will want to do the same for you, and others, in return. They will be motivated to present you with more, and help raise you up too. You will then become a team, building each other up as you push forward in life, creating success.

Lift others up, and they will return the favor!

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