30 Day Fitness Success Stories and Reviews

Success Stories and Reviews for the Daily 30 Bodyweight Fitness Routine!

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Successes and Reviews:

This simple program is a life changer! I am 55 and I have been a strength trainer and a physical laborer for 40 years. Needless to say, I have acquired a few injuries, dings and dents along the way.

I took the Daily 30 Challenge and my body feels better than it has in years! I feel great!

These few simple moves, when performed as instructed, will strengthen and align your body in a way you won’t believe.

Because of past shoulder injuries I had to drop dips and chins from my training. I thought I would never do them again. But after doing “The Daily 30” for 30 days I am now able to do dips and chins again. This simple program will improve the structural integrity of your entire body.

I am stronger in my lifts and more importantly, I am pain-free. I can’t thank you enough. (Glad to see it is now in paperback.)”



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“There are a lot of books out there on body weight routines, but none of the ones I’ve seen are as easy to read and implement as this one.

The Daily 30 routine consists of 3 exercises which, combined, target muscle groups throughout the entire body. Ryan provides concise instructions on how to do each and explains the benefits of each movement.

At the bare minimum level, one circuit of the Daily 30 can be used as a corrective routine to improve your movement and posture. But you can scale it up, using multiple circuits as a warmup to your normal workout or treat it as a stand-alone workout.

After several weeks of the Daily 30 (both as a single-circuit daily corrective as well as a workout), I’ve noticed positive changes to my posture and the way I’m moving around each day.

Based on the price of this book and the simplicity of the routine, I’d recommend this book to anyone!”

-Justin M Huynh


” I checked out this book to learn how to just use my body to build strength on days when I don’t go to the gym. He has great information and is to the point which I really liked.

Also, the techniques he shared is helping me with my mobility issues for squatting. And for me, that is very helpful.”



“This book provides an in-depth approach on how to implement the Daily 30 to meet your fitness goals!

It goes over the benefits of doing the Daily 30 regularly as well as go as far as providing some simple modifications to make this routine into a workout circuit.

The Daily 30 is highly underrated in terms of staying healthy and mobile, and I recommend this book to just about anyone, whether you’re looking to correct muscular imbalances, conditioning for a sport, or just trying to get a workout in a short amount of time.

You will definitely notice a difference in how your body feels and how your body is able to move after implementing this for a few weeks. Definitely give this book a shot!”

-Amia Davis


Simple and effective!

As a PE teacher, I am always looking for something to help improve the routine in my classes.

The Daily 30 is going to become an integral part of my warm-ups, helping to improve both strength and flexibility in my students.

One of the biggest benefits is that this requires no equipment, and can be done anywhere.

Thanks to the author for sharing his knowledge and passion for fitness in such an easy to understand and inspiring e-book.”


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“Great warm up and general conditioning!

As a lacrosse coach and PE teacher, I have been looking for something to augment the general strength of my athletes and students. I appreciate the tips given for each exercise in order to make them more effective.

As I get older, I can also personally appreciate these simple movements that can help with core strength and range of motion.

Kudos to the author for creating a simple set of exercises (with modifications included) that anyone can do in just a couple of minutes!”

-Amazon Customer


“Lots of useful information!! Love this program and would definitely recommend it!

Check out Ryan’s other book Motivated Mindset with Words of Wisdom. Great read!”



This set of exercises will build strength and flexibility. More importantly, the discipline required to perform the exercises every day will pay even more dividends.

This book is an approachable and step-by-step introduction that can benefit anyone, regardless of where you are on your strength training journey. A definite must-read.

-Andrea A. (Amazon Verified Purchase)


“This Daily 30 is a great way to both start and end the day. I was introduced to these exercises by Ryan several months ago and they have become a key part of my daily routine.

Do yourself a favor and get this book to help improve your fitness and health.”

-G. Slavin


“Great and simple way to be committed to your fitness, for less than 2 minutes per day!

Especially for the price, this book provides helpful and concise information on a few mobility exercises.”

-Nikolas M.


An easy bodyweight workout for anyone! 

This is a great book for anyone looking to do some simple bodyweight strength training, that will get you fit and more flexible at the same time!

It is easy to do and only takes a few minutes a day, but I can definitely feel the difference after doing every day now.

You can also try the workout plan inside and see how effective it is! The workout is simple, but it definitely pushes your strength and endurance!

I am sure it will build muscle and help people lose belly fat if done consistently, but I just like to stick to the once per day plan for now.

I got the Kindle edition first so I can read it on my phone anytime I need some tips!”

-Amazon Customer


“The daily 30 is an excellent way to keep your body strong and a very simple way to stay flexible and ready for anything.

It’s an extremely simple way to stay active and get your body ready for any exercise routine, or just a simple routine to do every day.

Check this book out, try the Daily 30 for 30 days straight and tell me you don’t feel better. I use it as a morning routine, it only takes a couple of minutes and gets my body feeling ready to take the day on.

On days I can’t make it to the gym I substitute some different movements depending on which discipline I will be training that day and I don’t feel near as bad for missing the gym!

Great simple exercise routine!”



“The daily 30 helps me every day. It’s simple, fast and easy. I recommend everyone doe’s the daily 30!

If you lack the motivation to reach your fitness goals, then use this routine as a daily home workout.

This helps me stick to my training goals and new years resolutions! This is a reminder to stay focused on your strength training and weight loss goals every day!

This is also a great warm-up before strength training workouts, or for recovery and rehabilitation of your joints and muscles! I recommend all these Mathias Method ebooks!

-Amazon Customer


“Good book great for mobility and strength. Good purchase. Great place to start if you are just getting started or starting back.”

-J. Gilbert (Amazon Verified Purchase)


“This is an awesome book with calisthenics for beginners! It helps me stretch and get stronger at the same time!

It has simple core exercises that make it a great workout for men, women, and kids! Anyone can do it! I highly recommend you try it!

-Judene M.


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“I found this quick read ebook very helpful. All though it is only 3 exercises, it helps with all aspects of my fitness.

It is great for people of all ages and fitness levels. Thank you, Mr. Mathias, for sharing your knowledge with us.”

-Victoria H.


“I highly recommend The Daily 30 as a prerequisite to anyone new to or considering strength training.

I use this routine as a warmup to send blood to the muscles affected by compound exercises. Great job, Ryan!”

-Robert T. Brown Jr.


“Very helpful, great for a beginner like me.”

-Fran Rendon


“I bought this book on a whim, I like short Kindle books about exercise.

This is probably one of the best books fitting that description I have come across!

I’ve read through the book twice now. I think Ryan put together a great routine for strength, health, and mobility.

If you are a fan of the “Royal Court” by Matt Furey, you will probably like Ryan’s routine and views on exercise.

Ryan points out consistency as the #1 key to physical fitness, and his routine is designed to keep you consistent. It’s too easy not to do at least once a day.”

-Jak Nieuwenhuis


“Useful information!

The Daily 30 helps improve both strength and flexibility.

It requires no equipment and can be done anywhere.

It is written in straightforward and easy to understand language.”

-Joseph August Bellissimo


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“Coming from someone who is very new to strength training and weightlifting, the Daily 30 is a great way to help me stick to my fitness goals, something I have never done well in the past.

It also has helped me learn the importance of mobility in physical fitness, something I had long overlooked.

I have been starting to use this routine as part of a warm-up and it has been enjoyable and effective so far!

On a side note, I have spoken with the author of this book on numerous occasions and can undoubtedly state that he is very knowledgeable on this subject. Mr. Mathias has helped me in more ways than I can count and I would strongly recommend any of his books.”

-Nikolas Matiska


“No excuses! Whatever excuse you use to avoid exercise, it’s now invalid.

This program is very quick to complete, needs no equipment and can be performed in very little space.

The movements are also easy to learn.”

-Amazon Customer (verified purchase)


The simplicity of The Daily 30 makes it a valuable tool to have in your arsenal.

As a warm-up, it helps me maintain/develop functional mobility.

As a workout, it helps me develop a solid foundation on which to build upon.”



“Short and to the point!

Daily approach to exercise to return to a basic human range of motion, and fitness.

Removes excuses since the workouts are short, and is a great springboard into fitness.”



“Awesome workout! Great workout for everyone of any age.

Simple yet very effective.

Reminds me of Furey’s Royal Court, but a lot more forgiving and safer on the knees.

Add some rope skipping, pull-ups and dips after you get used to the workout for added variety later on.

However, the workout by itself is all you need.

Really appreciate the author as he responds to e-mails if you have any questions. Really shows he cares about what he does and represents. Great job Ryan!”



My new daily base workout!

The Daily 30 2nd addition has added significant information that I find very useful as well as interesting.

The reference to how we move and function, as complex human beings, is a refreshing addition to an exercise program.

Ryan’s expanded description of specific exercises is of real help to get the most out of my time.

Easy to read and follow the new Daily 30 workout is now part of my base routine.”



“It’s a no-brainer! The daily 30 is the easiest thing you can do to exercise.

It’s simple, not time-consuming, needs no equipment and it helps anyone at any age.

If you don’t already do the daily 30, start now by getting this book and learn how it can help.”



“Informative and fun! Very informative and helpful!

Great for all body types and abilities to advance for better health.

Easy to make positive changes through these steps. Love it!”

-Judene M.