Take Life One Telephone Pole At A Time

Take Life One Telephone Pole At A Time

This is a continuation of our previous post Confidence Is Key For Success.

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Life is going to give you challenges every step of the way. It is going to test us and make us fight harder the more we succeed; and with every success we grow stronger. To continue to succeed, all you have to do is take it one telephone pole at a time…

My grandfather was one of the smartest and hardest working men I’ve ever known. For example, as a personal challenge, and as a way to strengthen his bond with his teenage son, he rode his bicycle across the America with my uncle…twice! Once when he was 40 and again when he was 42.

He was not someone who would ever go to the gym or exercise regularly. Instead, he just worked. He worked on the house, in the yard, at his jobs, when it was cold, when it was hot, when it was rainy, when it was dark…he was always doing something to improve the things around him, and there was always something to do.

When he first started training, he was out of shape and riding a bike was not easy for him, to say the least. A few days before he started training, he was talking to one of his friends about his idea and the friend told him, “start off slow and count the telephone poles.”

He was not sure what his friend meant so they explained, “Go to the first telephone pole from your house and back home on the first day. The second telephone pole on the second day, the third on the third day, and so on until you built up enough strength to go for a few miles”.

So that’s what he did. He took it one telephone pole at a time.

As his confidence and strength grew, he would start going farther and farther until he was doing 30-60 miles rides multiple times per week up mountains and back. He grew so strong that during one of his trips the right pedal on his bike broke off at the base of the rocky mountains, so he had to ride all day uphill with just one pedal.

Sometimes life is going to challenge you with a broken pedal, and you just have to keep riding to show you are stronger than life’s challenges.

Take small victories and build up your confidence.

Your greatest accomplishment was not yesterday nor today.

Your greatest accomplishment comes tomorrow.

So when life knocks off one of your pedals, say “bring it on!” and just keep trucking along to show that you are stronger than whatever life throws at you! Defeat one challenge and keep pushing forward, taking on bigger and bigger challenges as you reach greater and greater success!

There ain’t nothing that can stop you now!

To learn more about my grandfather’s influence go to Be No Strength Motivation.

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