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The Next Big Step Into The Future

The Next Big Step Into The Future

In both business and life, there comes a time when we all have a big decision to make. That decision often comes with a large risk and an unknown chance of reward.

Its just like walking through the dark and not knowing whether you are going to start climbing a mountain or drop off a cliff at any moment.

For me and my business (Mathias Method), that big decision came this past week. It was the decision to leave behind the little success I have created in an attempt to start fresh and grow even more.

To explain in a little more detail, as you may know, I have written many books and programs over this past year that have had varying success. I have been selling these books exclusively through Amazon.com because by doing this Amazon helps to promote them worldwide.

This was great to get a start, but I know now that if I truly want to be successful and build the Mathias Method Empire to be powerful enough to help everyone on the planet gain the strength to change their world, I need to do so on my own.

On my own and on my own terms!

What this means is that I am stepping out of Amazon’s shadow and, once again, investing in myself and my business to grow on its own.

All of my programs and products will still be available on Amazon, but I am no longer receiving any promotion or benefits from them.

Instead, all of my books and programs are now available, as both digital and paperback books, on my online store (StrengthWorld.store) for 50% OFF the Amazon price!

I even made my best selling book, The Daily 30 Bodyweight Strength Training Guide, FREE this week only!

Now I just need to get the word out!

With that being said, I would greatly appreciate any help you can give to bring traffic to my websites and store to help me build my business and help people from all over the world achieve their strength, health, fitness, and life goals!

You can start just by simply sharing one of the products you like from my store with your friends and family!

I am even working on creating an affiliate program, so comment below or message me if you are interested in making some extra $$$!

This is a big step, I just hope that it is in the right direction, but only time will tell!

Check out my updated Store to get a program or buy some NEW Workout Clothes today!

Go to the Strength World Online Fitness Store!

Thanks for reading and keep getting stronger my friends!

Strength to you,

Ryan J. Mathias

Owner and Creator of the Mathias Method

The Honest Truth

The Honest Truth

The truth is, I am new to this whole writing thing.

Though I have written 6 Books in just one year, I am still a very new author, and I know I have A LOT to learn.

With all my books, I have done everything myself from writing every word to designing and creating all the covers. I have learned so much from doing things this way, but I still want to do better!

I want to keep improving and the best way to do that is by learning from my readers.

With that said, I would greatly appreciate if you could leave a review for any, or better yet all, of my books that you have read to let me know how I did.

I read all of my reviews and I constantly update my books with improvements as soon as they are suggested. Whether it be about the cover, the book description or the content, I would like to know what I did well or what I need to improve.

If you have any suggestions or think there need to be improvements, please give me the opportunity to fix them so I can do better for you and others, by emailing me directly.

If you found any of the information in my books helpful, it would really help if you could simply leave a quick review stating what you enjoyed most!

Thank you, and keep getting stronger my friends!

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