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Be Nice, Not Right

It’s More Important To Be Nice, Than It Is To Be Right

These days we get so caught up with trying to be right that we often forget to be nice. However, people don’t like others that are always right. They like others that are always nice.

If you are nice, then people will help you. If you are always correcting people, they see you as someone that already knows how to solve your own problems.

So, be nice to those around you and the “right” answer will come.

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Let The Little Things Go

Learn to let the little things go.

Too often I see so many people, from children to teens to even adults, bickering about the simplest things in life that really don’t matter.

Why is it so important to be right, and correct those that may have a different thought or idea then you?

Why can’t we all see life differently and be ok with unanswered questions?

And why can’t we just live and let others believe what they want?

Remember, it is ok to be wrong or think differently. How else would we grow? If we didn’t make mistakes, then so many things would never have been invented.

Learn to let things that don’t matter go. Believe what you want to believe and let others do the same. Be open to being wrong, and don’t worry about correcting others on everything. Let them live and learn so they can grow too.

Live and Learn

If it’s not hurting anything, then let others live and learn.

Who knows…you might just learn something yourself!

It’s never a joy to be around someone that always must be right and corrects everyone around them. It is much more fun to be around someone that may sometimes be wrong but is always nice.

So, be the nice one. Help others learn new things, but be kind while teaching. If their beliefs are different, let them be different. You can’t tell someone what they believe. They must make that decision on their own.

If what they are doing is safe, then let them live and learn. Who knows…they may see something you don’t and find a better way of doing something that you can learn from!

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motivated mindset words of wisdom cover

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The Honest Truth

The Honest Truth

The truth is, I am new to this whole writing thing.

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