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Bicep Stretch

Bicep Stretch

How to do the best bicep stretch to decrease elbow, shoulder, and wrist pain, fast! A simple at-home mobility stretching exercise to improve flexibility!


  • Improve Elbow Extension
  • Improve Wrist Extension
  • Improve Shoulder External Rotation


  1. Wrist Extension (Wrist Flexors)
  2. Shoulder Horizontal Abduction (Biceps Brachii-Long Head)
  • With your fingers spread, externally rotate your hand and place your palm flat against a wall, shoulder height or below.
  • Initiate the bicep stretch by leaning your bodyweight into your hand and slowly lower your body until you feel a stretch in your wrist flexors.
  • Next, turn your body away from your hand until you feel a stretch in your biceps brachii or anterior deltoid.
  • To further increase the stretch, turn your head away from your hand.
  • Move in-and-out of these tense positions under control while maintaining pressure against the wall.

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