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Submit An Article

Do you accept article submissions? This is a question I get often. So often, that I dedicated this page to answer it!

Yes – I accept article submissions.

Price – $50


To be accepted to post on our Strength Blog, your article must be:

  • Strength Training, Diet or Gym Related
  • Good Quality Content
  • Correct Information
  • Original and not already covered on our site.

All articles are subject to my approval.

The main goal of your article should be to help people through information, because that is what we are all about! Not just trying to sell them something they don’t really need.

Feel free to include any links you want (even to products) for no additional charge, but they are also subject to my approval. And I will be adding in any relevant links from my site as well.

Note: Formatting and some content may be edited to best suit user experience and SEO.

How To Submit

Submit your complete article to ryan@mathiasmethod.com and attach any images used.

Preferred Format: Pages (Mac), DocX, Google Drive.

You will be notified within a few days whether your article is accepted or not. If accepted, there is a $50 fee to have your article posted. Submit your payment below.

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Your article will be posted within a week after we receive your payment.

Link Insertion

Do you accept link insertions?

Yes – I accept link insertions.

Price – $25 per link.

All links are subject to approval.

To be approved, your link must be relevant to the material you wish to link too and provide quality; either through information or a great product that will help people.

How To Submit

Submit your link insertion request, including the page and location you wish to be linked too, to ryan@mathiasmethod.com.

Upon approval, you will be required to make a payment of $25 per link insertion before your links will be published.

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**If you have a suggestion for an article or would like to write one for the site, Contact Us!**

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