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Submit An Article

Do you accept article submissions? This is a question I get often. So often, that I dedicated this page to answer it!

Yes – I accept article submissions. And it is 100% FREE to do so!

However, I do have some requirements for your article submission.


To be accepted to post on our Strength Blog, your article must be:

  • Health and Fitness Related
  • Good Quality Content
  • Correct Information
  • Original and not already covered on our site.

All articles are subject to my approval.

The main goal of your article should be to help people through information, because that is what we are all about! Not just trying to sell them something they don’t really need.

Feel free to include any links you want (even to products), but they are also subject to my approval. And I will be adding in any relevant links from my site as well.

Note: Formatting and some content may be edited to best suit SEO.

How To Submit

Submit your complete article to and attach any images used.

Preferred Format: Pages (Mac), DocX, Google Drive.

You will be notified within a few days whether your article is accepted or not. If accepted, it should be posted within a week.

I DO NOT accept money for article submissions. Only good, quality content that will help people.

However, if you want to help support the website, you can buy some of our workout apparel, get a strength program or leave a donation below. Thank you!

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Link Insertion

Do you accept link insertions?

Yes – I accept link exchanges.

So, if you would like to add a link to one of our posts, you also need to link to our post from a relevant strength training website. And leave the link on that site for as long as you wish the link to remain in our post.

Do not link to our site from a product sales page. Only informational pages.

How To Submit

First, link our page to an informative strength training post on one of your sites.

Then submit your link insertion request to and describe where are link is on your page so I can check it.

I DO NOT accept payments for link insertions. However, as stated above, you can leave a donation if you wish to support the site.


Your article will be shared with 3,900+ people on multiple platforms.

Email Subscribers – 450+

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Twitter – 3,100+

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