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“They said it was impossible to lift.

So I lifted it and then put more weight on.”

RAW Powerlifting

12 Week Competition Prep- Power Focus Training Program

This is a 12 week competition prep program that utilizes dynamic effort training (speed work) on light training days to build up a lifter’s overall power. This is best used with elite lifters that are near or at a highly competitive level.

12 Week Competition Prep- Volume Focus Training Program

This is a 12 week competition prep program that utilizes repetition work on light training days to increase the lifter’s overall size and muscular development. This is best used with lower level competitors that are working their way into the sport of powerlifting.


Offseason Training

STRONGer BodyBuilding Training Program

This is an offseason bodybuilding program that helps to build strength and size simultaneously. You will also learn some NEW bodybuilding techniques that will add to your development.


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