Original Mathias Method Mission T-Shirt


The Original T-Shirt that started it all!

This was the first shirt we ever made! We have upgraded since but want to give anyone the chance to claim the last 3 of these classic shirts!

Strong, Heavy and Durable.

Pairs Best with Our Pro Hats!

“If you believe in what we believe, show it by letting others see our Mission. Let’s change the world together.”

This Product's Story

The Mathias Method Mission is to "Change The World by Motivating and Helping Others Gain the Strength to Change Their World."


We choose to make others stronger because we want to make a difference in people’slives, so that they have the strength to Change The World. Whether that is their world, or ours.

It’s about empowerment! We want to empower you with the information and tools you need to Change your Life. We want you to do something that will be remembered. We want you to Change The World!

This shirt will show that you carry that belief in yourself everywhere you go! 


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