Persuasion: Principles Of Motivation

Persuasion: Principles Of Motivation

We all know the classic image of a rider dangling a carrot from a stick in front of a horse to get it to run faster. That same principle of motivation and persuasion can help keep us motivated until we succeed. Of course, we may not all be motivated by vegetables, but we all have something that we want or enjoy as a reward after completing a task.

This idea of persuasion is used all the time in order to help people stick to a weight loss diet. It is called a “cheat meal” that you get after reaching a certain amount of success from your diet. Maybe you lose 10lbs so you then get to have some ice cream as a reward. Or maybe you stuck to the diet for a month so you get one day to eat anything you want. It is all the same. You get rewarded for your success.

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The Reward

We all like rewards and if you do not succeed, you do not get the reward. We can use the same reward principle of motivation to get us to do things we do not want to do or don’t feel like doing.

You can choose to use this persuasion system by giving yourself small rewards after reaching small goals along your journey to your ultimate goal, or you can save the reward until after your goal is reached. Just make sure that the reward is motivating enough to drive you through the hard times. If your reward is not persuading enough, then the system does not work. You have to give yourself a reasonable reward compared to the task at hand.

Hold something in front of you that you do not allow yourself to have until after you have succeeded.

Tell Others

Another part of this is to tell others about your goal and the reward you will earn after completion. This is vital because they will help keep you accountable. Things will get hard and if you feel like giving up, then you may want to indulge with your reward early, but may be motivated to stay on task in order to avoid disappointing others. They may even be persuaded to join you along your journey!

You can guide them to do the same thing or just encourage them to use your principle of motivation tool in order to stay accountable. It is then your job to help each other stay on task, even if you both don’t feel like it. Make it a friendly competition, or just stick to encouraging each other in order to keep on track. 

Undesirable Punishment

On the other hand, if you do not complete your goal, then there also needs to be an undesirable “punishment”. Yes, a punishment. If you are willing to reward yourself for doing something, you must also be willing to receive punishment if you do not complete it. That will give you an extra persuading kick in the rear to keep fighting.

Big or small, the reward and punishment need to be equal. Keep it fun, not humiliating, and stay on track.

Fight for your success and don’t give up! We are all counting on you!

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