Movement-Based​ Exercise

Movement-Based Exercise

the daily 30 fitness challenge

The Daily 30 is a movement based exercise routine that teaches you how to perfect your everyday movements in a simple and effective way.

Learn more about the Daily 30 Bodyweight Workout here!

All of the exercises in the Daily 30 are Basic Human Movements that our bodies already know how to do!

For example, the Paleo Squat is a great exercise to help decrease pain in your lower back, hips, knees, and ankles. This movement builds strength and muscle while improving your flexibility!

We call it the Paleo Squat because it is a movement that has been ingrained into our anatomy since the Paleolithic Era.

There were no chairs back then, and rocks are not always around to sit on, so humans would do a full depth squat, sitting on their ankles for rest.

If you don’t believe me, just watch an infant. When they go down to pick something up, what do they do?

They squat down with their feet flat and sit on their ankles in a perfect squatting position! They look pretty comfortable too!

When they are laying down or crawling, what do they do? A push-up, and eventually push themselves up into a squatting position to stand!

Then watch how they climb things. They don’t jump onto things. They grab a hold of something with their little death gripping claws and pull themselves up, as we were designed to do!

You might notice that some African and Asian cultures maintain most of these movements because they have movement built into their culture. They still squat instead of using chairs, they do physical labor daily and are always being active with their bodies.

It is those that are sedentary (without exercise) that have the worst movement patterns, overall health, and physical pains.

Those that are constantly active tend to have much greater movement abilities, strength, health and the least amount of pain.

Again, we are born with these movement patterns of how to squat, push-up, and pull properly, but lose them over time through lack of practice as we grow.

If we want to maintain or re-ingrain these movements into our body, we have to practice them every single day!

The more often we do them, the faster we will get them back and the better you will feel, guaranteed!

Learn more about The Daily 30 Bodyweight Workout!

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