Live To Be Remembered

Live To Be Remembered

What is your legacy? What will people remember you for? Will you be remembered for your kindness or your bad attitude? And, what do you want people to remember about you? 

I have written many motivational posts, but these Words Of Wisdom may be my most important…

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If you want an easy life then go be Normal.

But, if you are willing to take on the challenges and difficulties of life, then get ready to be remembered.

Leave A Legacy

Every day we have the opportunity to leave a mark on all those in which we come across. And, the opportunity to give people something to remember us for.

We can stand out, or be invisible. We can present them with kindness, or leave them with a bad feeling towards us.

You cannot just make up a lifetime of wrongdoing, and bad impressions, with a few kind acts. What we do every single day matters!

You have one shot at making every day a success.

It doesn’t matter what you choose to do with your life, as long as you choose to make an impression when you do it. If you are a teacher, have an office job, do a service, sell products, create things, or work for yourself; be the best at it.

Whatever you do with your life, be the best you can be at it. Be the one that everyone looks up too, and put your heart into every moment.

You don’t need to be famous to be great. You just have to show yourself, how great you are, and can be. Some of the world’s greatest people were only ever known to a few people. And yet they made a lasting impression.

Everything you do, everything you say, every choice you make, every interaction, every day, every moment, you need to leave a lasting impression that you are someone worth remembering…forever.

My Dream

To be remembered. That is my dream, and that is my motivation. That is the motivation behind everything I do and have done. I want to be remembered by everyone that I interact with. I want to leave an impact on people’s lives so that they always remember who Ryan J. Mathias is.

I am not perfect, and I have no extraordinary powers. But I do try to help people as much as I can. I hope that I have helped you in some way and given you something to remember me by. And, I hope I have helped you find your motivation and given you some valuable wisdom to continue forward with.

I Believe In You

I want you to know that I believe in your ability to be successful.

The same as I beleive in myself, I believe in you and I want you to achieve your dreams. I want you to continue along your journey to success and help to change the world!

So, never stop fighting for your dreams and always live to be remembered!

Always remember, you are not average and never will be!

You are here to make an impression that everyone wants to emulate, but just can’t replicate! You are leading your own journey to success and carving a new path for the world to follow!

And there’s nothing that can stop you!

You are not only going to reach the mountain top but raise the peak higher! You are great, and you are rememberable!

Now go Change The World!

Live each day as if to build your legacy and to be remembered for the greatness in you.

Create Your Motivated Mindset Today!

motivated mindset words of wisdom cover

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