INTENSITY Is Your Undeniable Passion For Success


Whatever you choose to do in life, do it with an undeniable INTENSITY! Intensity is your passion. It shows that you believe in yourself enough to go all in and not look back. It is a way of bringing out our internal fire, and show the world what we have burning inside of us.

That passion will burn bright and let others know that you are serious about fighting for your dreams and achieving success. It shows that you are worth believing in because nothing can stop your fire from burning through challenges.

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Some of us have a calm intensity while others externalize theirs. Neither is wrong as they both include a laser focus and undeniable passion. All of our internal feelings are brought together and let out with our intense actions.

Actions that show we are here to stay and you better not push us or you are going to start a fight you don’t want. We will not be pushed around and we will not surrender! When you push, we are gonna push back even harder, and with INTENSITY!

Many people are afraid to show their passion for fear of criticism or hurting those that stand in their way, and they lack intensity, because of it. That fear then prevents them from achieving success, because they are unwilling to prove their passion to others. They are unwilling to push back when others push them, or they don’t push back hard enough.


The thing is if you want to be successful, YOU HAVE TO FIGHT FOR IT! You cannot just sit around with your heels kicked in the sand and expect life to come to you. You have to go out and fight for it, with an undeniable intensity and take on all challenges.

If you go in with little passion and just cover up when life hits, you are not going to make it. You have to face challenges head-on and drive through them. Show no fear and present no weaknesses. Be intense in your fight! Take life’s hits and hit back harder! Fight and keep fighting until there’s nothing left to stand in your way!

Give your shot, everything you’ve got, because you may not get another one.

That passion must be present in everything you do, as you fight for your dreams. You can’t go in half-hearted. You have to go all in and put yourself on the front lines facing the opposition. Then, you have to maintain focus and put everything you’ve got into overcoming challenges. If they are willing to stand in your way, then they better be willing to get knocked down, because you are not giving up and you will not stand down!

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